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From high quality videos to photos that last a lifetime, Jay Jay Productions provides professional photo and video services. Their motto is "Capturing Moments That Last A Lifetime."


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Talented beyond measure!

A thousands stars wouldn't be enough for Jay. My husband and I just received our pictures exactly 1 month after we got married. We stayed up until midnight looking at all of our pictures and I don't know how I'm going to pick 100 for our album, every picture I have is more stunning than the previous one. I spent the night crying from happiness, there are no words to do these pictures justice. I couldn't imagine anyone other than Jay that could've surpassed all of our expectations! Not only were the pictures amazing, his crew was so much fun. They made our entire party feel at ease. Do yourself a favor stop looking for anyone else, trust in his talent and vision, and you won't regret it!!!
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Jay and his team are amazing

Honestly my mother in law had got Jay and his team before we even started planing for our wedding and I have to say once she told me she had got Jay Jay for the wedding I was the most happiest bride to be! We could not have asked for a better team for our big day Jay and his team made us laugh the entire time. Jay will got out of his way just to make sure he gets amazing shots. My wedding was back in April and till now I cannot pick what pictures I like best because they are all AMAZING we both loved working with Jay and his Team!
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Truly Amazing!

We couldn't have asked for a better photographer than Jay Jay! We were so excited to have him capture our wedding day and of course he surpassed our expectations and then some! Jay Jay Productions and his team are truly the BEST! He is truly a visionary and a true talent! His work speaks for itself.

Thank you so much Jay!

Alen and Anahit
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Read it, Imagine it, Hire Jay Jay!

I've worked with Jay as a wedding planner and bridal gown designer on several events. Always ends with my clients happy, and Jay on completion with another journey into the start of a marriage. His dedication, talent, passion and devotion to photography is the reason I approached him above any and all photographers that I have worked with, to join me in my most fascinating journey - my wedding ceremony in Armenia.

My husband and I both share the same love and passion for our country Armenia as Jay does. We booked Jay to fly out to Yerevan with us, to capture unbelievable memories that to this moment have our friends, families, and colleagues in the bridal industry talking. As cliche as it sounds, on my wedding day, I felt like the most beautiful bride ever. I'm not one to share what I have or to brag about myself, but my photos are so completely out of this world that I cannot do anything but share with everyone. In my couture gown and veil, at the ancient church of Saint Hripsime, I walked down the aisle to the man of my dreams, my best friend, my companion, and Jay was there to capture these breathtaking moments. We toured Armenia to some of the most historical places, where every step you take shouts a story. Jay can show you these photos and tell you these stories. From Ejmiadzin to Zvartnots, Khor Virap to Garni Geghard, not to mention covering all grounds in Yerevan, we had such a fun time with Jay, and his assistant Steve. We shared our love and laughter, from romantic moments to just good old fashion fun, eating fruits from a local field, the fun just wouldn't end. I wake up every day upset to be away from my country, dreaming of when I can go back. My wedding day felt like a dream, as if it were too good to be true. But then Jay shared my photos, and it all came back to me. My photo's bring tears to my eyes, and I can only imagine for the years to come. It's one thing to have a good photographer, but it's truly another when your photographer has a passion for what he does, where and who he does it with. I knew I made the right choice in asking Jay to come on this journey with my husband and I. I can only say so much, but to ask you to imagine this:

A photo of a bride, showered in lace, wings spread out into the blue sky, clouds of white diverting from the ruin of what once was God's home, I am pure, I am God's child, bring me home into my roots, what once was will once be again, I am a bride of Armenia and God......if you can imagine this you have passion and skill. It took passion and skill to capture this moment....this moment was captured and could only be captured by the one and only Jay Jay.

Choose wisely. Anyone can take a photo. Not everyone can capture a moment of purity, beauty, a story that speaks endless words.
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Jay and his team are absolutely the best !!! Their talent and services are exceptional. Our pictures and video totally exceeded our expectations. I totally recommend them and I thank them for their work :)
Emil & Melania 4-6-13
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Absolute Best!

