Rescue Flats 2017 Limited Edition Colors

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The new Rescue Flats 2017 collection has got us dancing, literally! In our 6 Reasons Why You Need Rescue Flats! blog, we shared everything you need to know about the company!

Rescue Flats are the perfect way to say "thank you" and keep everyone dancing all night. You can gift them to your bridal party or present them as party favors for your guests. For their new collection, Rescue Flats introduced 3 limited edition colors, offering even more options to choose from!

Rescue Flats

Rescue Flats

1. Champagne (Matte)

The classic and luxurious champagne is perfect for an elegant wedding reception.

Rescue Flats

2. Silver (Matte)

The timeless color silver is the perfect pairing for almost any color. It can also help offset bright color palettes!

Rescue Flats

3. Pink (Matte)

Let your inner ballerina out! This soft and pretty pink can add a feminine touch to your event.

Rescue Flats

Photos By: Designer Cory Christopher & Photographer Jillian Schecher

In addition to the new colors, the company is now selling their best seller gold Rescue Flats in single pairs and bulk packs of 20! The 20 pack does not include heel bags, ribbons, or decorative packaging (see reasons 4 and 5 from our 6 Reasons Why You Need Rescue Flats blog). Instead this allows DIY brides to get creative and create decorative packaging or unique displays for their guests.

Rescue Flats

Photo Source: Rescue Flats

We love all the new colors and packaging options offered at Rescue Flats. Choosing the right colors and features will not only excite your guests but help set the right mood and complement your theme for your special day!

Rescue Flats are the perfect gift to keep all your wedding guests dancing all night long. After all, every girl loves a pair of fashionable and comfortable ballet flats! 

Which color is your new favorite? Share in the comments section below.

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