Hey there - it's Marineh from Harsanik.com. As you can see, I'm trying to blog more often so I can finally catch up! Smile

Once we picked our venue, Shant and I got into full wedding planning mode and started working on everything from guest list, budgets, and vendor selection.

The guest list is definitely the hardest part. We originally thought we were going to have a 300 person wedding to keep it “small” (of course only an Armenian would consider 300 people a small wedding!). However, after we started adding all the names of our family members and our friends, we were already looking at going over that mark. We agreed we were going to try to stick to 350 to accommodate our long list of families and friends.

As for budget, we listed all the categories of vendors we would need (photographer, bridal shops, invitations, etc) and estimated how much we would be willing to spend for each category. While we knew this was a rough estimate, it was helpful to have a rough idea of what our total wedding budget was going to look like. Also, it allowed us to mark which categories we would be willing to spend more on because they were very important to both of us, and which categories we would be willing to try to minimize our cost.

arrow  Tip: Shant and I created a Google Docs account and have been storing all of our wedding related documents there. Google Docs is a great tool that allows you to keep track of everything from wedding lists, budgets, list of names & addresses, menu selections, and everything else online and all in one place!

Planning Status:

Next Up: Picking my engagement party location...

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This is Marineh, co-founder of Harsanik.com with another update on my wedding planning adventures!

On Saturday December 26th, Shant and I drove to the Taglyan Cultural Complex to meet with their venue and bookings manager, Aram, and finally see the banquet hall for the first time. Both Shant and I had a good feeling about the hall since we loved all the pictures we had seen of Taglyan, we really liked the location (close for both families), and it would mean we would get to work closer with Christine from Fancy That! Events since she is the Marketing Director at Taglyan!

When we got to Taglyan, we parked our car and walked outside through the pretty gardens before walking into the hall. We were already in a great mood since we both loved the garden area and we knew it would be perfect to have our cocktail hour outside since we were planning on having a summer wedding. I could just imagine all my guests mingling there after the valet takes their car. Maybe we can even have a bar in the garden serving our signature drink?

When we walked in, we were immediately greeted by Aram. Aram was extremely nice and he showed us around. First, we saw the foyer area which was very elegant and well designed. Aram also showed us the garden and explained that all the outdoor lighting could be customized to match your wedding colors. They also had speakers in the garden area in case you wanted to play the music outside as well. At that point, Shant & I decided our cocktail hour would be both indoors & outdoors (garden & foyer).

Next, Aram showed us the gorgeous banquet hall. I had seen many beautiful photos of the inside of Taglyan, but seeing it in person was even more beautiful. Aram gave us a preview of what the lights could look like and explained that we could decide what color to display at what time – eg. blue for the main entrance, pink for the first dance, etc. Aram also explained that all the speakers were built into the ceiling so there would be no need to have large speakers on the stage. We both loved that aspect because we know nobody likes to sit at the table that’s closest to the loud speakers! Overall Shant was very impressed by how technologically advanced Taglyan was since everything seemed to be controlled electronically and appeared ready to go. Shant has an engineering background so of course he was most impressed by the electronics while I was wowed by the beautiful ceiling lights!

The last few stops of the tour were the bathrooms and the private bridal room. The bathrooms were not only impeccably clean, but also very nicely designed. We also liked how we would be given our private bridal room that we could share with our bridal party and have a place to lock all of our things.

At the end of the tour, we said bye to Aram, and Christine from Fancy That! called me and walked us through more details. She clarified that the hall fee includes the room rental, the garden, all catering by Divine & Food Catering, which is their exclusive in-house catering department (I’ve heard great things about their food), all tables, chairs, and linens. We really liked that pretty much everything was included, and Taglyan felt like a complete solution. This was a better option for us versus renting a hall but then needing to worry about every little detail from draping to tables to silverware.


After a few more details from Christine, Shant and I were sold and we agreed to sign a contract and give our deposit to lock in Taglyan for our August wedding!

Note: I know I’m really behind with my blog – I have over 2 months of wedding planning to catch up on! As you can tell, wedding planning is a lot of work and it’s keeping me super busy! But I promise I’ll get caught up over the next few weeks so look out for more regular updates…

Planning Status:

Next Up: Start working on the guest list...

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Shant and I spent December 24th surrounded by family. First we visited his family for a Christmas lunch, and then went over to my parent's house for a Christmas dinner.

Everyone was asking us when and where we were planning on getting married, and I responded summer 2010. I've always liked summer weddings. And I knew I could plan a wedding in less than 1 year, thanks to all the wonderful vendors I've gotten to know over the years! As for location, I knew I wanted an Armenian hall, and my favorite one is Taglyan, specifically because of its gorgeous ceiling.

So the next day, December 25th, I started texting with Christine from Fancy That! Event Design & Coordination to start planning. Christine is also the Marketing Director for Taglyan, so I knew she would be able to help me find a date and help out with all the details that come with booking the venue. Luckily, we were able to find a Saturday that was available. Thanks to Christine's help, in less than 2 days, I had pretty much selected my hall and set a date! I scheduled a meeting at Taglyan for the next day so both Shant and I could see the hall for the first time.

Planning Status:

Next Up: Picking the hall...

