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Bella Nella Bride is an upscale multidimensional salon and spa built just for the bride and her bridal party.  Our unique ability to provide both on site and in salon hair and make up services makes us the "Only Bridal Salon and Spa in Los Angeles." With two convenient locations in Beverly Hills and Glendale, along with on site teams available for any special occasion, perfect beauty is never out of reach!

Your wedding day is "mission critical" for us, we leave nothing to chance. This is what the Bella Nella brand is all about, exceeding expectations one client at a time!


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Love my hairstylist!

So when it comes to my hair my expectations are high. I finally met my match when I walked into Bella Nella's Salon- her expectations were even higher than mine.

I am a Bella Nella Bride and a lifetime fan! I leave the salon feeling like a million dollars and Bella\\'s positive energy makes me shine!

If you are looking for a true master in hair with a personal touch- Bella Nella Salon is the perfect choice for you!
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The Best!!!

Bella and Nella are simply amazing. From the moment I walked through the door Bella helped calm my nerves, it was like she could read my mind and knew exactly what I wanted. Nella's makeup is the best she is so detailed and made sure it was exactly how I wanted it. Thank you soooo much Bella Nella you guys are magic!!
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Worst Wedding Hairdresser and Makeup

I REGRET booking Bella Nella Bridal for my wedding day. I was very disappointed with my hair and makeup and so were my bridesmaids and my mom. I went in for a "trial" before my wedding day and it basically consisted of Bella having me wait around for her for 45 minutes and spending 2 minutes telling me "we'll decide how to do your hair on your wedding day", which basically meant that I didn't have a trial, that I paid for! Fast forward to my wedding day, and my bridesmaids are crying because their hair fell apart and their makeup is badly done, and me not feeling my best, when its supposed to be the day that you feel most beautiful. I wouldn't recommend this salon to anyone, especially not for their wedding day!
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Truly Amazing!!!

Bella & Nella are artists. I had such an amazing experience the day of my wedding. They make ever bride feel so special and so relaxed. Everyone at my wedding was raving about my hair and makeup. Girls, if you're getting married, don't even think about going anywhere else. Head straight to the Bella Nella Salon cause they'll make you look gorgeous for your special day. They exceeded my expectations and i\\'m confident they will exceed yours too. Bella & Nella, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing!!!
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I wont recommend them even to my enemies

I won't recommend them even to my enemiesss, the worst mistake I have ever made was booking my hair and make up with Bella Nella for my wedding day. I was lucky that my mom's friend came to my wedding and, before I got to the hall she redo my hair and touched up my make up. I have no idea what was the point of spending that much money for my hair and make up when I had to someone else to do my hair and make up again.
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Great Experience!!!

Thank you so much Janya and Helene Chung for doing such an amazing job on my hair and make-up... I loved working with you guys during the trial and on my wedding day. You made me feel super special =) A big thank you to Bella for coloring my hair and helping me with my accessories. You all are such professionals!!! THANK YOU!!
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Never going back!

First thing Nella Bella want you to do is sign a contract ensuring you will NOT get your money back and all services are pre-paid. Their first priority is not guaranteeing customer satisfaction but getting paid.

I made my appointment at 5:30am and they ensured me that I was their first appointment. I went in the day of my event to find 2 people ahead of me. I waited over an hour and they finally started my make-up. Then I waited another hour and they took me to another room where one of the assistants started curling my hair...really small curls. I asked them to stop and told them my hair style is not supposed to be curly but they would not listen. My appointment was with the BN Artist, the red hair lady, who does not know how to style hair and has a really bad attitude! I went in with 4 pictures of the style I wanted and left the salon looking like a sheep. Every hair style with Nella Bella starts with curls. In the entire salon, including all customers with BN Artist and Nella Bella combined and the staff there was about a total of 30 people... it was total chaos. They clearly overbooked and did not have things under control. As if there wasn't enough people, one of the brides brought her photographer to take pics of her while she's getting her make-up done. Another bride was getting her consultation, she came with her mom, grandma, and 3 of her cousins and I did not even include them in the 30 people. Nella Bella managed to talk so LOUD that you think you are going to go deaf. It was not an enjoyable and relaxing experience being at the salon. It was stressful.

