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Duke¹s relentless pursuit to capture the best photos from your wedding day along with his friendly personality, discreet presence, and quick thinking, makes him the perfect choice. He will leave your day capturing an abundance of glamorous, photo journalistic, and long lasting memories.

Duke views each wedding as a fresh and new assignment, thus he strives to capture images that are unique to your wedding and not some cookie cutter regimen. His use of additional lighting combined with a keen eye to scout out the best locations are essential to his original style in wedding photography.



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If you cannot tell from Duke's work (check out his website and blog), he is a photography genius. The photos of my wedding day were the MOST important thing to me. I did not hire a videographer because I wanted to go all out on my photographs. Pictures will be viewed and shared again and again. I searched A LOT before I finally found Duke. Once I found him I was hoping that he was not booked on my date because I did not want anyone else! I did not want your typical snapshots - thousands of pictures staring into the camera with the same expressions. I wanted pictures that evoked feeling. Duke creates a lot of emotion with his lighting techniques and locations. He turns a dirty street into a piece of art or an alleyway into a romantic backdrop. He can make anyone look like a vintage movie star or a glamorous red carpet couple. He is very good at giving directives on how to position yourself and where to look, etc. This is super important to me, because if it is left up to me, well it probably won't turn out so great! He is very thorough and super easy to work with. Our engagement pictures are incredible. He even powered through our wedding day with a hurt ankle. That is dedication. And of course, our wedding photos are fantastic! I have so many favorites. You will not regret having Duke's gorgeous photos to look at and treasure for years to come.
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Duke is an amazing photographer. He shot our engagement photos and we booked him for our wedding and we are so excited! Our engagement shots came out so wonderfully! He is so passionate about what he does and it really shows in his pictures!
Posted By: | Oct 12th, 2010 | View all my reviews
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The Best!!

I booked Duke for my wedding and he has done many weddings that I have attended! I got his info from Jobyna's Bridal by Ines Di Santo because his images are displayed throughout the store. Simply the best...take a look at his blog-love his work!
Posted By: | Jul 28th, 2010 | View all my reviews
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