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It was December 23. I had driven back from San Diego to my parent's house in LA to spend the next several days with family. Around 8:30pm, I got a call from Shant and he declared:
"The game has started. Here is Clue #1. Be at the location where we had out first date and I gave you the Play-doh in 15 minutes".

Shant & I at the Creme De La Crepe restaurant in Pasadena - Clue #1

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Generally the first thing that you have to plan for a wedding is the ring! Well it really depends on the couple. Some guys completely surprise the girl so she has no chance to pick out her ring. Other couples mutually decide to not have the girl involved with the picking of the ring. And other couples agree to have the girl be involved with the process. What you choose is completely up to the couple.

In my case, Shant and I had talked about getting married at some point, so I knew he was planning on proposing in the near future. Shant asked me if I wanted to be involved with the ring selection and I said yes. I figured it's a piece of jewelry that I'll be wearing for the rest of my life, so I would like to have a say in what it looks like.

The first step was to go ring shopping just to get an idea of what's out there. We ended up going to a few jewelry stores and educating ourselves on the 4 C's - Cuts, Carats, Clarity, and Colors. (For more information on the 4 C's and other guidance about rings, visit the Vanna K site).

I decided that I liked the round cut best, and I liked the pave style (when you have diamonds around the band).

About a month after our first outing, Shant called me and told me he wanted me to get my ring finger sized. He also told me where he was planning to get the ring from - Vanna K Bridal!!! I was so excited! Vanna K is a leading bridal and fashion jewelry designer and was one of the Platinum Sponsors of our bridal show. Vanna K Bridal is known for its extraordinary quality, beautiful designs and one of a kind jewels. I was absolutely in love with all their jewelry.

So I made an appointment with Vanna K Bridal and took 2 of my closest friends for a private and exclusive viewing of the Vanna K Bridal Collection (of course I wasn't going to go to a jewelry designers office alone!) Not only did I get my finger sized, but Arch and Nareg of Vanna K Bridal gave us a private tour of its facility and let us into their vault where we got to try on over a 100 rings! It was surreal! So many diamonds!

Overall, Vanna K Bridal was so great to work with. They not only educated me about rings and the different settings, but they made the whole process a whole lot of fun!

After a few hours, I ended up selecting about 10 rings that I really liked, and as Arch said, the rest was up to Shant.

Next up, the proposal...

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Before I get into the details of the wedding planning, I figured I should start with a brief introduction of me and Shant. We have been together for 4 years. We met in Los Angeles while he was in law school and I was working. After dating for about 6 months, we ended up moving South for our new jobs. I moved to San Diego to start working at a new company and Shant moved to San Clemente to start working at his law firm.

Dating Shant has been such a wonderful experience! We have a very easy to manage relationship. We're very alike, we enjoy very similar types of things (lots of outdoor activities like surfing, skating, hiking, etc) and we get along very well. Both Shant and I are Armenian - except he doesn't speak Armenian very well and isn't as much in tune with all the traditions and cultural things. (You'll find out that this becomes a factor as we start the wedding planning process)

Next up, the ring shopping experience...

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Hi everyone - my name is Marineh and I am one of the co-founders of Harsanik.com. After working on Harsanik.com for over 3 years, it's finally my turn to plan my own "harsanik"!

On December 23, 2009, Shant, my now fiancé, proposed to me. It was one of the most exciting days of my life, and since then, I've been in full wedding planning mode.

I have decided to blog about all my wedding planning. adventures. I plan to share all my wedding planning highlights with Harsanik.com readers -  the good, the bad, and the ugly! I plan to blog about everything from the ring, the proposal, the engagement party, the wedding dress, and much more!

I hope you find this blog interesting and hopefully you are able to learn a few new things about the whole wedding planning process.

Come back often as I plan to post something on a regular basis.  For now, here is a picture of me & Shant from New Years Eve!

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Every girl dreams of planning a wedding with an endless budget. But few actually get to live that dream. That's where Platinum Weddings comes in! This popular TV show captures stunning weddings with nearly unlimited budget.

We're excited to announce that an Armenian couple is featured on an episode of Platinum Weddings! Natasha & Raffie got married last September at The Four Seasons in Westlake Village. Many of Harsanik.com's very own vendors were used for this wedding, including Duke Photography  and Royal Gor Video!

Armenian Platinum Wedding

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Last month we were so exited to attend the grand opening party of legendary luxury bridal gown designer Ines Di Santo brought to us by Jobyna's Bridal at the beautiful Americana at Brand. The event featured beautiful florals by the team at Tic-Tock Couture, rentals and event design by White Night Designs, catering by Divine Food & Catering of Taglyan Cultural Complex, photography by Duke Photography and music by DJ Heartbeat. The new boutique is chic and modern just like the gowns it stores. Contact Jobyna's for an appointment to find your dream dress!

Jobyna's Grand Opening

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Often times brides are so focused on their wedding that they forget how important it is to add personal touches to their bridal shower. Traditionally, a bridal shower takes place 4-6 weeks before your wedding day and all of your close female family & friends are invited to the event to bless your new life together as husband and wife. Check out images of a Fancy That! Events Backyard Bridal Shower with homemade appetizers, personalized games and garden inspired decor.  Enjoy!

Bridal Shower Tips
Bridal Shower Tips
Bridal Shower Tips Bridal Shower Tips
Bridal Shower Tips
Bridal Shower Tips

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