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The two most important qualities in any Shakar Bakery work are design details and quality. Our passion is baking custom designer cakes and sweets designed to your specifications. In addition to delicious flavors with exquisite colors and textures, we spend countless hours working to ensure each design’s details are as memorable as your event. Shakar Bakery uses fresh, organic free-range/vegetarian fed eggs that are collected directly from a local farmer. Our butter comes from grass-fed cows and we use other top quality ingredients for all your orders!

We promise that your design will never be made for another customer. With us your cake will truly be a one-of-a-kind creation that will leave your guests amazed and satiated! If it doesn’t defy the laws of physics, it can be built!


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#1 Choice for Wedding Cake!

I had never tasted Shantal's cakes before, but I had seen nothing but rave reviews about her work so I knew hiring her to create my wedding cake was a no-brainer! And boy what a great decision that was. Shantal was very easy to work with and made sure to listen to my requests for my cake design. I wanted bling and I sure got bling on my cake! Shantal is also very reliable; brides know how frustrating it is to have to stay on top of your vendors to make sure everything is done in a timely manner, but I had zero worry about Shantal. She kept in touch with me through every step of the process. When I saw my cake, I was blown away. It was everything I wanted and more. Bling to the max! Very professional and great quality. And the cake itself? DELICIOUS!!! Perfect blend of ingredients (high quality, might I can really taste the difference)! I got her classic vanilla buttercream and it was a great choice. I had several guests compliment to me how gorgeous they thought my cake was and how incredibly delicious it was as well. I got to take the tier that we cut home and froze part of it for our 1 year anniversary and I simply cannot wait to eat it again! Thank you Shantal for your professionalism and incredible work.
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I Loved My Wedding Cake!!!

Shantal is awesome at taking what's in your head and turning it into a delicious work of art! She designed and baked my wedding cake and she did an amazing job!! She is detail oriented, creative, and organized. She was able to give me exactly what I wanted; a grand beautiful cake for 300 people. I give her my highest recommendation.
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Excellent Service, Delicious Cake

I'm picky, and I'm not sure about what I want. Shakar was ready for the challenge, and nailed it. She created the awesome cake for my khosk kap party, given the directive "I want something with figs, cats, and bikes...and make it kinda nature-y".

Shakar picked figs from fig trees, turned em into a the perfect amount of luscious cake filling, surrounded that with moist-but-not-too moist vanilla cake and delicious butter-cream icing. It was 2 tiers of sweet yum. Her graphic designer made an adorable design for the bottom tier - an outline of two bicycles - one had a cat with a bowtie sitting on it, and the other had a kitty with a bride's veil sitting on it. The top tier was decorated with fresh figs and fig tree leaves. The design was amazing and perfectly matched the theme of my party. AND it was delivered on time, in perfect condition.

If you don't know what you want...but you know it must be done right, contact this go-to baker. It'll be a treat!
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Deliciously creative!

I recently got married 2 weeks ago and used Shakar Bakery as my baker. A dear friend/wedding coordinator recommended her. From the very start, Shantal was attentive, creative, sweet, and all around incredible! I approached Shantal with my dessert table ideas and she brought them into complete satisfaction. I have been a maid of honor in 3 weddings and a bridesmaid in 7. I have seen it all! I wanted my dessert table to top all others and I have to say it absolutely did! Instead of a wedding cake, I desired a groom's cake special for my sweet in the shape of the 'Deathstar' ship from Star Wars. My fiance at the time, now husband is a huge Star Wars fan and as I was having a somewhat Star Wars themed wedding, I needed the Deathstar cake. Along with the groom's cake, I chose a dessert table filled with all kinds of yummies. From cake pops to chocolate covered oreo cookies with bride and groom decorative on top, lemon bars, cream puffs, mini cupcakes, to candy galore...Shantal made my dream table come true. At the end of my wedding night continuing to today, I get soooo many compliments on my dessert of choice. Some faves are the lemon bars and cream puffs. 4 days prior to my big day, my cake toppers that I ordered off Etsy in the design of Han and Leia got lost in shipment from the UK. I called Shantal at Shakar Bakery and told her my story. She created the identical cake toppers in a matter of one day out of clay so I may have for a lifetime! She turned my frown upside down and released my big wedding stress. Shantal, thank you for making my day the most delicious ever!!! You are absolutely amazing and I will always tell your story!
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Delicious and great service!

Love love love! You want cupcakes? They're delicious! You want cake? Completely customized! Chocolate-covered Oreo cookies to ship and brighten a loved one's day? Cute and perfect! Everything we have had that was created by Shakar Bakery has been AMAZING! When you go with Shakar Bakery, you receive quality, care, and a yummy result! Really can't go wrong by giving this place a shot. I only wish we lived closer and could experience it even more often. However, we have been happy when we go to SoCal and have items shipped up here to hold us over until our next visit. And really, who doesn't appreciate customized creations made with care? They are perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, wedding showers, and more.

Tip - There are more designs available than you may see on the website, so just ask!
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Sweetest tooth for Shakar!

I have heard such great things about Shakar Bakery and always admired the cake designs that are posted on their website. Finally, when I was back in the Los Angeles area I wanted to gift the incredible people at ARKA clothing for letting me intern for them. ARKA is a t-shirt company based on creative designs so what perfect way to give them a thank you gift with a Shakar Bakery cake! I ordered a cake with ARKA's logo and was so blown away with the elegant and creative touch they had put into the cake for ARKA. I recommend Shakar Bakery to anyone who wants exquisite cakes/cookies with incredible customer service.

Recently, I have used Shakar Bakery again while organizing a fundraiser. Shakar Bakery produced the most incredible tasting cupcakes I have ever had. The same response was given to me from the crowd of 130+ people. I am usually the type of person who scrapes off the frosting in order to reduce the sweetness taste, NOT THIS TIME. Shakar's ingredients are so delectable and organic tasting; each ingredient compliments each other so nicely.
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