Armenian Men Surprise Dance At Wedding

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When we saw this video online, we knew we had to share it with our readers. The dancing in this video is none like we've seen at an Armenian wedding before! Watch this surprise dance by Armenian men at this wedding!

Ara and Taleen Malakian got married last year, and everyone was shocked when the men in their wedding party surprised them with a perfectly choreographed traditional Armenian dance to "Menk Enq Mer Sarere" by Inga and Anush, an Armenian folk singing duo and finalist in 2009's Eurovision. With an emphasis on Armenian folk music and hints of contemporary sound, this duo has been remaking and writing music that feels new and traditional all at the same time. 

The Armenian dance by the groomsmen is considered one of the oldest and most varied in the world; traditional dancing such as this "shoorch bar" (circle dance) is still popular among Armenians and many international dance groups. Carrying the culture and stories of their ancestors, this dance is symbolic of family, history, celebration, and a thriving Armenia. And when these men begin dancing, the music carries everyone into their joy, their love for Armenia, and their need to preserve culture during such celebratory events.

We want to thank these awesome groomsmen for such a reminder, congratulate Ara and Taleen, and remind our readers to get a dose of Armenian tradition at the Harsanik Bridal Show taking place on March 22. We always love to showcase Armenian traditions at our show and this year, we'll have a live performance by Tigran Asatryan, one of our favorite Armenian artists!

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