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Sako is one of the most popular Armenian singers, performing at concerts, weddings, and other special occasions.

Singer/song writer Sako possesses an immense talent for music. Sako's meaningful and devoted approach towards music led to taking an actively practical part in the transformation of Armenian pop music.  Rather than imitating music from other cultures, he has proven that Armenian music is adaptable to new styles.  


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Sako made the party!

We put a lot of energy into finding the right cake, flowers, and favors - but really - the music is what made the night. Sako and his band were just perfection. A nice mix of Armenian, Arabic, Persian, and Spanish songs. DJ covered the rest!

One of my favorite memories from the night was walking into the hall and having Sako step off stage to meet us on the dance floor. He set the tone for the entire wedding reception; it was non-stop from there.

Susan, his manager, was like my fairy godmother. She doubled as our day-of planner! We didn't have a worry because we knew that if anything was needed, Susan would handle it.

Overall, I can't say enough good things about Sako and his team. They were such an important part of our big day. I highly recommend!!
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Very Impressed

Recently, I was the DJ at a wedding with Sako and his band. I was very impressed. He hit all the right notes, sang all the right songs (at the right times which is very important) and the crowd loved him.

The band was very talented, professional and great to work with. The sound engineer was knowledgeable and provided a clean and powerful sound.

Also, the band manager was a sweetheart. Communication was great and she is very easy to work with. We kept in touch throughout the night and kept a great balance. If she was this professional with the DJ I bet the clients are well looked after.

I don't think you can go wrong with Sako as your singer. Great voice, talented band, clean sound, professional manager, classy attire, great crowd interaction and overall a great pleasure to work with.

-DJ Sevag
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Everybody dance now!

Music is very important to my wife and I, so we wanted to make sure we had great entertainment for our wedding.

Fortunately, we didn't have to wait long before finding the perfect person to perform at our wedding - Sako.

We first met Sako when he performed at the 2009 Premier Bridal Event and we liked what we saw! He had a great voice, gave a powerful performance, and made us want to dance. So we were excited to learn that Sako was available to perform at our wedding.

During the wedding, Sako kept the dance floor packed. In fact, looking back at our wedding videos, the tables were practically empty since everybody was up dancing during Sako's performance.

We had a lot of guests who weren't Armenian, and we were pleased to see them out on the dance floor busting moves along with everyone else.
Sako, thank you for giving us such a great performance and making our wedding such an exciting and memorable event!
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The ideal entertainment

Sako and his fine musicians were the ideal entertainment at our wedding in Philadelphia. We had a mixed Armenian crowd, Eastern and Western, and Sako accommodated all requests, from Paul to Harout to traditional Armenian to Arsen Petrosov to Aram to Yeghia. No other modern singer has his range of repertoire. As a musical family, Sako was gracious and patient with our particular instrumentation and repertoire requests and exceeded our expectations. It was obvious that this wasn't "just another wedding" to Sako and his musicians. They treated us like family and their enthusiasm and energy was infectious.

Beyond the musical side of things, you will not find a more courteous and respectful group than Sako, Susan, and his musicians. Unfortunately, professionalism, class, reliability, and sincerity are sometimes lacking in the Armenian entertainment world, but you will not have this experience with Sako. He is genuine, respectful, and takes sincere pride in his musical craft. You and your guests will be blown away and completely satisfied.

Over a year later, our friends and family are still glowing in their words about the music at our wedding.
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Great Singer!!!

Sako is Great. He's an amazing singer with a great personality. He was my wedding singer and we were completely satisfied. In fact, after the wedding alot of our friends asked for his info to have him sing at their future events. I loved how everything was organized. We organized how the entire day was going to go with Sako's manager who was also at the wedding the entire time making sure everything was in order.You cannot go wrong with Sako, he sings with alot of energy which translates to a great party!
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Simply great!

Sako is the best choice for any party and great for weddings. He is down to earth and talented. He can sing in multiple languages and brings a DJ for back up if you request one. He loves what he does and it shows during his performance. He doesn't charge a ridiculous amount like some of the other Armenian singers. He is worth every penny and more. If you aren't a Sako fan you will be if you see him perform. Love him, his band, his DJ and most of all you will love working with his manager. She will make sure everything is in order and in place for your wedding day.
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