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Founded by Mher Hagopian, MTH Photographers provide photography and videography services for all occasions including engagement, pre-wedding, wedding, and other special events. MTH Photographers offer services both locally and internationally including destination photoshoots.  


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Lost ALL wedding photos

My wedding was June 16, 2018 and he didn’t tell us until January 2019. He kept giving me excuses that he didn’t know how many events he was going to shoot (as if he doesn’t have a calendar) and that he’s busy so he needs more time. I even told him that the only reason I was so patient was because I was concerned about annoying him and him not putting the effort he should into preparing the photos. I started doing some research on Instagram, I found a couple who was married the same day as us and another couple who was married the week before…they both received their photos within 2-3 months of their weddings. This is when I started to really worry. At first, he was defensive when I confronted him about those, asking me if I was talking to his other brides. He finally confessed after about 6 weeks of stringing us along with “come to office…oh wait, I have to shoot that day…come on this day instead (only to cancel again)”. A very credible source let us know that Mher does not let his photographers back up their photos so couples are essentially unable to shop around for photo packages. Well, we now have NO photos because of this mindset of his. He eventually issued a full a refund but said it’s unfair since we still had our pre-wedding photos (which he forgot to edit until AFTER the wedding). He said we’re not considering all the money he spent trying to have his hard drives recovered (as if that’s not entirely his fault). He also said 2 other couples were affected by the same “power outage” that wiped out our photos. There isn’t a single thing that has come out of his mouth that we actually believe, though. He promised us an album of stills pulled from the video but he has stopped responding to our texts. In retrospect, there were many red flags. There is so much more to be said about our experience, if you’re really considering this man for your wedding, please feel free to reach out to me at {email address removed by Harsanik}. I’ll be more than happy to share our FULL experience with Mher.
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