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Magnolia Village Flowers specializes in many beautiful floral arrangements for all occasions, including weddings, bridal showers, engagements, anniversaries, and birthdays. The also have a variety of holiday floral arrangements for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's day and more!


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Terrible customer service

I had a bad experience with them and I was going to let it go, that is, until I spoke with my already married friends and one of them mentioned they had the same experience as I did with MVF. I emailed them several days in advance to schedule a consultation. Everything was fine and dandy; I was getting responses to my emails fairly quickly. The day of my appointment, I emailed them to confirm the appointment. They responded to me at 12:30pm stating they'll see me that afternoon. I drove nearly 30 miles to get there to be told that the florist isn't there and is "sick". I told them I'd confirmed the appointment 4 hours ago and it would've been nice if I didn't have to drive all the way to their shop for no reason. I get it; people get sick and there's nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is failing to communicate that important piece of information with the customer. The younger woman behind the counter apologized and said that the florist usually never does this. Or does she? As mentioned above, I spoke to my friends a few days later about my experience and one of my married friends said this florist did the same thing to her when she was planning her wedding, too! I guess the florist had admitted to forgetting her consultation appointment. Moral of the story: This place seems to do a good job making floral arrangements but good luck with dealing with their unprofessional staff.
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I received my Valentine's Day arrangements from Magnolia Flowers - OMG they are amazing at what they do. It was my first time seeing their work and I fell in love. I am a very picky person and I just loved what they did on time and beautiful. Already almost a month has passed and I still have my flowers - amazing job!
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Magnolia Village Flowers make amazing flower arrangements! My flowers looked gorgeous at my wedding on 5/17/14. And everyone was commenting on it! They are very professional and great to work with. Very talented Team.
We thank you for making our wedding look so beautiful, classy, and amazing!
~Arbi and Anoush
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Amazing Flowers

Helen and Verjik took such great care of me on my wedding day.
I had the most beautiful centerpieces ever seen. Every detail was done perfectly as asked and most importantly on time. My bridal bouquet stayed intact all day. I definitely recommend them to any future bride. Thank you Ladies for making the best day of my life that much better.
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The most beautiful elegant place for your flowers!

I got all my wedding flower arrangements from here and I couldn't have been happier they are so classy and so elegant with everything that they are doing I couldn't have made a better choice... I am grateful for the amazing work they have done for us.. My flowers were orchids and they made the most Beautiful centerpieces... I highly recommend everyone to go there I promise you they will treat you with respect and so much love.... Thank you so Much Magnolias Village Flowers!! Looking forward seeing you in the future!!!
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Traditional Meets Contemporary


I had the pleasure of seeing the work of Magnolia Village Flowers as they decorated my brother's wedding and the word that would describe the work that they had done is AWESOME. The staff is very professional as well as very lenient on the orders provided by the customers; however, they have their own special touch that they always add to the designs and decorations. From the beginning of the day, the flower decorations at the groom's house were amazing, and to continue on with the Bride's house, the bouquet was chic and amazing, including the bridesmaids' as well. The flowers stayed fresh throughout the whole time, were of amazing decorations, especially coming to the centerpieces. The centerpieces were so much of success that it went on to being placed in a commercial for the banquet hall that we did my brother's wedding at. To conclude the review, their work is simply unique, dealing both with weddings, as well as other occasions, even personal, and their efforts put into each occasion is as if its their own, making sure everything is perfected and done to the maximum standard. You should definitely go forth with choosing them as your vendor, because they will ROCK YOUR WEDDING WITH AMAZING CENTERPIECES AND FLOWERS.

Many more occasions to come with Magnolia Village Flowers. 5 STARS
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Gorgeous Flowers!

Mary did both my Bridal shower and wedding day flowers and people took sooooo many pictures of the centerpieces because it looked gorgeous. My bridal shower flowers were very unique and made the decor of the hall. My wedding day flowers were gorgeous, fresh and everything I wanted and more. Magnolia Flowers is a great flower shop for big events and highly recommended!
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Very unhappy with Magnolia Village

With all the vendors I used between my koskap, engagement, and wedding, Magnolia Village is the one I regret. The service I received was horrible. If I could go back in time, I would go with another vendor. There are specific situations that I recall that made me very upset. For example, during my final contract review session, the florist was yelling at me for making a suggestion. Or on the day of my wedding, when I was giving the groomsmen their flowers, I noticed she replaced the flowers of my choice (which matched with my bridesmaid's flowers and was stated on my contract) with white roses. She also didn't give me a smaller bridal bouquet that I had ordered and paid for. All in all, I was very unhappy with the service I received and would not recommend Magnolia Village to anyone. Brides-to-be, save yourself the headache and go with another florist!
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Beautiful work

I used Magnolia Village Flowers for my Bridal Shower and my wedding, and I couldn't have picked a better florist! I worked personally with Verjik, and she was amazing! I described what I wanted and she turned my dream into reality! My wedding so so spectacular and they are to thank..From the centerpieces, to the little touches, to my incredible bouquet, Verjik did an amazing job! I would highly recommend Magnolia Village for any occasion! Thank you, Verjik, for making my vision come true!!
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Modern Event / Annie Aslanian

I would highly recommend Magnolia Village Flowers "Fiore Custom Flower Design" for that extra personalized touch for your next special occasion. Magnolia Village Flower Helena & Verzhik, owner and artist, has an unusual flair for interpreting in design just what you want to express. I rate this multi-faceted floral studio as #1. You will be as delighted with the results as I am with there services.
Annie Aslanian Modern Event
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Fantastic in Every Way

Magnolia Flowers and the 2 sisters are the place YOU want when it comes to flowers! Their work is unique and exceptionally classy. They are the 2 most pleasant people to work with. Their prices are reasonable and they are always willing to work with your budget. This is a place where you would be happy and proud to recommend to anyone!!!! I love them!!!

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