A Bollywood Themed Bridal Shower

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This weekend, the lovely couple Star and Zhebo got married on Saturday, October 17th. While we normally love to share wedding stories and photos, this week we are thrilled to feature Star's bridal shower. Star’s Bollywood theme bridal shower was fun, unique, and simply stunning! We absolutely love when people incorporate a unique theme as part of their event, so we interviewed Star to learn all about her gorgeous and unique Bollywood themed bridal shower. We adored every detail and are very excited to share with you the inspiration behind the theme, the design elements, the games and the traditions incorporated!

Star's Bollywood Bridal Shower

Photos by Rene Zadori Photography

Before we share photos and details of this gorgeous shower, we wanted to introduce to you the couple. Every wedding begins with a love story and Zhebo and Star have theirs! The two went to school together. They were friends in high school, but never anything more. They lost touch after high school and happened to meet at work years later. They became good friends again, and before they knew it, they became inseparable. As Star jokes, so she let him marry her! Interestingly, they are polar opposites with uncompromising love and respect for each other! They have both made such progress in life since meeting each other and can’t wait for all the more to come in the future. They are excited to begin this new journey together. Marriage won't be the end of anything; Instead the beginning of everything.


Star held her Bridal Shower on August 29 at the L.A. Banquet's Brandview Ballroom. Star’s sister, Arax, planned the bridal shower for her. She started the planning around May to have enough time. The inspiration for the Bollywood theme came specifically from 2 places. Star’s aunt, who came from Armenia few years ago, was discussing how popular the Bollywood theme is back home! So Arax promised her they would throw some sort of Bollywood themed party where they can all dress up, do their makeup and wear tikkas and the whole thing! Fast forward a couple years, Arax, at Glamourax, booked a three day Indian wedding, for which her assistant was unable to attend. So Arax called Star to help her out. Arax made Star call in sick to work, and promised her food and alcohol if she would go to Seal Beach with her to help her out. Star was not interested in the process and was simply there to help out. But when she saw the bride put her bridal lengha on, she was in awe. Star loves everything glitz and glam and over the top. So when she saw this never-ending fabric full of rich red silk, gold lace trimming, and so many crystals, she was amazed. But it didn't stop there, she put layer on layer of the most beautiful jewelry, and a stunning head piece. Her sister didn't have any limits for the makeup either, gold glitter, cut crease, double lashes, double winged liner, cream contour, powder contour, and a bold lip! When they were leaving, Star had decided she wanted a Bollywood wedding! So Arax gave her the next best thing, a Bollywood Bridal Shower!

Star's Bollywood Bridal Shower

Design Elements

One of the main aspects of incorporating the Bollywood theme is the design and decorations. They wanted a wow factor as soon as the guests walked in. So one of the first things they had was a hand painted mural of an Indian backdrop. Arax had her ring light in front of it, an ottoman, 2 ornate pillows, and 2 Buddha heads. Everyone took a selfie and group photos. That was one little keepsake for the guests as soon as they walked in. They also had hand-made place cards with the ends dipped into gold and silver glitter. In the middle of the place cards table were two large golden elephants decorated with flowers. Star’s mom made her own tea station with imported samovars for tea and homemade deserts. These were set up on a table covered with gold table covers, and a rustic room divider with ornate Indian lanters hanging in different colors as the backdrop. Lastly, they had one of the best henna artists, Glory of Henna, set up with a tent with a beautiful chair for their guests to get their henna tattoos.

Bollywood Bridal Shower

Bollywood Bridal Shower Cake Table

Bollywood Bridal Shower Sweets

Bollywood Bridal Shower Cake Pops

Bollywood Bridal Shower Sweets

Bollywood Cake

Bollywood Bridal Shower table set up

Bollywood Bridal Shower Hall


The Bollywood theme would be incomplete without the traditional outfits. The invitations encouraged everyone to dress up. Star and Arax also sent out group texts with information such as rental sites, stores in Artesia and even people who they knew that were willing to loan some of their things to help the guests. Star’s dress was custom made. She wore a traditional tikka (the headpiece) and dupatta (the veil) to complete her look. She also had henna done the night before. According to the Indian tradition, it's best to let the Henna darken by doing it the night before. They say the darker it gets the more he loves you! The guests went all out and wore the traditional dresses as well. Star’s little nephew even surprised her with his own outfit!

