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With over 31 years of experience, Royal Gor Studio offers professional HD video & photography for weddings and all other events. Email us to set up a 1-on-1 complimentary consultation for Harsanik guests.

Royal Gor Video Production Highlights:
•    1080P Filming & Editing
•    Sony Real 3D Wedding Videos
•    2K & 4K Filming & Editing
•    Educated Staff
•    Dolby Digital Sound
•    Blu-Ray DVDs
•    Cinematic Wedding Video’s
•    Professional HD Helicopter Camera Filming
•    Professional Qualified Crane Operators

Royal Gor Photo Studio Highlights:
•    Life Time Warranties on Certain Products
•    Custom Album Design
•    Custom Album Manufacturing
•    Top Of the Line Equipment
•    Educated Staff
•    100% Green Albums Available
•    Albums Made In Italy, New Zealand, and USA

Royal Gor Photo & Video has been making couples' dreams come true for over 31 years. When you have your wedding captured by a professional, creative, experienced, and an award-winning team, you can re-live your momentous day forever and ever. Royal Gor Studio has one of the most educated & experienced crew that specializes in weddings and events.


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The only regret from our wedding...

So unfortunate that every time I look back at my wedding photos I’m left feeling upset and disappointed. Gor’s dad the main videographer was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we were happy with the results of our wedding video. Sadly, the quality of our photos and the service was so bad that it sunk this review to 1 star. Gor is a very rude and unprofessional person. On the day of the wedding, we had to constantly send someone to find him to remind him he has to come take pictures. My husband and I have 1 good photo of us together from our wedding day. We have zero usable photos with our parents. I wanted to print a canvas for my grandmother as a Christmas gift, and I just went in the files because I made the mistake of thinking that my husband and I have a photo together with my grandmother, whoops, we don’t have one! We felt as though the other photographers from their team were far more dedicated and did a much better job. A couple months after the wedding, after we played cat and mouse in actually retrieving our photos, and after the “edits” were done, Gor doesn’t even have the audacity to come out of his office to give us the product. He drops the USB of our photos in his mailbox, outside his door, and that’s where we have to pick it up from. Mind you, he’s sitting in his office just steps away I’m not even going to get into the rude text messages he sent my husband when we were trying to get proper edits done on the photos. This is just a tiny bit of the horror that was our wedding photos and what a mistake it was booking this guy... steer clear of the disappointment and the thousands you’ll drop and book someone else for your special occasion.
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Biggest mistake

I've waited close to 3.5 years to write this review. It's going to be a long one so stay with me.

My wife and I contracted this "studio" to be our wedding photographer in May of 2013 for our wedding in October 2014. We finally got our album in July of 2018. Here's the story:

After he took our money, he literally disappeared. Initially, he provided our pictures in a web format so we can pick our favorites and choose the album layout. Upon going through the pictures, we noticed about half of the pictures at the park and ALL of the pictures from the church ceremony were missing. His explanation was that his hard drive crashed. We waited a few weeks and he uploaded some of the pictures. We were satisfied with what was there so we decided to move forward. We submitted our album and it was time for revisions. This is where the s--- hit the fan. He and his "team" became wholly unresponsive. It took weeks to months to get a single text message from him. He continuously said that there was a family emergency, computer issues, or that he was out of town. My wife and I accepted that we may never see our album completed and our money was lost, along with the priceless memories.

We moved twice and bought a house eventually and we finally decided it was time to contact him again. I sent texts literally daily asking what was going on with my pictures to what seems like a dead number. Eventually, I got fed up. I'm a web designer, so I did what I knew how to do best. I put up a website in January of 2018 with a timer of how long it's been and a contact form and I started blasting his social media and leaving reviews on various sites. He responded within two hours threatening a lawsuit, and he said that if I dont take down the reviews, I'll never see my album, but still no word about when it would be finished. After a shouting match, I had enough and went to his studio in Burbank where he completely avoided me and my wife. We finally got his father's number and gave him a call, telling him the whole story.

