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Addicted 2B Jeweled specializes in custom couture products in Los Angeles. Some of their work includes accessorizing gowns, hair accessories, garters, ring pillows, cake cutters, champagne glasses, and even shoes!



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The Most Beautiful Part of My Wedding

Knar didn't just make me a beautiful tiara, she saved my wedding. Here's the story. I tried saving some money and going by some other lady. Long story short, this lady bailed on me 2 weeks before my wedding. She flew to Armenia for an "emergency" and had her son call and tell me that she can no longer make my tiara.
I had read about Knar on, and had heard about her from my sister as well. I gave her a call and explained the situation to her. She was immediately sympathetic and wanted to see what she can do to make it happen. She met with me like a day later and wrote down all my thoughts and ideas for the vintage glamorous tiara I wanted. She created the most beautiful tiara I have ever seen, not just in my family, not just in Armenian weddings, but in the world. I'm serious. I've literally had over 100 people ask me about the piece she made.
You can't put a price on good taste. Knar has amazing taste. She only uses the finest crystals. She doesn't waste time with cheap fillers. She doesn't make any false promises. She went above and beyond... oh and let me not forget to mention that she was 8 MONTHS PREGNANT when she spent all that time ordering, rush shipping, and creating the most beautiful tiara in the world.
She's worth every penny. I can't recommend her highly enough. It was the most beautiful element of my wedding. I shined and it was all thanks to her.
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You will be ADDICTED!!!

Knar is ONE OF A KIND!! Her sense of style and class can not be compared. From bedazzled easels to display a special picture on your wedding day to comfy and chic crystallized flats to wear out while shopping, Addicted 2b jeweled is one of a kind!! I have one of Knar's frames with chunky bronze and clear crystals and am complimented on it daily when guests come over! Her headpieces sparkle from a mile away!!! A accessory from the talented Knar is a must when planning a special occasion!!!! xoxoxo
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Highly Recommended

Knar is a very talented young lady. She provides excellent customer service so I always leave very satisfied. She dazzled up my wedding and it came out to be so gorgeous. All the pieces are breath taking. She pretty much dazzles up everything from headpieces, campaign glasses, shoes, cloths for kids, babies and adults, pillows, etc. She does all occasions from birthdays, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, etc. Anything she gets her hands on comes out to be magical. Thank you doll for all the glamour work you've done for me.
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