Jay and all of his crew is absolutely AMAZING! Honestly, I cant even imagine choosing anyone else. My wedding was almost a year ago and I still smile every time I remember my wedding day and the days coming up to it. From the first day we went to Jay's office to book for the Wedding Jay and Ani where the absolute best, they are so kind and helpful. My husband and I had trouble finding a park place so we kept on emailing and calling Jay and Ani for suggestions of what we should do and they were so helpful every single time. During the Wedding Day the whole team was so wonderful! They made us feel at ease while capturing the essence of our special day. Jay and his team made us laugh the entire time and made the wedding day that much more special. My husband and I still talk about and the funny things that Jay, Edgar, Mayis, and the rest of the crew did to make us laugh. Jay did everything to take the most beautiful pictures. He caught the most precious moments that I couldn't be more thankful of him. I definitely recommend Jay to anyone that is looking for the absolute best, most creative, and kindest team!

Sev & Arsy
Sep 8, 2012
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Jay you are amazing at what you do! Your talent is incredible and you can tell you enjoy what you do. Our Pre-Wedding photos were a hit on the day of the wedding and we cannot wait to see the wedding photos! Both days were so much fun to work with you and your crew, you guys really helped with getting us use to the camera on the pre-wedding shoot and we had so much fun with you on the day of the wedding. Jay you really have a vision for what you do, I knew I had to work with you the second we got engaged. I booked the day with you a year and half before the wedding and you are worth every single penny and plus some!

Thank you for capturing our very special day and I can't want to see the photos of our wedding!

Azad & Cristale
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There were so many amazing aspects to Jay's service that my husband and I don't know where to begin. We used Jay's service of photography and videography for the engagement shoot and the wedding (2/2/2013). During the engagement shoot, Jay was punctual, attentive, and made us feel at ease while capturing some beautiful photos of us throughout downtown LA. His ideas were creative and we loved how he took candid shots of us just being ourselves. After the engagement shoot, we couldn't wait for what would come on the wedding day. Jay and his crew were absolutely incredible with making us feel at ease while taking pictures. They kept us laughing up until the very last guest left the reception hall! Our wedding shoot was at the Redbury/Observatory. At both locations, Jay went the extra mile to capture some really unique shots. At the reception hall I especially appreciated how he captured the really intimate moments of the night with both of our families.

We highly recommend Jay's service for any event.

Thanks again!

- Mike & Christina
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I literally picked my wedding day based off of Jay Jay's availability because I had seen his work and loved it and I felt that Jay would definitely capture every single moment of our special day, and he sure did! Jay Jay and his crew did a fantastic job and my husband and I are blown away by the moments that were captured (most of which we didn't even know was being taped or photographed). We really couldn't have picked a better photographer and videographer!!! Thank you for all your hard work!!

I would also recommend doing a pre wedding session because not only did we have a BLAST doing the pre wedding session photos, but they are so unique and beautiful and our guests loved looking through that album.
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Truly Amazing!! Love Jay Jay Productions

My husband, Greg, and I knew Jay was the videographer for us after the first 5 minutes! He and Ani were so wonderful and answered all of our questions - and I had a lot! Sadly, I couldn't book Jay as our photographer as he was already booked but we booked them as our videographer and he took care of every detail with us and assured us that everything would be perfect and it truly was. Edgar and his team were extremely professional and made our wedding day so much fun! By the end of the night, we felt like we had a new group of friends. Even better, we got our video and we LOVED it! They captured our wedding day beautifully and the video even made my husband and I cry! It is truly the best wedding video I have ever seen!! Luckily, we were able to do a post-wedding day shoot with Jay and he took the most amazing pictures for us - some of my favorite pictures of Greg and I came out of that shoot. He is truly gifted and I am so glad we chose Jay Jay Productions -  they are incredible and it was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! THANK YOU JAY, ANI & EDGAR!! You made our wedding day a day we will never forget and created a spectacular video for us that enables us to relive the day over and over again!

Greg & Sharon 5.12.12
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Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

Jay is absolutely one of a kind. I just received the pictures from my wedding and they left me completely speechless. Jay Jay is an artist like no other. He is able to capture every essence of every moment and gives you the ability to re-live your most precious moments.
Experience speaks for itself. You will only understand his true talent by experiencing him yourself.
Thank you Jay for EVERYTHING!!!! Your absolutely amazing and of course ONE OF A KIND & ORIGINAL !!!!

