Manifa's Story: Selecting Our DJ

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Hello readers! I hope you all enjoyed my Trndez blog. Let me update you all on how wedding planning is going. I’m super excited to be writing about this next vendor.

What are the three most important things during wedding planning? 

  1. Photo/Video: You want to hire the best crew so that they can capture your special day. At end of it, all that is left is the memories.
  2. Banquet Hall: This is going to be home to your guests for almost 6 hours. It needs to big enough and comfortable enough to accommodate everyone.
  3. MUSIC: Especially for an Armenian wedding, your music needs to be ON POINT to keep your guests dancing and having fun.

Armenian Wedding Dancing at Taglyan

For Emin and I, hiring the right DJ was one of the most serious tasks. The one thing we both wanted was to make sure our wedding was like a rave; non-stop, AMAZING music, and our guests would never sit down. We had to have the right DJ who could, not only, get the party started, but keep the party going all night long. We need someone with a lot of knowledge on Armenian and Persian music, as well as Latin and EDM. Incorporating “rave music” into our wedding is a must. For this task, I decided we would only meet with three DJs. Whoever we felt understood what we wanted for our wedding would be hired. Before I chose which three DJs would get an interview, I used to make a list of potential people we could hire. I went through the list of DJs and whoever had the most positive reviews got on the list. Then I started calling. After talking to a bunch of DJs I picked our top 3...

DJ Sevag, DJ Live, and High Class DJ.

We met with DJ Live first. I have to admit he was such an amazing person. Being that he was Parskahye, he knew that we wanted to bring some old school Persian music into the mix. After all, most of our family members are from Parskastan and we wanted them to reminisce about when they were young and partied to certain music. His energy was very contagious and even though he wasn’t as familiar with the EDM music we really liked him.

DJ Live, Armenian DJ from Iran

Our second appointment was with High Class DJ. I honestly don’t want to sit here and write anything negative about any particular vendors, but I will say this; the reason we end up not hiring someone is usually because they act like they know more than we do about our own wedding. If anyone has disagreed with something that Emin and I have wanted then it’s an automatic no. I understand that these people work in the wedding industry and that they know a lot more than someone who is planning her first wedding, but they should also know that whatever the bride or groom want they should get. Putting down our ideas will definitely be the reason we don’t hire a vendor. 

The last DJ we spoke to was DJ Sevag. Now I must say that when I called him, he went over EVERYTHING with me. I mean he talked about things I had never even thought about. Sevag is extremely well educated on the wedding industry. At our meeting he was extremely professional, not full of himself, and very fun. He really showed us his personality and made us feel very comfortable with him. The one thing that really impressed us was how professional he was throughout the whole meeting. He never put down any of our ideas, if anything he brought them to life. He tried to understand what we wanted from him, rather than just telling us what we get. He knows his job very well, after all he has been a DJ for quite some time. He explained to us that his job was to make sure our guests feet hurt by the end of our wedding. We were very happy that he got excited about us wanting a more rave like wedding.

So, after meeting with all three DJs we were left with a difficult choice. DJ Live or DJ Sevag? The decision was easy. We chose DJ Sevag. We were really upset about not picking DJ Live because he was such a nice guy, but at the end of the day Sevag understood what we wanted and he was more capable of giving it to us. Even though we have never experienced his work we knew that he is going to be amazing. His professionalism and vast knowledge in the business is very reassuring. Overall, Sevag is just a wonderful person.

Hiring our DJ was one of the easier tasks. Honestly having that DJ list on was a life saver. Emin and I haven’t really been to many weddings recently, and the few that we have gone to we didn’t really like the DJ. So, we had to hire someone we felt that we could trust. DJ Sevag was that person and we can’t wait to party with him at our wedding.

Until the next blog; good bye and happy planning!

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