Featured Proposal: Vanand & Ani

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The Rise Festival is a very unique event where participates are able to release lanterns into the air at night time. Being that this is a very romantic and photo worthy moment, Vanand decided he wanted to propose to Ani at this festival,  however, a little security issue got in the way of him being able to take the ring into the event venue. How was Vanand able to avoid Ani finding out about her proposal? Well he completely changed his plans last minute and did something extremely romantic and on the spot after getting home from the event. We spoke with Ani to got all the details & we're thrilled to share with you Vanand & Ani's magical proposal!

Featured Proposal: Vanand and Ani

Vanand and I met about 8 years ago at a mutual friend, Sako's, house. Although we both attended the same high school, I don't recall ever seeing him around, but Vanand claims he remembers me. I am two years older than him, and he likes to say I was that older senior girl he had a crush on. We became very good friends and began to see each other often. Our friendship continued and blossomed from 2010 to 2013, Then Vanand finally decided to make it official. He took me to the Ventura County Boat Marina and asked me to be his girlfriend on a boat during sunset. The date was October 6, 2013. We dated for 4 amazing years until he decided to take it the next level, I was more than ready, I knew he was the one a very long time ago. 

Fast forward to October of 2017, when we decided to jet away to Las Vegas to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. The plan was to spend the weekend in Las Vegas and attend the beautiful Rise Festival. Given the unfortunate events that took place in Vegas just a few days prior (the country music concert shooting at Mandalay Bay), it was safe to say we were a bit apprehensive about going. We almost canceled the trip, but decided to stick to the plan and go anyways. We were both very nervous about being in a large concert setting so close to where the unfortunate event took place. I had no idea Vanand was planning on proposing at the festival.

Featured Proposal: Vanand and Ani

Featured Proposal: Vanand and Ani

When we got to the Rise Festival we found out that security was extremely tight and strict, especially after the event that had just occurred. That was not a problem for me, however they were going to metal detect every single person attending, which meant if Vanand brought the ring in with him in his pocket, security would have most likely made him take it out! Panic and alarmed, Vanand decided to text my sister and tell her there was a change of plans. He decided to plan the proposal exactly how I had hoped it would happen, small/intimate and in front of our closest family. He told my sister we would attend the festival but that he would not be proposing and would wait until we got home from the trip. This was a good thing because a part of me was hoping that he would propose at the festival. I really thought he was going to do it that weekend. It really threw me off that he didn't, but I can't deny the fact that I was a little disappointed that it did not happen! We still had a great weekend and the Rise Festival was one of the most amazing experiences! The day after the festival, Vanand was very eager to head home which I found to be so odd. I asked him why in the world would you want to leave our vacation and go home in a rush? His response was he had a lot of work waiting for him at home. So we packed up and we headed back home towards LA.

Featured Proposal: Vanand and Ani
Featured Proposal: Vanand and Ani
Featured Proposal: Vanand and Ani
The entire drive home was odd. Vanand was unusually excited and nervous. I could sense something was off. Our drive home was fun. We listened to music, munched on snacks, and reminisced about the beautiful festival, but I still could not help but notice the fact that he was acting so different. I asked him more than halfway through, if he could make a quick stop for me to use the restroom. He told me he could not. I was shocked, but I told him I really have to use the bathroom! Forcefully, he pulled over and told me to hurry up. At that point, I really thought he was being a weirdo.

We finally made it back to Glendale. As we opened the backseat and were gathering our luggage, my eye caught him spraying himself with cologne! I couldn't help but laugh and ask him why in the world he is putting cologne on when we are already home! I walked inside to an empty house which was unusually spotless and quiet. I told him it seems like no one is home and he told me to check the backyard, so I did. I opened the door to the backyard and he followed me. The first thing that caught my eye was a candle on the floor and my heart sank. I immediately began to get emotional and refused to walk outside. He was gently trying to push me through the doorway but I had stiffened and was not budging. Vanand finally got me to walk out and I just lost it. Although he was not able to participate in the decorating of my backyard, my sister knew exactly what to do! I love the Fall season, anything fall related I absolutely adore, so naturally my sister decided to do a fall themed proposal (after all it was October). October 6, 2017, it was the exact day he asked me to be his girlfriend. The love of my life got down on one knee and proposed to me in front of our family. My joy and happiness was beyond measure. He had to ask me a few times if I would marry him, because I was too emotional to give an answer.

Featured Proposal: Vanand and Ani
Featured Proposal: Vanand and Ani
Featured Proposal: Vanand and Ani
Featured Proposal: Vanand and Ani
Featured Proposal: Vanand and Ani
The ring was exactly what I wanted! I've always told Vanand I wanted a circular diamond solitaire with a diamond band, and that is exactly what I got! I only mentioned it a few times but he was taking notes! I later found out that he went all by himself and bought my ring.
Featured Proposal: Vanand and Ani
It's safe to say my proposal was the best night of my entire life. We celebrated and danced all night. I have never, ever seen my fiancé as happy as he was that night! We both have been on the same page about getting married so deciding the actual wedding date was a breeze for us! Within just a few days, we decided to have a short term engagement and set the date for October 6, 2018, exactly a year after he proposed. The same day he asked me to be his girlfriend, was the same day he asked me to marry him, and will be the same day we get married. 

Featured Proposal: Vanand and Ani

We want to congratulate Vanand and Ani on their proposal and we wish them the absolute best in life. We can't wait to catch up with them after their wedding! Keep an eye out for their wedding blog coming soon. 



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