Manifa's Story: Selecting Our Florist

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Hello fellow brides. I’m glad to be back with an update on wedding planning! We have finally booked a florist! 

Picking a florist was very easy! I already knew who I wanted, so it was the matter of whether or not we can afford to hire him. But, before I get into which florist we hired I want to talk a little bit about the whole idea of having flowers at our wedding. 

Emin and I dreaded having to pay for flowers. We both agreed it is a waste of money. It just sits there, no one really takes it home, and all it does is make the banquet hall look pretty. There’s no real use to it. Considering Metropol is already a very beautiful venue and that I don’t really like flowers, we didn’t care to pay so much for centerpieces. When Emin and I sat and talked about our budget for flowers, I told him I didn’t really want flowers so we should keep the budget low. I was fine with not doing any centerpieces and just making our sweetheart table and cake table very grand and majestic. After all that’s usually the focal point for pictures. Emin and I decided on a below average budget for our flowers. We knew it would probably be difficult to find someone who could work with what we were offering, but if it meant not having centerpieces we were okay with that. 

My mom and I did a lot of research using Pinterest for centerpiece designs. Because our wedding colors are black, red, and gold we really wanted to come up with a design that felt romantic and regal. After looking at things online, I decided I didn’t want floral centerpieces. Candles seemed to fit our theme much more! Emin was up for the idea. Unfortunately for us, there weren’t many florists who were doing much with candles. Yes, they were using them, but not as the focal point of the table. That’s where our florist comes in. 

Manifa's Story: Selecting Our Florist

I think every bride I know follows Petals LA on Instagram. Their work is phenomenal. This florist doesn’t work with just brides. They are known for the work they do for many influential people in Hollywood, for example Rihanna and her Diamond Ball. I have always DREAMED of having them as my vendor for my wedding, but let’s be realistic here; someone who works for Rihanna probably only accepts work from people with a similar budget as hers. Even though our budget was way below average I still wanted to take the chance and meet with Petals LA before going to anyone else. 

When I called Petals LA I was shocked that they gave me a consultation with Saco himself. He is the owner and creative mind to everything. I was a little intimidated to meet him, but I was also very excited to see what kind of idea he would come up with after hearing about my theme.  

Manifa's Story: Selecting Our Florist

I went to our flower consultation alone. Emin was at work and in all honesty, I didn’t think we could afford hiring Saco for our flowers so I didn’t want to waste his time. Walking into Saco’s office was like walking into a flower; it smelled amazing! Plus, the décor was exactly how I have been trying to decorate my classroom office! I knew I was going to love him! Any man who loves the color pink as much as I do, has a special place in my heart. After meeting Saco, we sat down and he asked about my wedding. We discussed the theme and he was so excited that I was doing something different and unique. He started giving me these amazing ideas. After talking for a while I asked Saco for pricing; I pretty much almost had a heart attack. Pricing was so out of our budget that we probably couldn’t afford one flower! Saco noticed I was a little disheartened and asked me what was wrong. I explained to him our budget and that Emin and I really didn’t want to go over it and that we really couldn’t afford it anyway. I was surprised with his response. Saco told me that he really liked me and my wedding theme and that he would work with my budget. It meant we had to think of something small for the centerpieces, but he would do something very nice for our sweetheart table. My heart exploded with happiness. We sat and came up with a great way to incorporate my ideas of candles vs. flowers in a way that would fit our budget! I didn’t even bother to shop around. Emin and I hired Petals LA on the spot!  

Manifa's Story: Selecting Our Florist

Saco is honestly the nicest and most creative person we have ever met. His work is truly a piece of art. I am so thankful that he was willing to work with our budget to really bring our theme to life. We fully trust him and all his ideas. I cannot wait to walk into the venue on the day of my wedding and see what he has created. I am sure it will take my breath away.

Manifa's Story: Selecting Our Florist

Manifa's Story: Selecting Our Florist

Manifa's Story: Selecting Our Florist

Manifa's Story: Selecting Our Florist

Manifa's Story: Selecting Our Florist

For all the brides and grooms that really don’t like flowers and don’t want to spend over 15k to make their wedding venue look nice, don’t be discouraged. Stick to your own budget, and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Yes, flowers are beautiful, but so are candles, or branches, etc. I know people usually judge the centerpieces during a wedding, hell they judge everything, but I’m not getting married for others. I’m getting married for myself, and I know that making MY OWN decisions is the smartest way to go. Don’t let other people’s expectations cloud your judgement and remember, it’s not a competition. You don’t have to start your life with your partner in debt just because you want to outdo all the other brides out there. Do you! Be unique! A wedding is only ONE DAY. A marriage is a LIFETIME! 

Until next time… happy planning!

Manifa's Story: Selecting Our Florist

Photo Source: Petals LA Instagram


Manifa's Story

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