He seemed sympathetic to our story initially, however, that went awry very quickly. When we spoke to him in February, he claimed that his son will no longer be helping us and that he would take care of the album and we would have it 15 days after we submit our final designs. We submitted our designs and approved the final version in March of this year. Once we did, he claimed that we would have our album in 15 days. When the 15 days passed, he said that he saw our contract and that we requested an Italian printed album and that it would take an additional month. We were patient and waited the month. Once the month was up, and still no album, we found out that their credit card was declined and the album was never submitted to be printed. We called and asked him to submit it again. When he said he did, my wife called him and asked for proof that the order went through. At this point, the father BLEW up and started yelling at my wife for calling him a liar and that he cant wait to prove that it was our fault for our album taking as long as it has. When time finally came to pick up the album, his son finally called me. He told me that we had a $500 balance (which we did) then he asked if I had the money. I told him I do, and he asked me to send him photo proof before I went over to pick up my property. Knowing if I blew up, we'd be in a shouting match and this would drag on further. Being so close to the finish line, I bit my tongue and I went to his fathers home. He provided me with the sub-par album and apologized.

If you're considering this studio for any photography, or ANY service they provide. STAY AWAY. They will take your money, they will do shoddy work, they will frustrate you, they will ruin your memories, they will cause fights between you and your partner.

I cannot wait for this business to go down and dissolve.

If there's any question about any of this story, I have every single text message and email sent and received saved.

Gor will inevitable write back and call me a liar (he's done so in the past to other reviewers) but don't take my word for it. Ask me and I'll provide you the texts/emails.

DO NOT HIRE THIS SHAM BUSINESS. Go to any other photo studio out there that will do better, timely work.

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The Best and Amazing Photographer

Best photographer team ever!!! Royal Gor truly made a difference on my engagement day. His work is absolutely breathtaking. As I was going through my photos I realized that he captured every moment of my special day and the photos were amazing. He truly is a unique character, a good person, and a talented artist. I am very happy and blessed for choosing him as my photographer for my engagement. I would recommend him to all my friends and family. Thank you Royal Gor and your team for your hard work and dedication. You are truly the best!!
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The best!!

We got married 4 months ago and it was so stressful that we couldn't even enjoy that day. And now after 4 months we're enjoying our photos and can't wait to see the video... We love Royal Gor Studio and we're very happy that we made the right decision when we chose Royal Gor. Thank you so much Royal Gor for these beautiful photos and your hard work!!!! You are the best!!!
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Great Services!

Royal Gor really made my wedding so special. My husband and I decided to book them after seeing their work that they did for a good friend of ours. They really make the wedding day one of a kind. Gor was so professional and he arrived to my wedding even earlier than I had expected. He was so easy to work with and all of my guests seemed to really like him as well. He made everyone feel at ease. The work that I received was so beautiful. When I got my photographs I actually cried. It meant so much to me to have my special day set in time forever.
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Class Act!

I used Royal Gor for my wedding. We purchased both the photography and videography packages and were extremely pleased by their services from day one. Gor was very professional when we first met him and very patient with our questions. He presented examples of their work and references to us to check out. I had already done some research on my own and we were pleased that everything checked out.

The day of my wedding was chaos and I didn't even notice his team taking photographs and video. They captured so many moments that I forgot about and was very pleased to see how everything turned out when I received the album and footage from the ceremony.

Without a doubt, they are the best wedding photographers in the business. I highly recommend them.
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The best team!!

The best team of photographers ever!!.... For our wedding Gor and his team were really amazing. Everything that I wanted they were able to do for us. They are really friendly and very easy to work with. An all day wedding can get really stressful but they were so easy to work with that we didn't even notice the time fly as we were taking those pictures.

When the time came for me to pick my pictures and the design process to start for my album Gor and his team were really professional.They provided me with all the updates that I needed and not to mention the fact that I didn't even tell them how I wanted the album designed and they did an amazing job. I loved my album and everyone that saw it loved it too!!

They are really the best team and make you feel so comfortable with everything. I am really happy that we decided to go with Royal Gor as our wedding photographer because photos are one thing that are going to last a lifetime and they did such an amazing job with it.

I would recommend Royal Gor to anyone who asks me!!... Thank you Gor and your wonderful team!!
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The best of bestest!

