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Vahag and Elizabeth met in 4th grade and became close friends. They had a short relationship in middle school, but in 11th grade, they confessed they had feelings for each other again. Fast forward to the summer of 2018, Vahag surprised Elizabeth with a romantic proposal in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! We sat down with Vahag and Elizabeth to get details on how their friendship blossomed into a relationship, the destination proposal, and their surprise engagement party that took place only 2 weeks after the proposal. We're excited to share their story with you!

Before you tell us the proposal story, tell us how you two met!

Vahag and I met in elementary school. He was the new kid when we started 4th grade and everyone thought he was super popular. Even at a young age, I had a feeling he was someone special in my life. Throughout the years we were great friends and even dated a bit in middle school, but it wasn't until 11th grade when we both admitted to each other that we had feelings towards each other and we have been together ever since!

Wow, Elementary school sweethearts! That's adorable. That must have lead to a very memorable proposal.

Yes, it was definitely a story to tell! For Vahag’s cousin’s husband’s, Danny's, 30th birthday we all planned to surprise him with a trip to Cabo. I didn't know the surprise birthday we were planning would be my surprise proposal.

While we were going through the metal detectors at the airport, the alarm when off on Danny and I noticed that everyone started panicking. I was very confused as to what was happening. After they checked him, he came back and said that he forgot his passport was in his pocket and that is why it had rung. I didn’t believe him, but I let it go. After we landed in Cabo, I forgot about everything because we were busy having fun and celebrating Danny’s 30th birthday. Danny was planning a nice dinner for his birthday one night so I didn't think much about him being very detailed with his plans. Little did I know that he was getting the final touches ready for Vahag for the proposal! Before we went to dinner we all decided to wear white and go take pictures on the beach. By the time we were done it was time for us to go to dinner and while we were walking Vahag started talking to me and expressing his love. I was a little confused but as we got closer and closer I saw the beautiful setup for dinner and realized that he was about to propose!

When he proposed, I was so in shock that the whole time my mouth was open. I couldn’t believe it because we would always talk about him proposing after finishing University. Also, since we are young, I didn’t think he would propose now! The proposal was everything I’ve ever dreamed of and it couldn’t have been any better. He proposed on 8/8/2018 and it was so beautiful and I couldn’t have been happier. Also, at the same time, we asked Danny and Anna to become our best man and maid of honor so it was two proposals at once!

How romantic! Vahag you have to tell us your point of view of the whole proposal.

Well, I started planning on proposing to Elizabeth since November of 2017. We planned to go to Cabo for Danny’s birthday so I contacted the resort and told them that I wanted to propose on 8/8/2018. I got everything planned and where I wanted it to be and 3 days before we were going to fly out, I emailed them asking if everything was set. No one answered my email so I called them and they said everything has been canceled because the person who was handling the whole proposal had quit! I started panicking, but the new person handling it made sure everything was perfect. The weather was also really bad so that was stressing me out even more. Two storms actually hit each other and pushed it away from where we were. Everything ended up being perfect and I felt amazing because everything was finally off of my chest. I will admit that the hardest part of all of it was keeping the proposal from Elizabeth and making sure no one said anything by accident.

We heard there was a second surprise when you guys flew back to LA? 

Yes! After we landed at LAX my family and Vahag's family were all there wearing shirt that say, "She said Yes!" The surprises didn’t even stop there! My parents planned a surprise engagement for us in just 2 weeks. I found out the morning of my engagement because I had to go to get my hair and makeup done! I didn’t even know how my dress looked or if it would fit me. I don’t know how my parents planned everything in 2 weeks, but it was all amazing.

Have you guys started planning the wedding yet?

Not really. We have a couple of dates in mind but we haven’t started planning anything yet. We just know that we want it to be after we graduate so most probably we will get married in 2020.

Who would have thought that two people who met in 4th grade would be getting married years later? We absolutely love this story and are so thankful that Vahag and Elizabeth took the time to share their story with us. We can't wait until they start planning their wedding so we can follow along their love story!




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