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Established in 1981, Golden Picture has serviced the community for over 25 years. We are the most professional staff using the state of the art equipment, resulting in the highest customer satisfaction rate. We also offer full High Definition (HD) video packages for your special event.


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Stay Far Away

Stay far far away from this company. I'm going to TRY and keep this semi short and to the point because if I really started to go into detail unfortunately the laundry list of problems would be a couple of pages. I have never in my life been treated like the way I was for a recent event of mine of which Golden Pictures photographed and shot. Once they got their cash in advance of the event it went downhill from there. On the day of the event I didn't notice much because naturally it's my event and I'm not trying to micromanage "professionals" which I've hired. The first sign was when I received the digitals of my photos to choose from for an album. I was in absolute shock at the quality of the photos as it looked like my ten year old cousin took them. Lighting, focus, alignment all off. Not to mention no pictures with family members at all. After multiple attempts to express my concern via emails etc not one apology not even an acknowledgment of emails. Then I started to ask for the video of which they gave me the run around and then finally when it was time for them to hand it over to me I was presented with one single DVD with no labels etc. I had a ton of family over for a viewing party the day I received it and as I put it in the player there was no footage. In fact they had handed me a blank DVD. After multiple attempts to get my DVD and a complete disregard to how they lied to me, they finally handed me the DVD to screen. I was in absolute shock. The first 2 hours of my video and the most important part of my event was all shot blurry. When I approached them with this they simply told me that its a lighting issue with the hall and that I should have requested for 2 cameras and known better. After multiple professionals took a look at the footage it was confirmed that it was the mistake and problem of the videographer etc. I sent back edits of which they returned to me after I had to chase them. Only to find that again there were misspellings on the opening sequence titles and all of my edits were not made. I sent multiple emails and have gotten ZERO response for over a month now. At this point I don't ever want to speak or hear from them. The above is only a portion of the details of this horrible experience with this company. I am so saddened by the whole experience that every time someone brings up my beautiful event for my children's christening I cringe. I've literally only watched the video once and don't ever want to watch it again because it is so upsetting that this precious event of ours was ruined by such unprofessional individuals. I absolutely hate writing these types of reviews but I can not allow another family to go through such a heartache as I have with the absolute disrespect and unprofessionalism that I have been shown by this company.
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Would never used again

Our experience with this company was not good at all. Like most others they took the money up front. These guys also made many promises many of which were not kept. This was for my son's wedding photos and video. On the day of the wedding they ignored most of our requests and suggestions. This would be ok if they had the artistic eye needed to line up people properly and take good creative photos. They had some nice ones but for the most part they were average. They were also very rushed. Afterwards we waited a lot longer then originally stated to get the final product. Money was paid and pictures with them, what can you do. They even asked for a good review before we'd get the final product. Bottom line I hate leaving bad reviews but this had to be said. I would not use them again or recommend them to anyone else
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If I could rate this 0 I gladly would! I never leave reviews for anything but golden picture is so horrible, unprofessional, unorganized, and straight up liars that I created an account just to warn people NOT to book them! I unfortunately booked them for my wedding and this man (Sarmen in specific) is the laziest photographer I have ever come across! He doesn't care ladies!!! Sarmen has no attention to detail and he just genuinely doesn't care about you or your wedding and how it turns out once he gets his money expect to get ignored! I have been waiting for my wedding video for over a year now (when he said videos take up to 9 months when booking him) and every time I call him to ask how much longer it's going to take he ignores my calls or just turns off his phone I have to go out of my way and use other people's phones that he doesn't have their phone number so he doesn't recognize the number and finally picks up, and when he realizes who it is he comes up with the stupidest excuses or tells me to go pick it up and when I show up at the office he's not there or he says it still isn't ready and my favorite lie was that his copy machine was broken for 3 months! Sarmen is a knockoff version of other photographers. He lacks professionalism, motivation, and over all needs to find a new career path because photography is not his strength. When I watch videos taken of my wedding day on my friends/family's phone I realized that Sarmen wasn't even taking any pictures of the bride and groom instead he was on his phone. As for my wedding pictures I was expecting to have a lot more pictures than I actually was given and there are random pictures taken of the walls or floors by accident I'm assuming because again he doesn't care! He just tries to get a couple decent shots for Instagram so he can post it to show his followers that he's good and that's how he gets his clients because I doubt anyone whose dealt with this company would book them again. All Sarmen cares about is getting your money once you have paid him expect to be ignored. Hey Sarmen if you're reading this - give me what I paid for! I will tell as many people as I can to never trust this lying man for their special events because these moments are irreplaceable! I've came across so many family and friends that say he's horrible and will never book him again. My goal is to let as many brides know about how terrible this company is especially Sarmen so they won't have to deal with what I've had to deal with. If you're going to invest in something expensive for your wedding make sure you get a proper professional photographer who actually cares unlike Sarmen and his team of brainwashed liars.
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Unsatisfied! ????

