Manifa's Story: Armenian Tradition at Bride's House

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Hello readers! I’m going to dive right in with this blog. 

One of the struggles Emin and I have had is breaking certain Armenian wedding traditions. For example, our choice to not get married in a church or with a Ter Hayr. Another issue we came across was doing the Bride’s house celebration vs. doing a more Americanized first look. The one thing I don’t like about Armenian weddings is the fact that the bride and groom don’t really get a moment to take it all in with each other. There are people who are constantly there. Whether it is the photo and video team or family members; the bride and groom don’t get a minute alone the entire day. I really wanted to do a first look, away from family so that Emin and I could have a special moment with each other without prying eyes. My mom on the other hand wants to give away her daughter from her own house. So, our struggle began. Do we go the traditional route and make my mom happy? Do we do things our own way? I was on the fence about this one. My mom was already upset that she didn’t get to see her daughter walk down the aisle of a church or have a priest marry her. It would break her heart if we took away this happiness from her as well. After talking to Emin, we decided to participate in the Bride’s house Armenian tradition

Emin and I were really trying to cut down on unnecessary expenses when it came to the wedding. We are not trying to start our life in debt. When we added Bride’s house to the wedding list we had to readjust our entire budget to make sure we could afford it. Another concern was that if we were going to do this we would do it right. At the end of the day this is our first, and hopefully last, wedding so we don’t want to just choose the cheaper option for things. We want to pick the best of the best, but with a reasonable budget. For the bride’s house we would not only need catering, but decorations as well. Lucky for me I had just been a bridesmaid and I had LOVED the catering company that had worked the bride’s house for that wedding: SIT Catering. I've included a few of my favorite photos from Sit Catering's Instagram page so you get an idea of SIT Catering's work and style.

When Emin and I decided it was time to book for the Bride’s house, we chose to get pricing from SIT Catering as well as a second catering company. We had time to do our research so it was worth it to meet with a few people before making a decision.  

The first catering company that we spoke to came to my house for the appointment. I assumed that she wanted to see the layout of my house and my room so that she could create a custom priced package. Nope, that was not the case. She just didn’t have her own office! During our appointment she kept avoiding the questions Emin and I were asking. Instead of responding directly so that we could get answers to our questions. That was the one thing that bugged me, we never quite understood what was included in the package and what wasn’t. Emin kept asking if the little Patron bottles that came with her food were included in the price and if we could keep them if no one touched them, and she kept saying how people could take them home as a gift if they wanted to, not actually telling us if we get to keep the bottles that we paid for! Towards the end of the appointment, when we told her what we wanted, she gave us a ridiculously high price for just her catering. I pretended that we were going to consider it and kindly walked her out of my house. Emin and I were shocked at how highly this lady thought of herself. She did the one thing we both hate; acted like she knew more about our wedding than we do!  

The next appointment we had was with SIT Catering. I was so excited for this appointment, but also a bit nervous. When they had emailed me their packages I was a little shocked to see how much was included for so little. I knew there had to be some kind of catch. We met with Sona, the owner of the company. Let me start off by saying, SONA IS THE MOST AMAZING PERSON YOU COULD MEET WHILE WEDDING PLANNING! She was so knowledgeable and she was very understanding of what we wanted. When I told her our theme she actually got excited that she was able to do something so different. We talked about their packages and she even recommended a packaged that cost a bit less. She didn’t try to force their biggest package on us. She listened to what we wanted and told us which package fit our needs best. We spent over an hour in her office, looking through pictures of what they could do, finding ways she could customize certain things to fit our look. It was the first time we actually got some kind of picture of how our theme would play out. It was amazing! On top of it all, her pricing was extremely fair and it included custom pieces for my room, sitting area, AND CATERING! There was no catch with their pricing. We decided to hire SIT Catering on the spot! There was no way anyone would have given us what we wanted for that price. Also, since we hired them, Sona was able to get me rentals for the banquet hall for a very reasonable price. It all worked out perfectly.  

Photo Source: Sit Catering Instagram

After hiring SIT Catering and meeting Sona, I got very excited that we had decided to participate in the Armenian wedding day traditions that take place at the Bride’s house. At the end of the day we are Armenian, and our culture and traditions are so beautiful. Emin and I are still trying to think of a way to have our moment alone on the day of our wedding, but we are also so excited to be making my mom happy by letting her give her daughter away from her own house.  

Until next time… Happy Planning! 

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