An Engagement Story: Arby and Anita

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Arby and Anita recently got engaged at the Beautiful Pelican Hill Resort. Arby went the extra mile to plan an amazing, surprise proposal for Anita. We interviewed Arby and Anita about their engagement and fell in love with their story. We are very excited to share all the details about this picture-perfect, romantic proposal. 

Arby and Anita Proposal Story

Here’s what Arby had to say…

"Without a doubt I’ve always known I would propose to Anita at The Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach. Not only is it the most elegant resort in California, but also it was nearby the shore where we had our first date, and that’s where I wanted to pop the question exactly two years after. I knew I wanted it to be at a very special location and Newport Beach was the perfect place. I always knew Anita liked the cushioned square look, and after months of researching I found what looked like the perfect ring and most flawless diamond. The whole planning took about six months to finalize and complete. 

Even when you plan every detail, things can go in different directions. In our case, it completely did. But it worked out for the best. I did all of my research with the weather to make sure everything was in place. I was expecting a perfect 80-degree evening but it turned out to be the complete opposite. As I was driving to the location with Anita, the weather became gloomier as we approached our destination. I started panicking as I noticed small raindrops landing on my windshield just five minutes to the location and started to immediately worry. I kept positive throughout the ride and kept a smile on my face, but inside I was shaking with anxiety. When we finally parked, it was pouring rain and there was a massive storm. Rain or no rain I somehow convinced her to just be positive and follow my lead. It was a surreal moment, but the rain ended up making the moment even more memorable.  

It still hasn’t hit me. It was a very surreal moment in my life. It felt like the beginning of a new life and a new journey. The moment I shared my feelings to Anita before I purposed I felt an indescribable power come over me. It was all of my love and feelings coming out to the woman of my dreams. I was very nervous and my heart was beading rapidly. When I popped the big question, I felt time freeze and it took me a several minutes to realize what I had just done. There are no words to explain how happy and complete I feel."

As we were, I am sure you are wondering what Anita was thinking and feeling and if she was surprised by the proposal. Here’s her side of the story.

"Given that it was the weekend of our two-year anniversary, and Arby is always full of surprises, I wasn’t necessarily in shock that he was taking me to a “surprise destination” for the day because well, he always spoils me like that. It ran across my mind a couple times during the drive that maybe today was the day he would pop the question, but then I thought there’s no way, he wouldn’t be so calm and relaxed as we were driving. And to top it all off, it started pouring rain about five minutes until our destination. That’s when he started panicking and sweating, and I assumed it was because his anniversary “set-up” or “gift” was getting soaked as we approached. Little did I know…

We arrived to the shoreline and I was so confused as to why we were even there. It was sunny and beautiful during the hour-long drive, and here we were about to go on the shore, as it was pouring and windy. Luckily, like magic, there was a cave nearby and we ran to it laughing at how wet, and crazy, we were. Next thing you know, he pulls out a scroll message from a bottle that he had put together by himself and spilled out his entire heart to me for a good ten minutes. His main focus was how he knew I was the one from our very first date, which took place at the beach, and which was why he brought us back to it. I was a mess, I was crying and shaking and immediately felt like I was in a cloud. And then he got down on one knee and read the last line of his beautiful long letter to me… “Will you marry me?”  Without hesitation I yelled “Of Course!” The secret photographer came out from hiding and we had a full photo shoot until the rain really became unbearable. That’s when Arby took me to my next surprise."

Arby and Anita Proposal

Arby and Anita Proposal Story

Arby and Anita Proposal Story

Ary and Anita Proposal Story

Arby and Anita Proposal Story

Arby knew how important it would be for them to have their immediate family present to celebrate their proposal, so he booked a beautiful dinner party at the resort, just up the hill from where he proposed, to surprise Anita with after the proposal. The moment they walked in, their favorite Coldplay track was playing with all of their closest family members yelling “Congratulations!”  He had roses everywhere, 700 to be exact, gifts, an engagement cake, music, champagne, customized menus, five-star dinner, and the beautiful view of Pelican Hill Resort.

Arby and Anita Proposal Story

Arby and Anita Proposal Story

Arby and Anita Proposal Story

Arby and Anita Proposal Story

To capture everything on camera, Arby hired a private local photographer to hide out before they arrived at the location. The photographer was great and took amazing pictures of the special moment, when they were on beach, and even secretly took off to the resort to take photos as the couple walked into the surprise dinner party.

To all the future grooms planning a proposal, Arby says "the main code is to be genuine in all that you do and to put in the effort. Going that extra mile to make your fiancé feel special is what really matters. Make sure it comes from the heart and value and cherish your woman’s worth to know what she deserves."

To the future brides, Anita's advice is to embrace in nature. "All along the way to the shore I was starting to get irritated by the random storm that hit. But something came about me at some point and I just decided to embrace it, not worry about my dress getting sandy or my makeup and hair going crazy, I just embraced in the turn that nature took and I couldn’t be more glad I did because it made his proposal even more beautiful and special. Plus, they say rain is good luck on a special day!"

Congratulations to Arby and Anita on their engagement and thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us.

Next, Arby and Anita will be planning their dream outdoor wedding hopefully by their 3-year anniversary. We can’t wait to hear all the details for the big day! 

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