I got married 2 years ago and unfortunately still dealing with Golden! They are very unprofessional, unreliable, and very unorganized. They do not deliver what they promise when you sign your contract, in there case contracts only work 1 way and it's only to their benefit. Started when Sarmen was 3 hours late to our preshoot and would not answer his phone, when he finally answered and showed up he took pictures real fast and just left. They don't pay attention to detail at all they do is take the pictures, I feel like it is there job to tell their customers if something is out of place! It took almost 2 years to get my videos even tho "contract" says 1 year, my video looks like a 2 year old did the editing and they did it just to do it and give it to us. I have addressed this issue with them a million times but they really don't care about there customers they kept telling me that "there is nothing they can do about it" .... of course there is nothing they can do about it they have there money already that's all they care about. Who cares if I'm not satisfied and payed so much for my WEDDING video to be perfect I guess that was to much to ask for!!! Father and son are NEVER on the same page and there is a lot of miscommunication... They will never ever admit to there wrongs and will make you feel stupid! So be careful!!!!!!!
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Loved Our Wedding Pictures

We recently got married, and we chose Golden Picture as our photo and videographer. I chose them solely on seeing other people's pictures. I fell in love with how bright all the pictures were. Honestly, Sarmen and his crew didn't seize to amaze me! I have 4 CDs of pictures and me not thinking I'm photogenic, there wasn't ONE picture I didn't like. Every picture I saw, I loved more than the one before. I couldn't believe it! I am so impressed by these guy's dedication, enthusiasm, professionalism, attentiveness and sincerity. They made us feel so important throughout the whole day! Thank you thank you thank you Golden Picture! You captured the most beautiful moments in our lives and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
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Golden Picture

We recently got married, and we chose Golden Picture as our photo and videographer; we couldn't be more satisfied with our decision. Separate from the beautiful photos Sarmen and his crew capture, their service is exceptional. Both our families were very surprised and happy with how they all went about the whole day. Each one of Golden Pictures members were very polite, fun to work with and professional. I couldn't have asked for a better photographer for my wedding, and i would recommend them to anyone, any day. Thank you Golden Picture.
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Gevo & Aida

We had an incredible and satisfying experience with golden picture!! They simply captured all the memories from our engagement. All pictures were unique and flawless! (I'm a very picky person) but Sarmen and his crew were just amazing!! Each and every picture came out phenomenal, all my guests were talking about my pre-engagement photoshoot album! They made us feel so comfortable with each and every picture! My fiancee and I courteously thank you for your dedication, professionalism, and thoughtfulness. We really appreciated your work. You guys are a class act! Can't wait for the wedding!!! Thanks a mill
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Father & Son Business

Being that I myself own a father son business, when I was looking for a photo and video, first and only place I went to was Golden Pictures. Sarmen and his father are above and beyond the competition with not only their expertise but also their price. They are fair and always overdeliver. They did everything perfectly on our special day and I saw a lot of myself in Sarmen. Thank you very much and I will recommend you to everyone I know!
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Thank You Sarmen and Golden Pictures Team

The first day when Sarmen showed me samples of the work he had done I was very impressed. By looking at his work you can see the professionalism and the passion he has for his work... I was very nervous going in for my pre-engagement photo shoot but he made to whole experience a blast. He's personality is very easy going so it helped us feel relaxed and the photo turned out better than we had expected. On our engagement day we met a part of the Golden pictures team and they were great. They made the whole experience special. They all were very friendly and did everything possible to keep us happy. I can't wait to have the pleasure to work with them again at our wedding. I can't say thank you enough for all that Sarmen and the Golden Pictures have done. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO much... Your team is the best!!! :)) Keep up the good work... --Norvan and Melinda--
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Wedding July 12, 2013

