Manifa's Story: The Proposal

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In Manifa's first Bride's Story blog, she told us all about her and Emin and how their relationship started. As she mentioned, Emin's love for gambling would play a big role in his proposal. Find out how it all happened as Manifa shares their sweet proposal story: 

Every girl dreams of her perfect proposal. Some want something grand and majestic, others prefer something low key and romantic. I always just wanted my proposal to be a surprise. I knew that when Emin proposed to me it would be unexpected, extremely creative, and personal.

My proposal was easily the cutest thing Emin has ever planned. It fit our personalities perfectly! I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Manifa and Emin's Proposal

Many people know that Emin loves to gamble. He took me to Las Vegas for the first time when I turned 21 and many of our date nights have been at San Manuel Casino. I'm not much of a gambler, but Emin makes it so much fun going to a casino for a few hours, hanging out, and playing a few games. Couple of months ago, we decided to plan a trip to Las Vegas because we hadn't been there in a very long time and we just wanted to spend some time together away from home. After our trip was planned Emin purchased a book that taught him how to play blackjack in the proper way that will guarantee him more wins. Emin read the book in two days and convinced me to go to San Manuel with him one night so he can "practice." Surprisingly the method he learned worked and he ended up winning a good chunk of change that night. After that experience, Emin was determined to teach me how to play so that, "We can go to Vegas and come back guaranteed winners!" Those were his exact words. I agreed to learn just so that we can spend some more time with each other, but then I actually ended up liking it and it became our thing. Saturday nights we would hang out at Emin's house, set up a hookah, and play Blackjack until two in the morning. So on my birthday, when I told Emin to come over and bring his hookah I wasn't shocked that he also brought his Blackjack cards.

Because I had planned a big night out the day after my birthday, I wanted to do something very low key the day of. I invited Emin over to just have cake and dinner with my family. After celebrating my birthday and hanging out for a while, my mom and sister excused themselves to go to bed and Emin started setting up his hookah in my backyard. I told him lets go sit in my garage since it was late, but he insisted that we sit in my backyard. I told him let's move the table closer to the light because I'm basically blind, but he insisted we turn on the hanging twinkle lights and sit under them. I didn't think anything of it then, but now I realize everything was being set up for the proposal.

While we were playing Blackjack, Emin was dealing. I asked him a few times if he wanted me to deal and he said no. After a few hands Emin put down a card that had writing on it. Since my eyesight is terrible, I thought the card said, "Willis" and I was extremely confused. I told Emin "Hey, what is this?" Then he put down a card that said, "You" and I went back and read the first card since "Willis you" didn't make sense. That's when I realized he was proposing. The next two cards said "marry" and "me." I was so surprised and out of this world happy. I didn't get emotional like I thought I would, but my reaction was very excited and I almost didn't believe it! Once all the cards were on the table he took the ring out from his pocket and got down on one knee. I was shaking from all the happiness so Emin told me to put his hookah hose down before I broke it. That is all I remember him saying to me because then he opened the ring box and I was blown away! I actually walked away from him because I was so shocked! My ring was stunning! I gave Emin a big kiss and he said to me, "Well is it a yes?!" I said yes of course and the rest is history. 

Manifa and Emin's Proposal

Manifa and Emin's Proposal

Emin paid very close attention to the details of the proposal. He made sure we each had a winning hand of 21. His hand featured a king and mine a queen. Each number card was the number of letters in the word. My deck was red, his was black. It was the perfect hand.

Manifa and Emin's Proposal

He even had my whole family in on it. My sister was recording everything from upstairs! Here's the video that she took:

I was so happy with the way Emin proposed. It was perfect. I got to share that moment with Emin as well as with my family. And the next day, at my birthday party, we were able to share the news with all our family and friends. Two days after my proposal we went to Las Vegas and had one of the best times ever. Safe to say, whenever we played blackjack we couldn't stop smiling at each other.


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