New Trend: Sand Ceremony

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We recently found out about the Sand Ceremony and wanted to share it with our brides. For anyone planning an outdoor wedding and looking for something a bit less traditional for their ceremony, this is a great idea to incorporate into your wedding!

We first heard about the Sand Ceremony thanks to Minister Rev. Ogannes, a Non-Denominational Ordained Minister. Rev Ogannes shared "I have been introducing it to my Armenian brides for the last couple of years and they all love it but surprisingly have never heard of it until I share it with them. I am sure many more brides will love the idea and incorporate it into their ceremonies to come."

New Trend: Sand Ceremony

The Sand Ceremony is a new and unique type of unity ceremony and differs from the traditional candle lighting unity ceremony seen in Armenian churches. In a Sand Ceremony, the bride and groom each have a separate vessel filled with different colored sand, and they each pour their sand into the third vessel. This is a symbolic gesture to represent their marriage - the blending of the bride and groom into a single and inseparable unit as they join lives. The ceremony usually takes place after the exchange of the rings. To get more details on how the Sand Ceremony works, visit this article.

"When I explain to my couples, I stress that when they do a candle lighting ceremony, they will likely put the candles in the box after the ceremony and store them away to never be seen again unless it is time for spring cleaning. With the Sand Ceremony, they will take the beautiful vase filled with mixed color sand after the ceremony and will proudly display it on a mantel or other piece of furniture at home for them to see every single day and remind them of the beauty of their marriage and their sacred vows to each other. It is also a wonderful conversation piece when new people come to their home and ask about it...they get to relive their love story and share it with everyone over and over."


New Trend: Sand Ceremony

We loved the idea of the Sand Ceremony and wanted to share it with all of you!

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