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Petals LA is the premier design studio in the Los Angeles area, bringing cutting edge creativity & opulence to special event design. Established in 2008 by principal creative powerhouse Saco Sarkissian, Petals LA is consistently pushing the boundaries of lavish event design, with a keen sense of modern glamour and traditional elegance.


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PetalsLA is fabulous

PetalsLA where do I start... the most beautiful, fresh, exotic, flower arrangements I've ever seen, touched and smelled. Thank you guys for making an amazing garden of paradise for our most memorable day. I can't even imagine that without you, neither do we want too.... Thanks! KellyKay
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Simply Stunning

We discovered Petals LA after seeing their floral display at a baby shower that was being held at the same location as my bridal shower. My mom immediately grabbed their business card and gave Saco a call to arrange an appointment (yes, we found our florist 6 weeks before the wedding....I know, yikes!). Now I will admit I am not too knowledgeable when it comes to flowers (what's in season, price differences, etc) but I knew I wanted classic elegance and Saco knew exactly what to do. Even though I had such a short time frame, Saco was very patient. He was not pushy at all! He delivered top notch displays, from the bouquets to the centerpieces to the table displays, everything was absolutely perfect. We received so many compliments on how beautiful the floral displays were, and it was so lively. We had orchids shooting out of the centerpieces like fireworks. The colors were so bright, with white and peach blends. And I wanted bling in my bouquet, and he added just the perfect touch. I cannot thank Saco and the rest Petals LA enough for being extremely professional and delivering such high quality floral arrangements. I am so glad we picked Petals LA for our wedding.
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The Best Florists!!!

All I did was go in and present the theme (French Royalty) and the colors (Silver and mint green, which Artin later made me realize it's a Tiffany's blue LOL) for our Boys Baptism. What I got on the day of the Baptism was something out of this world. I really thought a silver crown on white arrangements maybe wasn't a good idea, but the way they arranged the different shades of white and ivory and added some silver detail, made it look so perfect! I also want to add that I did shop around, and their prices were the most reasonable. They even gave us complementary small arrangements for our dessert table and a beautiful money box that perfectly matched our theme. And most importantly, Saco and Artin are always so welcoming and friendly. Thank you!
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I had the pleasure of working with Artin to coordinate the flowers for my July wedding. He is so sweet and humble. I love that he wasn't trying to sell me extra things to add on my wedding day. I told him my budget and he showed me what I can get. It was more than I imagined. The hall, the church and my house looked beautiful. It was so easy working with him, he went with what I asked. And I didn't ask for to much I totally trust his judgement on things. I let him decide what to do, I just love baby's breath and asked to incorporate that in my flowers.

I later went to them for my brother's wedding. Once again he left us all speechless with the morning baskets he created. It was something I hadn\\'t seen before. I highly recommend Petals LA for stunning arrangement\\'s and easy communication. Thank you Artin & Sako.
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Absolutely Breath Taking!!!!

There isn't enough I can say about Saco & his team at Petals LA! They just recently did our flowers at our wedding and I was left speechless. Incredible, the most beautiful flowers I have seen in my life. I truly felt as if I was in a fairy tale! Saco made the most important day of our lives even that much more special. He created a dream like space for us & our guests to have a magical time. It was breath taking & everyone was amazed, especially me and my husband. We will do all of our future events with Petals LA!! Thank you for such an awesome experience!
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Saco and Artin are geniuses of their trade. They did the floral arrangements for my wedding and I was amazed to see what breathtaking arrangements were created. From my bridal bouquet, to the church decorations, and the grand arrangements that were made throughout the banquet hall everything was perfect! As if I was looking at a bridal magazine but, it was actually my wedding!

This dynamic duo and their team did a fantastic job of making our wedding into a fairytale wedding. They were so professional throughout the meetings leading up to the wedding, on the day of the wedding were amazing on their timing of dropping off the flowers to the venues, and all I had to tell them was the color scheme I was working for and I got a masterpiece of gorgeous arrangements!!

I would recommend Petals LA to anyone that wants amazing flowers for their wedding or any event for that matter!!

You guys are amazing Saco and Artin! Thank you for everything!!!

Azad & Cristale
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Breathtaking floral designs....