They lied about giving me the first appointment, they overbooked, they overcharge, they make you wait for hours 4-5 hours to get your hair and make up done and I was late to my event, the red haired BN Artist is extremely rude and does not know how to style hair after providing 4 pics.

They overbook just to make more money, and don't care about you as a customer. I did not get the hair and make-up I paid for and I got horrible service. Waste of my time and money, I want a refund. I will NEVER go back.
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People wake up

This place is a practical joke and I tend to believe that the 5 stars ratings are not real. Here is my experience from this place. I was with a small group for my cousin's wedding. Well she was the bride so she went a head to get her so called "special treatment". Once we arrived we were given the most dirtiest towels to wear to protect our clothing (seriously what a big deal for the money you pay)!!! Next, without having any clue who would have taken care of my hair, I was taken to sit under one of those huge hair dryers with hair rollers on which as a result they burned the hell out of my hair. Next one of those ladies who was in charge of hair styling started to work on my hair. So as she works on my hair I was witness to see how they're working on another bride! I looked at her face then at her hair and I couldn't help myself but to bursts into laugh. Have you ever seen one of those huge Teflon cookwares, that was her big day "hair style". Unfortunately I was about to be another victim of this ridiculous place. So, I'm asking for a style which was depicted in one of the magazine I ended up having the most hugest hair style on top of my head. Being of course a nice customer, I told the lady that my head looks a huge pumpkin and please do something with it...this is not only me, and I've noticed these people don't care about what the customer asks! Have I mentioned about their air-brushed make up. There is this Asian lady who does their make up. Gosh she just sprays and I don't even know what to say about her eye make up. In the end the crew is asking for our pictures for their so called website. To be honest there were at least about 10 people over there who were as unhappy as I was and I was just wondering how on earth they've become so famous!!! Just do yourself a favor and don't waste your money.
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Great Service

I had a really good time at the salone the morning of my wedding.
The staff was very friendly, polite, and nice.
I had an idea how I'd liked my hair and they did a great job at it, just as I had pictured it. I got tons and tons of compliments because it was a unique simple due, not the typical every bride look.
The make up was well done, not caked, not over excessive as I've seen before, & the eye makeup looked gorgeous... I did purchase the lipgloss as it was a wonderful shade. I'm glad that I still looked like myself afterwards!
At first I was a little concerned because I had to wait about 1 hour before everyone got there, (I was on time for my appointment) but they had me ready right on time as I had requested.
The consultation day (I had to go around 3 months before as I am not from the area...) was very short (maybe 5 minutes?) and I found it somewhat unnecessary because I was able to explain what I wanted the day of the wedding.
I gave the overall rating a 5 because they all made me feel comfortable and provided a great service.

Bottom line is I felt beautiful, I was super-HAPPY and I thouroughly enjoyed every moment of my special day from morning to the late hours of the night!
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Best Yet

I got married Summer of 2010 and Bella made me look like a dream Bride and had breathtaking results. She consistently exceeded my expectations! I recommend her to every lady that wants to look like a Queen on her wedding day!
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This place is a joke

WOW, really? This place is a joke. I went to Bella Nella for my wedding. I was really exited since all I have been hearing from people is how unique they are, how stylish they are, how wonderful they are. On my consultation day, Bella or Nella, not sure which one (the one with the red permed hair) spent probably, oh I would say, 10 minutes on me. I had brought a bunch of pictures of hair styles that I was interested in and did my make up the way I would have like for them to do it on my wedding day just to give them an idea. If this is a "consultation" shouldn't they spend AT LEAST 30 minutes if not more practicing hair and makeup? This is after all the brides most important and special day of her life and you don't want any suprises on the day of the event. On the day of my wedding, I had to wait an hour before anyone started on my hair. Finally, I sat on the chair and one of the assistants, sleepy as ever (and I mean sleepy, she yawned 17 times, yes I was counting, and it was annoying the heck out of me)started to curl my hair. Then after the curl, Bella or Nella (the one who does hair) spent 25 minutes styling my hair. Wow, when I saw the end result, I thought I was in a nightmare and I was about to wake up and my hair was not going to be so herendous. She made my hair look like the typical bella hair that you see on so many of her brides but a million times worse. Nothing special, just typical, boring and DID NOT MATCH ME. If your dress is fancy and has a lot going on, how can you make your makeup, jewelry, hair piece and hair too much? Everything ends up competing with eachother. If something on the bride is really stand outish than the other things need to be toned down or vice versa. My make up, not that bad, but I know I could've done it better. Again, nothing special. She did however do something that would be called a fashion emergency if I did not go home and wipe. She made my lip liner dark and my inside lipstick/gloss light. WTF? This is not the 80's. And every fashion magazine, every style channel, the Oscars, the Emmy's, you will never see 1 model, actress with that kind of lip color on their lips. I could've looked better on my wedding day, but I did not feel beautiful. I just kept worrying about my hair. It's your choice if you choose to go here but I would definitely not recommend. 2 thumbs down!!!
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Don't Recommend Them!

