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Hello and Happy New Year fellow brides. I’m sorry I have been a little M.I.A. with the blogs lately. I have been dealing with a lot of family stuff since Christmas. I hope all of you were able to enjoy the holidays. Why don’t we just dive right in and get started?

So, as you read in my last blog, Emin and I selected our reception and ceremony venue. Even though many people say choosing a banquet hall is the biggest decision you have to make, I have to say I don’t agree. For Emin and I deciding on the theme of our wedding was the most important decision. I will say this however, making this decision was surprisingly very easy.

One thing I think everyone should know about me is that I am a very creative person. I’ve always been one of those girls that had the completely decked out and designed folders at school. I used to have my own business on Etsy where I created bedazzled glass decorations. I have designed and sewn all of mine and Emin's Halloween and rave costumes, from SCRATCH! My brain is always on D.I.Y. overload. Naturally, when I got engaged, everyone knew I would come up with some crazy creative idea for my wedding theme/colors. Surprisingly Emin was the one who actually triggered the idea.

Blackjack Marriage Proposal

Emin and I really wanted our wedding to reflect who we are as a couple. Because we had already chosen to do certain traditions a bit differently, we knew we also wanted to create a unique theme that fit us. I originally came up with the idea of doing a plethora of neon colors. Since we both liked to go to raves, it seemed like a fun idea. I was seriously thinking of bright colors, blacklights, lasers, and tutus! But something kept holding us back from committing to a rave themed wedding.

One day, while Emin and I were driving to his cousin’s house, I asked Emin what creative ideas he had for our theme. As a joke he said, “I want to be a king and wear a crown!” I laughed for a second, and then all of a sudden, IT HIT ME! Emin proposed while we were playing BlackJack. He used a King card in his hand and a Queen card in my hand! THAT WAS OUR THEME! I got so excited I literally yelled, “OH MY GOSH EMIN!! KING AND QUEEN OF CARDS!” so loud he actually got scared and stepped on the brakes! Safe to say, Emin loved it!

Will You Marry Me with Deck of Cards

Once we picked our theme everything else kind of just fell into place. We decided to go with a black, red, and gold color scheme. Focusing on using red and gold as accent colors. We have commissioned Emin’s dad to paint us something very special, since he is an artist, that will be displayed in Metropol’s foyer. We are going to use cards as the table numbers. I am trying to figure out how to incorporate cards in our cake. Emin even came up with a great idea on how to incorporate cards as a guestbook for people to sign on. We had the idea of having our invitations on cards as well, but those have been difficult to find.

The only issue that we have encountered with this theme is the fact that it can get cheesy and cheap looking really quick. Emin and I really have to think where and when we want to use cards. We don’t want it to seem like a Vegas or casino theme wedding. We have seen a lot of really cool looking 21st birthdays where they used the whole card or Vegas/casino theme, but we need our theme to fit a wedding. 

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To ensure our vision is met we have decided to go with a NO WHITE rule. The only thing that should be white is going to be my wedding dress. I think this has been the most difficult thing for our moms to understand. After all most weddings focus on the color white. We want our focus color to be black. I’m personally so tired of seeing white weddings. Everything seems to just blend into each other. The bride, her flowers, the draping; it’s all WHITE! Yes, it’s classic and never goes out of style, but both of us agree that it is boring, and we are far from boring.

The theme of a wedding truly sets the tone for everything else. I know once we were able to finalize our theme and colors, thinking of centerpiece and sweetheart table ideas got much easier, but that’s a topic for another blog. For now, I've included a few of my favorite floral designs that match our theme. Talk to you all soon! Enjoy and happy planning! 

 Florals by Petals LA

Florals by Petals LA

Florals by Farabela's Touch

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