Can't thank you enough!
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The best photographer out there

Thank you Jay for your amazing and creative work. We were referred to him by my florist and we are glad we got Jay to do our wedding.. Truly one of the best photographers out there.. Very modern, fresh, something really new. His images speak for themselves.They are honest, professional, and easy going. Highly recommend.
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Amazing Amazing Just Amazing!

Okay first of all I want to let you Guys know what time it is!!! 2:11 am lol and I am up because I have been looking at the photos and I must say I am in love!!! Just amazing work Jay! Must I say and also Good job Tony on the day of the Christening!
I am so pleased with you guys's work you cannot imagine! The quality of the pictures and the imagination! WOW just wow! I am very happy with everything!
I posted pics on my facebook but wasn't able to tag Jay Jay Productions! I have entered as "Photo credit Jay Jay Productions" also can you guys please please post these amazing pictures of the beach? They are too cute for your audience to not see!

Jay Jay is an amazing eye for photos! He captures the right moments! You will not go wrong with him!
Melanie, Arman and Andranik
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You don't want to miss out!

When they say, "you get what you pay for," it's a bit misleading at times. The services of Jay Jay Photography (Jay) definitely out weights its costs. You have to be willing to pay for top end, high quality imagery and idea, but when the price you pay outputs a memory and an experience beyond satisfying, then no matter what, it is always well worth it. One of the greatest pleasures with working with Jay was the environment. It's not over controlling, it's open for expression, for sharing, proving subtle input. Jay's direction and idea is a smart mix to producing something your wife will definitely be happy with. His crew keeps the vibe light and easy, jokes flow in and out, which only create opportunities for great pictures. Definitely like Jay, definitely like the work, definitely like the price, and definitely recommend his talent, his crew, and his ideas. You'll be left with great memories. Jay thanks man for all the work.
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Picture Perfect!

Our wedding planning experience was definitely a journey that started and ended with Jay Jay Productions. I contacted Jay in April of 2010 with the hopes that he would be available to shoot our wedding on 11-11-11. Thankfully he was because I could not have wanted anyone else to capture our special day then Jay and his crew. He truly has an eye for beauty; he and his crew are passionate, understanding and very funny. My bridal party was having so much fun filming with them on our day. He captured moments that bring tears to my eyes. His pictures are so beautiful and raw that I can almost feel all the emotions that I was going through on that day.

Thank you so much, I honestly do not have any words to describe your work, it is truly amazing and if you don't believe me, just look at his pictures - enough said! I highly recommend Jay and his team; he is professional, caring, funny, and positive (even in all the craziness of the day) and has a professional demeanor. But I must also thank Ani, Jay Jay's wife, for not only did I bombard her with many questions and concerns, but she completely put me at ease as to how the entire day will go.
Thank you again!

Talin and Michael 11-11-11
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It was one of the most magical moments

I have struggled to find the exact and appropriate words I want to use in this review. First and foremost, thank you for photographing our wedding. You did such an incredible job, it's hard to put it into words. We cannot express to you how overjoyed we are at the moments you captured. You went "above and beyond" any of our expectations. You truly are an outstanding photographer who has an unbelievable ability to "find precious moments."

From the very beginning of our planning, I knew that one of the most important vendors we would choose would be our wedding photographer. We contacted Jay's Studios with the hope that he would be available and part of our Day. From the moment we spoke to Jay, we immediately felt at ease. He was extremely positive, excited about the opportunity to work with us, and immediately made us feel as if we were the only couple he was working with. He helped us create a package that fit our needs and helped us understand the possibilities of what our day could be like with his eyes behind the camera. From our engagement session to the day of our wedding, Jay was friendly, patient, and professional. Most importantly he always made us laugh! After having received the pictures, it brings my husband and I all the happiness we experienced our wedding day, which can now become shared moments with friends, family and future children.

Jay, you are amazing! The photography you captured has every part of the night and more! You have an amazing talent that is evident by every detail displayed in your photos. You have a way of endearing yourself to your clients and becoming part of the family. We thank you for being such a big part of it and leaving such beautiful wedding photos that certainly touch our soul. Thank you for giving us this great gift which we will cherish for a lifetime.

