Latest Fashion Trends in Evening Wear

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With so many events coming up this spring and summer, we wanted to share some of the leading trends in fashion for these upcoming seasons. Adolfo Sanchez showcased the best in runway fashion with his evening wear collection at the 2015 Harsanik Bridal Show. Elegant, classy, and daring - we have every kind of dress for each unique lady. 

This gown is typical of a simple black gown, but the 50's look and the horizontal stitching adds to the elegance, making this unique and elegant. 

Five Evening Gowns We Love


This gown is similar to the simple black gown above. However, the metallic pink adds a modern overtone although the shade of blush still gives this dress a soft look. We love the shades of pink!

Five Evening Gowns We Love


This dress is hot - A ball gown made fierce and passionate. Perfect for the daring lady!

Five Evening Gowns We Love


Some of the latest in runway fashion has showcased a sheer skirt over matching or un-matching panties. Although very sensual, this dress is great for a summer party or fun-filled travel excursion.

Five Evening Gowns We Love


A perfect tone of purple, this dress is full of ruffles that aren't too much. The color tones down the dress and as a result, the details stand out. And who doesn't love some fur?

Five Evening Gowns We Love

For more photos from the Harsanik Bridal Show, visit the Harsanik Facebook page.

Be sure to visit Adolfo Sanchez at Creativ in Downtown Los Angeles to see his entire collection of bridal and evening wears. Special thanks to Vic Studios for the photos from our 2015 Harsanik Bridal Show.

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