Planning a wedding from overseas was not easy, but your dependability and professionalism put our minds at ease. From the engagement photos to the wedding photos we thank you, we couldn't have asked for a better way to keep the memory of our special days alive! Golden Picture not only captured the beauty of our ceremony and reception, but they also captured the love between my husband and I. The photographer Sarmen was professional and extremely helpful. We will never be able to fully express our gratitude for the beautiful work Golden Picture completed on the day of our wedding. I personally recommend Sarmen for anyone who desires pictures that encompass meaning. My husband and I cannot express to you how grateful we are for all that you have done in helping us capture our special day. From the moment we met you, you put our minds at ease, making the huge decision of choosing a photographer a simple task. We are very impressed with your work from our engagement; to your ability to capture some of the most precious moments of our wedding. We absolutely love every single one of our pictures! Every special moment was caught on camera!
-Hovo & Ani
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Amazing work!

When they say your photographer can either make or break your wedding, they weren't kidding! We are more than satisfied from our photographer, Sarmen and his crew Golden picture. I can proudly say that Golden picture is what made our wedding day that much more amazing. Thinking about it, you spend your whole day, wedding day might I add, with someone who is going to capture your every moment on your special day..You want to spend it with someone who is sweet, positive and going to uplift your spirit and Sarmen is just the guy to do so! He works with you so you feel comfortable while still maintaining that professional relationship. All our guests were so pleased with Sarmen's wonderful attitude and of course the beautiful work that he creates! My wedding day was something I have dreamnt of my whole life, just like every other girl I'm imagining, and trust me when I say this is my best advice to you Ms. Future bride and groom, Golden Picture is your guy! I guarantee, you will not regret it. I wanted to share our wonderful experience with Sarmen and his crew so you all can know that they're people you can be sure of. We will definitely book Golden Picture for all of our future occasions! Thank you for making our special day even more special!
-Zaven and Milena
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Thanks Golden Picture =)

We recently got back from our honeymoon, and Sarmen said we can come by in a week to pick up a cd of our wedding photos. I was so excited to hear I didn't have to wait months to get a sneak peak of our photos. The quick turnaround time, the quality of Sarmen's work, and the easygoing personality of Sarmen and his team earned Golden Picture 5 stars! I can't wait to see the photo album and video in the coming months. I have no doubt both are going to be amazing. Thanks again for everything, guys!!! ~Susan
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My Wedding

Let me start off by saying Sarmen and his team made my special day EXTRA special. The professionalism of Golden Picture was phenomenal. As with any Armenian wedding, we of course, started fashionably late (not excluding me, the bride), but the men were very understanding not sparing one moment, and taking the shots necessary until we (the bridal party) were all prepared. Throughout the whole day, I was not, for one second, uncomfortable with all the shots being taken, and was extremely grateful for all the fun shots, and creative things we did with the photo/video crew. The team knew exactly what to do, at every given moment. They direct you down the T, and by the end of the night, you will feel like a professional supermodel! I highly recommend Golden Picture for your next event, with great confidence I can say, you will NOT be disappointed!
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Simply The Best

I cant find the best way to start this review, Sarmen and his crew are amazing. After searching for the perfect team my husband and I loved Sarmen's personality and work right away. He made our pre-wedding photo shoot fun and the pictures came out breath taking. Met his awesome crew on the day of the wedding and knew right away we made the best decision by picking Golden for our special day. They did such a wonderful job on the day of the wedding by capturing all the little details of our wedding. Sarmen and his crew make you feel very comfortable which is great for the pix. Sarmen Thank you so much for your hard work and cant wait to see your amazing work. YOU'RE TOTALLY GOLDEN =)~ M&A
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Excellent Photography,Sunday,January 13,2013

First and fore most I would like to thank Golden Picture Production for being part of our engagement. The pictures turned out so beautiful, we can't express how happy we were with the outcome.They were the most amazing and talented people to work with. With this said, THANK YOU SO MUCH TO Sarmen and his crew!!!!! We look forward to seeing you at the wedding.
-Karo and Gayane
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Most Amazing Photographers!

On our very special day we chose to work with Golden Picture Productions for our photo and video. I have to say they are by far the most amazing people to work with and do a phenomenal job. They are truly talented and know what they are doing. Thank you very much to all the amazing memories you captured on the day of our wedding.
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The best wedding photography!!!