We are an event planning company and we have worked with Saco and Artin at Petals LA for several events. Honestly their work is just divine! They always use the freshest flowers and their arrangements have a certain "je ne sais quoi" that pleases the eye! In addition, their work ethic is unparalleled! We look forward to planning many more events with them!!!
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Fairytale Wedding!

I don't even know where to begin! I feel blessed to have hired Petals LA as our florist for our June 2012 Wedding. Artin is so talented and so detailed that being as picky as I am, I couldn't find anything to complain about lol! They are great! When I walked in to our hall it looked breathtaking! I couldn't stop being amazed by the beauty of their work! Thank you PetalsLA and more importantly thank you Artin!!!!
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Incredible floral design!

One look at any of Petals LA's arrangements and you will recognize incredible floral design. I was lucky to have hired Petals LA for my June 2011 bridal shower and September 2011 wedding. From my initial consult, it was evident I was dealing with very experienced and talented designers. Saco and Artin strove to come up with novel ideas for my florals and they even assisted with event design for both events. Weeks after our wedding, we received one consistent compliment which was that our flowers were absolutely gorgeous. Now, Petals LA is my family's go-to florist!
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Pure Elegance!

Petals LA was our florist for our wedding day! From each table design to bridal party flowers, everything was made with care and elegance. Saco has a unique design that sets him apart from the rest of the florists. It was so wonderful to have them be apart of our special day. I will definitely use Petals LA for all my future events!
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Petals LA made the vision we had for our wedding day become reality. Saco and Artin brought to life what we had always dreamed of for our wedding day.

During the initial consultation they sat with us and carefully listened to our ideas. They were very passionate and eager to share ideas and create a beautiful wedding for us. Our sample arrangements were gorgeous but they managed to go above and beyond for our wedding day. My wedding bouquet was stunning, the church was classy and chic and the floral arrangements at the reception took my breath away. I was very impressed and speechless. Petals LA created the classy modern wedding I had always wanted. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful wedding day.

We had a trust with Saco and Artin that I had never built working with anyone before. Their passion and motivation made me feel at ease on the most important day of my life. This quality is very rare to find nowadays, and for this reason I will always go to Petals LA for my special occasions. I highly recommend Petals LA to any bride and groom. Thank you Petals LA for creating my dream wedding!
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My wedding flowers were gorgeous--all thanks to Petals LA. I could not be happier with their work. I had a great experience with Saco, he was so friendly and knowledgeable about everything. From the initial consultation, to the sample, everything was great. He really listened to what I wanted and made it happen. Our wedding was absolutely beautiful! If I ever need flowers for another event, I'm definitely going to Petals LA!
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Petals LA did all my flowers for my wedding and they did such an amazing job. I was so happy with every thing they did. They were very professional and very easy to work with. And super friendly. They listened to me carefully and took my vision and brought it to life. Even better than what I had imagined. When I walked into my banquet hall I was truly speechless. And it's been two weeks since my wedding and I still have the centerpiece the flowers are still fresh. I can not wait to work with them on my future events. Thank you Petals LA you guys are amazing.
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Petals LA did my flowers for my June 2010 wedding; Saco and Artin went above and beyond my expectations for my dream wedding. Their team was so helpful and accommodating, they even helped me put together the rest of my theme. They made the most beautiful centerpieces I have ever seen, and the sweetheart table was truly a work of art. Petals LA listened to everything I wanted for my big day, and did an amazing job executing each detail. I couldn't have dreamed of a more beautiful wedding.
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Beautiful florals and talented design work

Hiring Petals LA to do the floral and design work for my wedding was one of the best decisions I made. They did such an amazing job with all the flowers at our wedding. The centerpieces were lush, the bouquets were gorgeous, and our sweetheart table looked both beautiful and romantic. We received so many compliments about the flowers after the wedding.
Additionally, it was so easy to work with Saco and Artin. The whole process was simple and seamless. I was pretty specific about certain design elements and they nailed those. And, there were certain things I couldn't decide on such as the bridesmaids bouquets so I gave them an idea of the look and coloring, but really left it up to them and they really did impress me on the wedding day. Petals LA was a joy to work with throughout the whole process and I would highly recommend them to any bride!
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