Featured Proposal: Khajik & Nooshig

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We are so excited to announce our first story of 2019 - a beautiful fall vineyard proposal. Khajik and Nooshig met online, and even though they lived in different states, their connection was so strong that they developed a serious long distance relationship. Now they are engaged and planning a wedding in either San Francisco or Fresno! We asked both Khajik and Nooshig to share their version of the story of how they met, the proposal, and how wedding planning is going so far.  

Featured Proposal: Khajik & Nooshig

So tell us, how did you two meet? You guys live states apart!

Khajik: We actually met online about 10 years ago, on social media of course, but nothing really came of it. We just kept liking each other's pictures and leaving short comments. Finally, I decided to message her to see if she would want to go to dinner sometime, not remembering she lived on the East Coast. When she told me she lived in Massachusetts, I thought that was the end of it. But we continued talking and then started dating shortly after. A year later, we got engaged.

Featured Proposal: Khajik & Nooshig

Nooshig: We met on social media about ten years ago, just another Armenian following an Armenian. We never talked, just liked some posts here and there. One day he decided to message me, and we just got to talking. I knew he lived in California but was at a point in my life where I could use a change. I thought maybe we would just be friends, but we continued talking and hit it off instantly. We were dating for about a year, and shortly after, we got engaged. When you know, you know.

Featured Proposal: Khajik & Nooshig

Tell us all about the proposal!

Khajik: Well, we went to Ironstone Vineyards in Murphys, CA for my cousin's birthday. It was myself, Nooshig, a few of my closest friends, their dates, and my cousins. I did some research about Ironstone Vineyards and found some really beautiful spots around a river. As soon as we all walked up to the spot, I grabbed her hand and walked up to the edge of the river, looking out to a really nice scene. We usually joke around about how California doesn't have beautiful greenery like this, but Massachusetts does. So she turned to me and said, "You see what you're going to miss if you don't move to Massachusetts?" So I said, "Do you see what you're going to miss if you don't move to California?" As I was saying it, I got the ring out of my pocket and got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

I was planning it for a while, probably a few months. I had a lot of different ideas pitched to me, some I was really considering. But once I saw how beautiful Ironstone Vineyards was, I knew it was the place to do it. I kept it secret from her by not telling anyone that I thought would possibly tell her. I mainly just spoke about it with my close cousins and my best friends. They all knew what I was going to do, and knew to have their cameras ready. The month prior I flew to Massachusetts with my dad and asked her parents and grandpa for her hand in marriage. We knew that we wanted to get engaged very soon, she just didn't know exactly when and how.

I was really concerned about hiding the ring from her during this trip. The drive to Murphy's is about an hour away from Modesto, and you can't really hide a big ring box in your jeans. So, I had to take the box out and just carry the ring in my pocket. I was afraid that I might somehow lose the ring.

Featured Proposal: Khajik & Nooshig

Nooshig: As Khajik said, It was his cousin’s birthday, so we decided to go out to the vineyards. I’ve never been before, so I was really looking forward to the views. I’m from Massachusetts, and our autumn is gorgeous. As we were walking along a path by the water, I found a few beautiful bright red trees and started to photograph them (I’m a landscape photographer). I couldn’t believe that they had a view like that in California. I turned to him and said, “See what you’re going to miss if you don’t come to Massachusetts?” And that’s when it happened, he turned and faced me, and said: “See what you’re going to miss if you don’t move to California?” I look over and he’s getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. Of course, I said yes!

Featured Proposal: Khajik & Nooshig

Khajik and I had been talked about getting married back and forth early on in the relationship. Like I said earlier, when you know, you know. And as things progressed, so did our conversations about wanting to spend the rest of our lives together. We both knew it was going to happen at some point. A few weeks prior, his father and he flew out and asked my family for my hand. Kind of like a khosk-kap, but without the traditional proposal right then and there in front of everyone. It was really sweet and actually meant a lot that they did that.

I am very much an introvert, so I was very nervous about how he was going to propose. Were there going to be a lot of people? Was I going to trip and fall on my face? Who knows what could have happened! He definitely listened and surprised me! I had no idea it was coming. I was so excited, I finally get to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man! I was overwhelmed with joy and so much love, his cousins came running up to hug and congratulate us! It was so nice to be so accepted by his family!

Featured Proposal: Khajik & Nooshig

Such a sweet story! So have you guys started wedding planning yet?

Khajik: Not yet, but we will. We'll probably have an engagement party in Massachusetts, as most of Nooshig's family is from there. It'll only be fair to do it that way, as the wedding is going to be in California.

Nooshig: We are hoping to have an engagement party back in Massachusetts. My family is really excited to throw one for us, so it’ll be a nice way to come back and visit everyone and celebrate! We’re hoping to get married May 16, 2020! So far, we don’t know exactly where it is going to be. It is either between San Francisco or Fresno, CA. Originally, I had always wanted to get married in the church my parents were married in, the one I was baptized in Worcester, MA. But thinking ahead, and to make things a whole lot easier for us, we decided to have the wedding in California, since this is where both of us will be living.

Featured Proposal: Khajik & Nooshig

Khajik: We're trying not to focus on planning too much just yet. We think it's a little too early to start planning. We started planning for a few weeks and we both felt pretty overwhelmed and decided that it's too early and too many factors can change by 2020.

Nooshig: When we first got engaged, we were so excited and just started bouncing off ideas with one another. It was great because I was in California for a week, so we had the time to sit and discuss things. I went back home, and soon, that excitement faded and we became very overwhelmed. Trying to plan a wedding, when you’re not in the same state together, it got a little rough. So we have decided to put all wedding planning on hold until we can finally be together after the new year and just enjoy being engaged! There’s still plenty of time to discuss things so we’re in no rush. We’re just enjoying this adventure!

Featured Proposal: Khajik & Nooshig

Well, there you have it. Two souls, miles apart, connect through social media are finally united. We want to thank Khajik and Nooshig so much for sharing their story with us and we wish them luck in planning their wedding next year.



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