It was one of the most magical moments/experiences of my life and Jay captured it "all  on his own!" - Arpi

-Alen and Arpi
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A Memory That I Will Cherish Forever

Wow Wow Wow I don't know where to start, what words should I use, how can I ever thank you!!!! Jay jay Production is amazinggggg!!! Jay Jay and his crew are the most talented awesome beyond excellence!!! My husband and I had so much fun during our photo shoot. There was not even one stop of laughter during our shoot!!! Jay Jay's talent is something else the most simple object he can make it look so beautiful and classy!!! He will make you enjoy your little moment of photo shoot with the love of your life!!! Jay jay gave me the most beautiful gift in my life and that is having a beautiful memory with my mom that I will cherish the rest of my life!!! I was so nervous that day that I forgot to remind Jay Jay to take lot of pictures of me with my mom, but he was 100 step ahead of me and that was very special to me!!! Actions are beyond words and with Jay Jay you will never go wrong!!! Let him make your day a magical day and I thank you for that Jay Jay!!! Good luck with your talent and may it grow and grow!!!!! Your Bride and Groom Kohar and Vardan :)
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A Truly Passionate Photographer

One of the best decisions my wife and I made was hiring Jay Jay Productions to do our wedding photo and video. Jay and his team are very professional and with his great sense of humor, Jay can put anyone at ease. He has a passion and a vision when it comes to photography that is undeniable. His talent is truly special and one of a kind. This is obviously evident in all the pictures he captures. He brought out every detail from the wedding that we could think of and more!

If you are even remotely thinking about the return on investment, this is truly something that a couple cherishes for a lifetime; the photo and video are worth every penny!

We are truly grateful to have had such an amazing photographer to work with. The pictures and video are part of our eternal memories and we have only Jay and his team to thank for that.

Suren & Lusine
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Amazing Work, Professional Staff, Breathtaking Pho

Being the picky perfectionist that I am, the photography for my wedding had to be top-of-the-line. With that in mind, Jay Jay Productions was the first and ONLY photography studio we visited. Aside from all the phenomenal recommendations from his past clients, Jay's work speaks for itself. The photos in his studio are incredible; each and every image captures a unique vantage point. No two photos are the same.

I had no doubt in my mind that Jay would do an amazing job photographing our wedding. He met and surpassed ALL of our expectations. His team was so pleasant to work with - professional, kind, respectful and knowledgeable. They made us, our entire wedding party, family and friends feel comfortable and in our zone on such a big and nerve-wracking day. We still receive compliments on how professional yet respectful his team was to our guests.

Most importantly, the photos Jay Jay Productions produced are out of this world. These images continue to astound us each and every time we look at them; we will never get sick of them. The uniqueness, individuality and talent put into each and every photo renders them timeless and simply incredible.

There are so many amateur photographers these days, trying too hard to mess with lighting, angles, and so forth that they make couples' photos look like a joke on the most important day of their lives. Let me tell you something, you get what you pay for. The last thing you want is an amateur photoshopping your wedding pictures into a second-rate version of somebody else's. It takes real skill, expertise and EXPERIENCE to get quality, original photographs, and look no further than Jay Jay Studios to get just that.

Thank you Jay and his wonderful team for providing us with such amazing service, professionalism and, most importantly, the most beautiful images of our special day we could have asked for. I will not hesitate to recommend Jay Jay Productions to anybody looking to capture their special memories in a timeless, sophisticated and original way.

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Jay you're amazing!!!

Thank you so much for capturing every beautiful moment from my wedding. Your work is truly amazing. I loved every photo!
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Jay Jay is in a league of his own!!!!