I just can't explain how blessed I am to have Royal Gor as my photographer/videographer. My husband and I have been to several vendors before going to Gor and to be honest the impression from those vendors wasn't the best, but after visiting Royal Gor, we had no doubts that we want them to be part of our wedding. Every single photo I saw at Royal Gor Studio was a WOW for me. I had never met anyone more talented and more devoted than Gor and his team.
We had an amazing pre-wedding shoot with Gor and the pictures came out wonderful. I loooove everything about his work. He captures the best moments and he just makes you look your best on the pictures. I am very shy in front of the cameras and always thought I am not photogenic, but Gor made me look like a model!!!
My wedding - I can't even thank them enough for those amazing memories that they gave us - such a professionalism, and I just can't not mention Khoren (the videographer) who made my whole bridal party and myself laugh throughout the whole wedding. Our wedding video came out fantastic: It's fun, amazing editing, great moments captured and everything was on the highest level. And the pictures were just stunning!
Thank you Royal Gor!!!
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Wedding Dream Team

Two teams of photographers and videographers spent an entire day with our bridal party going to five different locations. Professional attitude with amazing results. Here is how/why we chose Royal Gor and we are very happy with our decision.

First Impression: Having to deal with a dozen or more vendors for an Armenian wedding, you come to realize Armenians don't have any customer service, to us Armenians that's normal, but when we walked into Royal Gor studio we were acknowledged right away. Clean studio represents clean work. Met with the team and their work by far was better than any other vendor we had seen. Our second visit, we knew Royal Gor would be perfect.

Professionalism: On the wedding day the entire team wore matching Royal Gor outfits, simple black on black clean cut, nothing distracting. Gor, the team lead, wore a suit and tie. Thank you for wearing a suit and tie to my wedding. I've been to a wedding that the DJ has a big display infront of him with his DJ name, the photo/video team members are wearing big logo T-shirts and the singer after a few songs gives plugs to the vendors, looks like reality TV show.

Quality: I am not saying this because it's my wedding, but I can put my brother's wedding photos (other vendor) next to my best friend's wedding photos (another vendor) next to mine and you can honestly tell the difference. Quick turnaround and it came in a nice package. Presentation is key!

Price: We didn't do the traditional 24-hour wedding which most Armenians do. We explained our wedding itinerary to Gor; the places we wanted to go, things we wanted to capture and our budget. We were pleased with the price and the flexible payment plans. We honestly saw 8 other photo/video vendors before going with Royal Gor, don't sacrifice the only memory you will have from your wedding day.

Overall: The hardest vendor to pick for our wedding because it was the single most important part, more than the flowers and more than the dj. The best vendor I dealt with. After the wedding most of my family members were saying how nice the photo/video team were.

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Truly amazing wedding photographer and in general

My Husband and I just got back from our honeymoon and we were looking over our wedding video and photos. We both were so amazed of how Royal Gor Studio's captured the magic not just ours but our families connecting. Honestly, we couldn't believe they were available for the dates of our wedding events seeing how several people had highly recommended them. Everywhere we went and asked about the best wedding photographer was we kept hearing the same response Royal Gor Studio's. We wanted the best wedding photographer and with Gor we got more than we ever expected. Gor truly had the excellence we wanted to add to our wedding. They are true artists and made such ordinary people like us look like superstars. Royal Gor Studio's really brought out our personalities in our engagement photos and our wedding photos. When planning a wedding you're so nervous trying to make sure everything is perfect, you know every detail matters to us ladies. So many things can come up that you never thought would, but Royal Gor Studio, Inc. gave us complete confidence and gave us peace of mind knowing we wouldn't have to worry about capturing our wedding events. We both couldn't believe how easy it was. Gor was so professional and made everyone in the wedding events feel comfortable with capturing pictures. My husband and I had so much fun during our photo shoot. It was such a relaxing,carefree experience that we laughed through most of it! Gor also has a great personality and I admire his creativity! I recommend Gor and his services to anyone who is looking for a professional, dependable, and understanding photographer! They spoiled us with kindness and made us feel very special. They had insight to a wedding that we could have never even imagined. They didn't just take photos and video they captured the magic of the events they know exactly what to do. I didn't want to miss a minute of my wedding events. Being the bride there was always so much going on and I knew I wouldn't get to see everything take place while I was busy doing my bridle stuff but for everything I didn't get to see Gor captured all of it. The insight Gor had was so amazing he was one step ahead of me the entire time I never had to ask for a picture to be taken. I guess when you have dealt with bridezillas for as long as he has you become physic. The end result was fantastic. The images and videos he captured of the events were truly amazing. Captured the elegance and fun of our special day that now will last forever thanks to them. I show everyone the pictures whether they ask to see or not! Three couples at our wedding already have booked Royal Gor Studio's for their wedding. They bring so much to the table and we are forever grateful for everything they did. We will be booking all of our family events with them and will give them the highest recommendation to all of our friends in family. Probably even strangers! Oh and by the way the honeymoon was amazing. We never wanted to leave. The only thing missing there was our personal photographer!