Star's Bollywood Bridal Shower

Bollywood Bridal Shower Sweets



Star and Arax incorporated as many traditions to achieve the full theme. They had a traditional henna booth, where everyone got to choose from either white or brown hennas and their own designs; traditional bangles, and earrings given away as party favors; traditional outfits; and even a traditional dance!

Star's Bollywood Bridal Shower

Games & Activities

Another major part of every bridal shower is the games and activities. Arax and Star tried to customize everything to fit the theme. Here are the details:

1) Selfie station with the Indian backdrop for photos

2) The traditional Henna booth for guests to get Henna tattoos

3) The bar had 4 signature drinks which they named "sarree not sorry", "tsaxke punjab", "Bollywood Star" and "I should go, but Namaste for another drink"

4) A game called "a-taj-ma-xal" where the guests had to attach Star’s mole! The girls were blind folded and given a jello shot then spun 3 times. Then, they had to attach a red sticker onto Star’s forehead on her blown up photo.

5) The traditional musical chairs, but before anyone sat down, they had to take a jello shot. Instead of the conventional straight line, the chair set up was set like a T to make it more complicated, and the music was a mix of obnoxious Armenian, and over the top Bollywood with a hint of Punjabi and Jay-Z.

6) Arax and her assistant, Mariam from "hekyatn eh kanchum", choreographed what they called the Indian Macarena. They taught a quick dance of about 4 moves, and turned it into a little freeze dance game, which then turned into a blunt elimination based on skills, because nobody was leaving the dance floor (blame the 250 jello shots and open bar).

With the games, there's always prizes. Arax picked out make up collections and brush sets which every girl loves to collect!


The bridal registry was at Macy's and Z Gallerie. Star registered a few months in advance. She chose Macy’s mainly because of all the amazing deals! They carry all the home items as other department stores but offer special promotions. This way she can have her wish list and accommodate her guests as well. As for choosing Z Gallerie, they have the most stunning and fashionable pieces for the newlyweds to begin creating their home in style.

Favorite Moment 

One of Star’s favorite parts of the shower was when her sister and cousins removed her red veil (dupatta) and were all jumping and dancing while they were holding it over her head. Star loved seeing every single person there having fun and having something to do!

Star’s Advice to Other Brides

Star says “Be frugal and resourceful. My sister always complains that her budget and her taste are in different hemispheres. But if you're resourceful you can make things happen! But the biggest most important piece of advice is to be really considerate of your guests. Think about what it's going to take for them to have a great time. For example make them feel comfortable, include activities to combine bride and groom’s sides, and when making favors, centerpieces, and prizes, think about what you would want!"

Star's Bollywood Bridal Shower


Venue: L.A. Banquets - Brandview Ballroom

Photographer: Rene Zadori Photography

Hair and Makeup: Arax at Glamourax

Henna Artist: Glory of Henna

Flowers: Anush flowers from American Wedding Center

Cake: Dress My Cake

Dessert: Belladonna Sweets 

Dj: DJ Hayk at High Class Dj

Invitations: Custom made by Arax and a graphic designer at Etsy

Favors: Custom made by Arax with some bangles from NeedleNthread21 

Outfit: Custom

Registry: Macy's and Z Gallerie

Thank you Star for sharing the details of your beautiful Bridal Shower. Congratulations to you both! We are so excited for your big day and can’t wait to see all the details.

And special thanks to Rene Zadori Photography for capturing and sharing with us the stunning details of the event.

What do you think of this Bollywood themed Bridal Shower? 





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