Jay Jay is in a league of his own. He is brimming with talent and creativity. Before I booked my hall, I checked with Jay Jay to make sure he was available. I couldn't imagine our wedding with any other photographer. Jay and his amazing crew are so fun to work with. They love what they do and that translates to breathtaking work. My husband and I are so thrilled with our engagement session photos, and we can't wait to see our wedding photos. We will love them without a doubt. Thank you Jay Jay, thank you to your team, and thank you to your lovely wife, Ani. Thank you for being a part of our special day and for capturing the moments that we'll cherish for life.
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Talented photographer Hands Down!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, my wedding pictures say a billion. I cannot begin to explain how blessed I am to have had such a wonderful photographer with his crew; film and photograph the moments my husband and I missed and capture the most silent but yet most beautiful pictures on June 30, 2012. I received my pictures last night and all it took was one phone call. Jay's wife is as amazing as he is. She is a sweetheart, modest and just lovely inside and out. I am utterly just stunned to how beautiful my wedding pictures came out. I am so confused to which one should go into the album because it's just so hard to pick only a 100 out of so many gorgeous pictures. Choosing to have two photographers was the best idea ever. It brings me to tears that the day of my wedding is over but these pictures they expressed the joy we had that and it will last a lifetime. I am out of words when it comes to Jay Jay Photography. I mean honestly, God blessed him with this breathtaking talent. It's not just about how amazing his work is, it's not a job for Jay, it's the fact that he loves what he does. That is exactly what my husband and I felt when Jay was taking our pictures. We felt calm and did the craziest things because we knew and trusted Jay and his astounding ideas. With his enthusiastic comments and hilarious jokes we felt like we were with family friends. I needed to express what I feel for Jay's photography because he is one of a kind. Jay Jay Photography is the best photographer I have EVER had and I will never have someone else photograph my events besides Jay and his crew. Jay Jay Photography is the best HANDS DOWN. I have had so many friends complain of their photographs and how their wedding was ruined because the photographer was just awful and not kind. Jay, literally made us laugh so hard and made it so easy to be just simply elegant. It is my opinion but no one will ever meet the standards of Jay Jay Photography. My wedding pictures say the words of our hearts through the lens of Jay's. Powerful pictures to the point where whoever looks at our pictures are in love right away. My heart feels like exploding every time I look at these pictures, they are just so beautiful I want all of them. I wanted to write this to those who are in confusion of whom to pick as their photographer. Jay is the one. You will not be disappointed 100%. I am so thankful to Jay, his wife, and his crew for making my wedding pictures unforgettable breathtaking and leaving me and everyone else who sees them, speechless. I am so delighted to have chosen such a brilliant photographer. Thank you to Jay for capturing the most important day of our lives. These will be the pictures we will show our children because these magnificent pictures last a lifetime and Jay captured it all. I believe if Jay left us breathless and captured the most beautiful pictures then he will surely leave you feeling this way also. This is not the end, it is only the beginning and my husband and I wish him all the best in his career. We love our wedding pictures, cannot get enough looking at them. Words are not enough to express what joy Jay brought to us with these beautiful pictures that are going to last a lifetime. I cannot wait to see the video! Thank you to Jay and his amazing crew!!!
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Amazing photographer and team!

We had a blast shooting with Jay and his team! They are awesome to work with! You get exactly what he promises he will do and the photos look stunning!
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You Can't Go Wrong With JayJay Prod.

Hands down, Jay Jay is one of the best/creative/artistic photographers in the industry today. My husband and I chose him as our wedding photographer and we could very well label our decision as one of the best investments we made. Jay was able to capture the most gorgeous and creative shots that blew our minds away. With his unique style and eye for detail, there was truly no doubt in my mind that we would be getting the most stunning photos & video. Sure enough, after only a few short weeks we got our pictures and we just cannot stop looking at them. Jay and his staff were not only professional and great at what they do, but very down to earth and understanding, especially with our extreme location after location scheduled shoots (all in one day). I would recommend Jay Jay Productions for all types of events. Honestly you can't go wrong.
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He captured our Dream

Jay Jay Is by far the most amazing photographer. He is very fun to work with. Both Sevag and I were really nervous because we aren't models we don't normally pose for pictures but Jay Jay make you feel so comfortable. Our Engagement session pictures looked like it came from a magazine everyone was so impressed. I look at them all the time. I think the reason why Jay Jay is amazing besides his talents its because he took time to get to know us. It makes a difference. The week before the wedding he asked where we wants to take pictures on our wedding day. We said Downtown LA. I described everything I wanted and he put them to life. He captured every thing that we wanted. We trusted him and I'm so glad that we did!!! Everyone keeps talking about our Wedding pictures. We can't stop looking at them. Every quality that you need from a photographer and his staff they have it. You can tell he has a passion for it. I don't know anyone that works so hard!!!! Yet he didn't make me feel like he does this everyday he made me feel like a very special Bride and that's truly the key!!! Any event I have that I need a photographer I really want it to be Jayjay!!!!!
Sandra and Sevag
May 12th 2012 a day we would never forget
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