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North Hollywood, CA 91606
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In business since 2001, we believe we are arguably one of the finest florist in town. Our clientele is sophisticated and well informed when it comes to the artistry of fine flowers, and that is why they come to us. We are constantly striving to find the freshest, best and newest varieties of flowers available anywhere in the world. At anytime, you can walk into The Secret Garden and choose from a breathtaking array of colorful, fragrant blooms. The displays are always brimming with an assortment of stunning tropical and many seasonal flowers too numerous to mention.. Our selection is so diverse, each day is a new and exciting floral extravaganza. Our specialty at The Secret Garden is custom design work. Each client or customer has distinct and different preferences, tastes and needs. We strive to create arrangements that reflect the desires of each individual. If it is a wedding, party, anniversary, birthday, hospital, funeral or just everyday, our strength is designing just the perfect artistic arrangement for each special occasion. Centerpieces, wreaths and swags are all made here, and if you don't see what you need, we will custom design it for you. We are proud to offer a commitment and guarantee to our customers' total satisfaction. Our bridal work keeps us very busy. Many of our brides come by referrals from previous happy brides, which is a great compliment to us. We encourage you to give The Secret Garden a call to set up an appointment for your personal wedding or event consultation.


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Great Customer Service and Price

A Definite Yes! I chose them to do my wedding centerpieces and I wouldn't change it for the world. These people are great. My mother in law and I went to check out this place and fell in love. Its clean, beautiful and flowers are just too gorgeous to not fall in love. There was no way I was going to walk out empty handed. Their price range is even awesome. Everyone loved my wedding centerpieces, my friends were even fighting on who's going to take them home lol even my head table looked sooo beautiful...So I totally recommend them I miss my wedding day :)
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Wonderful & Glamerous

I had an amazing experience with this flower shop. They did my Finace's birthday party centerpieces and they were BEAUTIFUL! The main table was decorated in a way that I had never seen before. I mean you want it classy they give you classy, you want it modern they make sure they give you modern. She promised me the world and GAVE ME THE WORLD. Gohar was VERY nice, sweet, out-going lady who was just soo wonderful. She helped me a lot and even her prices were decent!! =) I loved her and I loved their work. I would definitely recommend her. They have a taste in flowers that no one ever will. They were just made so beautifully. I am amazed and so was everyone else at the party. I was very happy with their work and even in the video you can absolutely see how truly out-standing they are. She has passion for her flowers and work. That makes a huge difference. Thank you Gohar!!
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