Bella Nella just lost their touch. They overbook their brides and make you run late for your big day. I don't think there's an excuse for making you late for your event when your appointment was booked 6 months in advance and you're booked for 7:00 a.m.

Sorry Nella Bella, but your guys need to treat your brides special and not overbook your appointments.

Another change you guys need to make is up your game a little on your hairstyles. Their "assistant" stylist did a horrible job with my hair and on top of it all, made my hair and makeup experience 4 hours long.

I will never go back to them again and don't recommend anyone else goes unless you don't mind long waits and mediocre hairstyles.
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There Is No Better!!!

I was so nervous about getting my hair/makeup done at Bella Nella because I had never used them before but after my consultation I couldn't wait for them to do my hair/makeup for my big day! The were so professional, caring, and talented. I knew that I was in good hands. For my wedding day my hair and makeup was simply FABULOUS!!! I got sooooo many compliments. I am so thankful to Bella, Nella, and their staff. They are worth every penny and more!!!
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Best Bridal Experience

From day one I was completely clueless about my hairstyle for my wedding. I felt like nothing was going to complement me because I never put my hair up,and my dress was designed in a way that it was a shame to cover it up with all my hair if i left it down. Well my worries were subsided when I went in for my consult with Bella. She took a look at a picture of my dress and saw the length of my hair and said we have to give u a very romantic exotic look. I took a breath and left my hair in her hands,and in less than 2 minutes she concocked this awesome style. She calls it the Marie Antoinette look. I loved it and my anxiety completely vanished. I immediately went to buy a gorgeous side piece,and a net instead of a veil and she created a princess on my wedding day. I felt so beautiful, and everyone love it. It was what I wanted but couldnt explain to others, but Bella got it instantly. I am so happy I chose Bella Nella Bride as the salon for my special day. I dont want to forget about my makeup by Nella, which complemented my hair so beautifully. It was tastefull and not over done with airbrushing. I didnt feel like I had 40 pounds of caked on makeup. I loved my experience at Bellas,and I highly recommend them to all potential brides who are as nervous as I was. A bit pricey but worth it, hey its your big day, and it will last a lifetime with all the pictures and video, so you want to rest assured you get what you paid for right? I would choose them again for other huge occasion. Highly recommended. Thanks a million Bella and Nella!!!!!!! Tina
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Professional Work Without a Doubt

My bridal party and I were extremely satisfied with Bella/Nella Bridal. The BN artist are just as talented. I am glad I hired Bella Nella bridal for my special day. I was getting compliments all day on my wedding. My makeup wasnt overdone at all!! We were pampered the whole time. My hair was exactly what I wanted. This salon knows how to treat brides extra special on their special day I am glad we chose B/N.
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Wouldnt send my worst enemy here

If this thing would allow me to rate this place a zero, I would. If you do not work on sunday, then I suggest you close. I do not feel it is fair to anyone to be subjected to your "sunday wedding" stylists. The hair lady made the back of my hair look absolutely fake, and ridiculous. Just because someone is a bride does not mean they have to look too overdone, and if you are going to do overdone, than at least try to be a little bit more elegant with it. The Lady folded an entire package of extensions 5 times and sewed it to the back of my head. It was absolutely hideous. This place is not worth the hype or the time. I feel like I threw my money down the toilet. They spend so much time having you sign a stupid contract, why don't you guys take that time and watch what your assistants do to people during the trial. This place is a joke.
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Best choice without a doubt

They do great hair & make up that lasts all night...our whole bridal party was satisfied...Even the BN artists were amazing.
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Horrible customer service!!!

