7 Ideas For Your Engagement Photoshoot

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Need some inspiration as you brainstorm backdrops and settings for your engagement session?

It can be a tough decision—many brides want something different and never before seen. But think outside of the box a little bit and consider a place that's personal and special for you and your groom to be:

Where You First Met

This could be anything—your high school, a bar... at least this way, you'll always remember the place where it all first started.

Engagement Photoshoot by Armen Photo

Photo Source Armen Asadorian Photography

First Date Location

How great would it be to re-feel the moments when sparks flew?

Your Favorite Restaurant or Coffee Shop

Tea for two! Share a bite, some laughs and more by picking one of these spots.

Engagement Photoshoot by Armen Photo

Photo Source Armen Asadorian Photography

Your Home

Home is where the heart is, and your photos will definitely reflect that saying.

First Kiss Location

Every photo you take in this spot would remind you of that magical moment.

Engagement Photoshoot

Photo Source Brit + Co

Your Favorite Museum

There's no backdrop like beautiful art. This location could also serve as a super modern spot for photos.

Where He Proposed

Relive one of the best days of your life! Instead this time, you may be a little more prepared.

Engagement Photoshoot

Photo Source Pinterest

By picking a location that's significant and meaningful for you both, you'll feel extra comfortable and a sense of connection to the place that'll radiate in each shot. Plus, the stories you can tell as you share your photos with loved ones will be extra special!

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Have any recommendations on engagement shoot locations? Did you go anywhere special to take your photos? Share in the comments below!

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