DJ Jack K

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With over 9 years of experience in music from Armenian, Persian, Arabic, Salsa, Disco Dance, Hip Hop, Top 40, Rock & Roll, etc... Full lighting systems also available. 


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Heart & Soul of The Night

Growing up I was the one who burned CDs for all my friends. Everyone knew me as the go to person to get the newest and best music from. Unfortunately I can not be in control of the music at my wedding, so I had to go with someone who I could trust and would listen to all my requests. I was able to meet with Jack before my wedding and on the spot I knew he was the DJ I wanted. He honored all my requests and even provided me tips and recommendations on what to do and what not to do based on his experience. I couldn’t believe how well the night flowed. Jack treated my guests on the dance floor as if they were his own and made sure they had the best music playing through the night. Thank you Jack, much love from my wife and I for making our wedding night one to remember.
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Awesome DJ!!!!

DJ Jack is wonderful. We recently had our wedding on 5/17/14 and he played his sets perfectly which is why EVERYONE at our wedding had a BLAST!!! Without DJ Jack, our wedding would not have turned out to be so much FUN! He really is very talented and truly enjoys being a DJ. He's a great person, professional, and easy to work with! We highly recommend him.
We thank you DJ Jack! ~Arbi & Anoush
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Great DJ!

One of the best DJs we've ever met. DJ is the one who either makes, or totally breaks the party. It was thanks to our DJ that the party turned out to be so much fun. The party was at Bellezza Banquet Hall (which, by the way, is a great place with wonderful service. Loved it). My husband and I, as well as the majority of our guests were absolutely happy and satisfied with Jack's work and professionalism. I definitely recommend everyone to hire DJ Jack K.
Now I can say that I've found my DJ for all the future parties.
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Hands down, the BEST DJ I have booked.

In search of a DJ, some of the things you look for are someone who will: show up early enough to set up his equipment, do a final mic check without all the guests there, be presentably dressed for the occasion, well spoken on the mic, not to mention, who will answer his phone calls/txts/emails prior to the event.

Being a DJ that plays all the popular favorites off of a list isn't what makes a DJ good. It's knowing when to play those popular favorites, and to feel the crowd to see what music they don't really dance to, and avoid those songs. That's what's good with Jack.

I was introduced to Jack at my friends engagement. I booked him on the spot for my wedding, while he was the DJ at my friends wedding. He is one of the easiest DJs to work with. Not to mention, he literally had all of the wedding guests dancing. All of the typical post-wedding phone calls included compliments for the music.

He is definitely my one and only choice for entertainment for any other event. If there is one DJ I would refer to friends and family, Jack would be the one. Book him without any hesitation. Not only is he a "voski txa", his services are worth every dollar!
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Excellent dj

We discovered DJ Jack K at Olivia's in Burbank recently and me and my fiance have been searching for months for a DJ that we both liked. We loved the way he mixed Armenian song to Arabic to English perfectly. He is in our opinion the best DJ out there. Really nice guy and very professional. I highly recommend him to my friends and family.
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The best DJ ever

We hired Jack for our wedding, and all of our guests were satisfied with his work. I highly recommend him for any kind of event. He is the bestttttt.
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Amazing DJ!

We recently hired Jack for our engagement and we loved his work. All of our guests were satisfied and said they would be using Jack for their events as well. He has a great personality, great selection of music, professional and great over the mic.

I highly recommend Jack to all my family, friends and of course Your party won't be right if you haven't booked Dj Jack as your DJ. Thanks again Jack and were looking forward to our wedding next year :)
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Awesome DJ!

We hired DJ Jack for my graduation bash. He rocked the house!!! Everyone was asking "Who is this great DJ?" He is totally AWESOME -- great music, personable, cool, professional, good MC, great timing for events. Everything you want in a good DJ at a reasonable price. We will definitely ask him to DJ our future parties and recommend him in the highest terms. Thanks DJ Jack - you made it a great party!!!
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Perfect! Ran the show for me :)

I used DJ Jack K for my baby shower at Bellaj on 11/20/2010. I gave him a loose schedule of events, quickly explained the games, gave him an idea of the crowed and he helped keep the show going for me!!! He played very appropriate music, knew when to turn the music up, turn it down to give the crowd a break and he had great music and sound effects lined up for all the games! He did a great job mixing song to song and used current music (nothing outdated!)

I was told by several of my guests that he made the party what it was! Would definitely recommend him for anyone planning a fun/active shower or event! Thanks again Jack! :)
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