I ended up not booking an appointment for my wedding day because of a terrible customer service I got from one of the employees. The whole time that I was there to talk about some prices and options she was looking at her computer and not paying attention to what I was saying. She was very rude and she thought there is no other salon that I can go to in the whole city. They not only lost my business but also lost the business of 3 other bride-to-be's because they were with me in the salon. I will not go back there and won't recommend anyone else to go until they improve their service skills!!!
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Great Hair and Makeup

It was my first time getting my hair and makeup done, I really loved my hair and makeup. Whatever was done during the consultation, was what I wanted, and the wedding day it was even better, my makeup was great, and my hair was the look I was going for. They truly know what they are doing.
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So far from what we expected

For my sister's engagement party, we both had our hair and makeup done at Bella Nella. Horrible service. When we went there for a consultation, we were informed by the receptionist that we needed to book an appointment before we could have a consultation. Isn't the point of a consultation to decide if the salon can give you what you want? Either way, we booked only for my sister. Spent 218 on extensions and 300 on appointment. "Consultation" lasted 2 minutes while we stood at front desk because she was tending to an apparently more important customer who was a relative of some sort. My hairstylist canceled last minute, and they were really nice to book me the morning of the engagement. I asked for wavy hair: I looked like a cross between King Louis and Annie. My sister's extensions showed and they were so long it looked like a horse's mane. Makeup was however amazing. It was done by one of their artists named Heleen. Went home, I cut 3 inches off my sister's extensions and hid the sewn part with bobby pins. I watered my hair down and brushed through it to open the curls. Didn't charge me the 180 + 30 (for Sunday) but instead 250. Where they came up with this rule is beyond me. At the end of the day, me and my sister looked fabulous at the party and Bella and Nella got their money! It really sucks to come home and have to spend an hour doing your own hair after spending so much money. Save yourself the time, money, and disappointment.
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Felt like a queen

It was my first time getting my hair and make up done at Bella Nella, for my wedding. However, I had seen enough of their work with my friends and family that I trusted their work without reservations. My instincts were right. They both did such a wonderful job on my hair and make up. I felt like a queen! Bella helped me pick my hair piece which was exactly what I had in mind when I described it to her. They are friendly and caring with their brides. My hair and make up stayed on me since 9 AM that morning until I took them off at 4 AM the next morning! They are a bit pricey but it is your special day and a few hundred dollars in addition to thousands spent for a wedding becomes a non-issue.
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You guys made me beautiful with your magic hands. Thank you so much. Can't wait to see my pictures. Thank you for such a great job.
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The Besssttt

My wedding hair and makeup were unforgettable. It was sooo gorgeous that I didn't want to take it apart or wash my makeup off. It lasted all night long. My tiara was the best. Bella helped me picked out one from her collection. It was hand make and a very unique piece. I looked everywhere but didn't find anything that I loved. Thanks to Bella Nella Bride. They are awesome. All brides should go to Bella Nella if they want to look stunning for their big day. I don't know how to explain what a wonderful place it was. The facial and massage was the best before my wedding. I was so relaxed and calm. Bella Nella is the most BESTTTTT salons every. Make sure you reserve your wedding date with BELLA NELLA BRIDE! You WONT regret it.
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I LOOOVEEED my hair and make up

you guys made me look like a queen. thank you so much. my husband was speechless. will come back again for other occasion. thank you again sooooo much.

Anna S.
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For my wedding, Bella designed my French Veil, and my hair piece to match my couture wedding dress. She met with me on numerous consultations to meet my every need and idea. She did a wonderful job on it. Everyone loved it. My entire bridal party including my mom, we all went to Bella Nella Salon for our hair and make-up. Nella did an amazing job on my make up. She is wonderful. Mariam at the front desk is awesome! Always remember that they have been very Original, Unique, and ahead of Time. Everyone else is a follower. I love Bella Nella Salon. You must go there for your every occasion. I LOVE YOU GUYS! I smiled throughout my wedding, I was the happiest bride ever!
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