I'm in love with my husband and my wedding pictures! Golden Pictures did a wonderful job and gave us pictures that we can cherish forever. Sarmen was extremely professional and he made us feel like we were born to take pictures. He captured the essence of our wedding and gave us some amazing pictures. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a photographer for any occasion. Thank you Golden Pictures!!!
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Excellent work!

I wouldn't know where to begin to thank the team at Golden Picture for the amazing work they did at our wedding! We are so happy we chose them, and at the end of the day we became good friends. Sarmen and his team were very professional and made us all feel so comfortable, the entire day was full of smiles and endless memories. Their work speaks for itself and I know I will cherish my photos forever. I highly recommend anyone choosing their photo/video to choose Golden Picture. Thank you, Vahan and Tatev
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Amazing Photography!!!!

Golden Picture did such an amazing job for our photo shoot and wedding! I can't thank them enough for making our wedding day so special and memorable. I had done a lot of research in advance to find the perfect photographer. My Uncle recommended me to check out Golden Picture's photos and I must tell you, when I saw the photos and albums, I just fell in love with them knowing that there would be no regret. Their work is very professional and the style of pictures they take is very unique and modern, unlike some other photographers who take same snapshots. My husband doesn't like taking pictures at all, but Sarmen and the crew made it so fun and enjoyable that he didn't even realize how fast time flew by. Besides putting their professional side into their work, their friendly side made it so comfortable for us to work with them from the first day we met them. I would highly recommend Golden Picture!!! Trust me you won't regret!
Thank you so sooooo much Sarmen and the crew!!!

~Andre & Selin~
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August 10 wedding- best photography/videography te

This was the best photography experience we could have ever hoped for. Sarmen and his entire team made our wedding a better and more memorable experience. On the hottest day of August they kept their cool and maintained professionalism along with making us laugh and providing more amazing photos than imaginable. My husband and I are so thankful that we were able to book them for our wedding. We felt like we were working with friends because of the friendly yet professional environment that they provided us. Our family and friends cannot stop talking about how amazing our photo/video team was. All photographers have their own style, but Golden Picture adds the class and elegance you would want for a formal event. I would recommend them to anyone for any event! By far my favorite photography and videography team. We really appreciate all of the hard work that went into providing us with our wedding photos and video. THANK YOU GOLDEN PICTURE!
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Oh Lord

I hate the way they work... they have no idea what they are doing... all they want is your money. My video came out so dark for my wedding... You can't trust them. Sad but true.
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Hands down the best team!!!

My husband and I would like to thank Sarmen, Eddie and their amazing team for their work on our wedding day. We couldn't have chosen a better team to capture our day perfectly, with photos not being my husbands favorite part of the wedding they knew exactly what to do for him to enjoy every minute of it. they made us extremely comfortable and were very professional yet friendly, we would like to thank them and can't wait to see our amazing photos and video put together... by the end of the night we developed a friendship with Sarmen that is hard to do with vendors in general. Golden Picture is the way to go!!!
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Amazing photography!

We found by chance and with that we came upon Golden Picture's website. We shopped around a bit with different vendors all from this site but based on artistic photography style and use of modern technology, we immediately booked our wedding with Golden. The staff was not only friendly but extremely fun! Every snapshot was amazing! I also love how they're all like a close knit family. It really makes you love working with them. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Sarmen and Edik and their crew for capturing your special day. You won't regret it!
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Our Wedding July 8, 2012

We found Golden Pictures from After meeting with Sarmen the first time we booked him immediately. We are very happy to choose Sarmen for our big day. Our pre wedding photoshoot pictures were amazing!!! All our guests were commenting about Sarmen how professional he was taking pictures and his crew. I would definitely recommend him to all my family and friends. Thank you Sarmen!!!
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Excellent photography

We wanted to thank Golden Picture for making our wedding experience so special. We highly recommend doing the pre wedding photo shoot. It will allow you to get to know Sarmen better and he will know your style. Sarmen was very professional and literally studied my previous photos to see what poses and angles suite me so there would be no surprises on the wedding day. He is very energetic and his crew are very nice. I am excited to see what our pictures will look like! There is no doubt in my mind that his work is unique, classy, and catered to what I wanted. Thank you!!!
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