Featured Engagement: Sako & Lilit

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Last year, our hearts melted when we came across Sako's surprise proposal to Lilit in the middle of their Armenian dance performance. Both being members of the Zvartnots Dance Ensemble, it was no surprise that Sako chose to propose at their dance studio where it all started. We're thrilled to now bring you more details on the couple's love story, their recent engagement party at L.A. Banquets Legacy Ballroom, and photos from their engagement photo shoot. We spoke with Lilit to get an inside scoop on the proposal, their engagement party, and upcoming 2018 wedding.

"Sako and I met about 10 years ago at Zvartnots Dance Ensemble and began dating a little over 3 years ago. Our closest friends and even our Best Man is from our dance group and we have formed our own little family. For that reason, Sako decided to propose at our dance studio. On the day of my birthday, he had invited our friends and some of our cousins to come witness the proposal. We have a solo together about a guy who is trying to get a girl to agree to be with him and at one part of the dance, Sako gets down on one knee and waits for my response; it was at that moment he decided to propose to me. It was surreal and wonderful."

Here's the couple at their dance concert a few months after their romantic proposal captured by Tina Arutyunyan.

Sako and Lilit's engagement party took place on September 29, 2017 at the L.A. Banquets Legacy Ballroom and the couple celebrated with about 200 guests. The couple incorporated Armenian traditions by having a priest bless the rings and exchanging gifts. One of the most creative elements of the engagement party were the centerpieces. "I knew I wanted the Engagement Party to be fun and a little bit different so I opted out of having traditional centerpieces and incorporated pumpkins in the theme."


The couple took their engagement photoshoot about a month before the engagement party. Selecting a photoshoot location is always a bit tricky. Sako and Lilit selected Descanso Garden and worked with Kris Kan who also captured their engagement party. When asked why they selected Descanso Garden, Lilit responded "We chose Descanso Gardens because it’s a beautiful location to shoot at but we also knew regardless what location we chose, Kris would be able to capture us at our best!" We're obsessed with these gorgeous photos of the couple!

Sako and Lilit's wedding will take place on September 21, 2018 at Renaissance Banquet Hall. We asked Lilit how wedding planning is going so far, and she responded "I have started wedding planning but I haven’t gotten too deep into it yet. We are going for a very timeless and classic wedding but still maintaining the traditions our Armenian culture has to offer. I’m most excited about getting to marry the love of my life and the best friend I ever had."

We can't wait until Lilit and Sako tie the knot, and we share the couple's wedding with you later this year!

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