Thank you so much Royal Gor Studio's for making and capturing the magic of our wedding!
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Best Photo Sessions Ever!!!

My husband and I took our engagement and wedding photos at Royal Gor Studio, Inc. and it was the best photo experience EVER!!! Gor and Khoren are so creative - they really brought out our personalities in our engagement photos. And as for our wedding photos - we are still speechless because our photos and videos are breathtaking!!!! I have recommended Royal Gor Studio, Inc. to all of my sorority sisters, family and friends. I can\'t wait till Gor and Khoren are able to take our 1yr anniversary pictures!!!
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Highly Recommend and Fun!!

My wife and I love Royal Gor Studio. I have always wanted to do another photo session with her since our wedding in 2010 as a gift. With our anniversary and her 30th birthday around the corner, I finally booked our session with Gor and it is the best decision I could have made! Gor's personal attention started from the moment I scheduled our appointment, he helped us visualize what we wanted and gave us great suggestions as to what to wear and what props to bring. When the day came, we were so excited and Khoren's amazing talent and calm directions put us right at ease and we had an absolute blast from beginning to end. The pictures turned out amazing and my wife was blown away! Being frequent business travelers, we never take time for ourselves but that day, Gor and Khoren made us feel like stars and it is an experience that we will never forget. I highly recommend Royal Gor Studio, Inc. for all photo sessions and video needs. I can't wait to book my next couples photo session!!
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Priceless pictures!

When I began planning my wedding I had one thing in mind, that after all the money we spend and all the stress and all the planning is over and after the big day is over there's is only two things that will be left for the great memories and that's your photos and video. I made sure to pick the day of the wedding according to Royal Gor;s scheduale. Sounds crazy but I knew I was making the right decision, and as I look at my photos now I'm glad I made that decision. The photos are out of this world, they are amazing, and it left me speechless! I would like to thank Gor for the amazing job he did the pictures have captured every smile every, every tear, and every amazing moment. I recommend all future brides to pick Royal Gor photography. You won't regret it!
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I was referred to Gor by my best friend's sister; she recently got married and told me how she was very pleased with Gor's services at her wedding. I trusted her judgment (especially since she is very hard to please) and decided to convince my sister to use his services for her wedding. My sister, my brother-in-law, and I are extremely happy with his services. Gor was extremely professional and made everyone in the wedding party feel comfortable with taking pictures. Gor also has a great personality and I admire his creativity! I recommend Gor's services to anyone who is looking for a professional, dependable photographer!
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Magnificent down to the smallest detail!

I met with Gor on a friend's recommendation and I am so glad that I found him! I explained to him that I wanted my engagement photos to look like they were shot for a magazine and he more than delivered! The shots were simply stunning and he captured our personalities very well. For the wedding festivities, I wanted the photos and video to come out like the engagement pictures, but more elegant and formal. The end result was magnificent. The images he captured of the event were truly amazing. A great mix of candid and formal shots. I am very picky when it comes to small details and I put all of my trust into Gor and his team. Nothing was overlooked and he communicated every little detail to me before my wedding day. After the wedding, we chose the photos we wanted printed in our albums, for frames as gifts and for frames in our home. He was very flexible when suggesting what we should get and accommodated our every request in a highly professional manner. I wasn't paying much attention to him during the ceremony and reception (obviously!!), but from what I can see with my pictures, he was all over the venue and taking pictures of everyone at their best-- from my nieces and nephews playing and laughing, to my grandparents enjoying a dance. The video of the wedding is also top notch. It is something I could watch over and over again. Gor's prices are extremely fair considering the quality of work he produces and I'd recommend him to anyone. Pictures are one of the only things from your wedding day that remain as a memory and you should get the highest quality photographer. I will continue to use him for future family events and family photo shoots. I have recommended him to my cousin already and they are currently planning all of the details of her wedding as well.
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Beautiful Photography

I came to Royal Gor for my stepdaughter's wedding, she asked me if I could recommend a photographer and I suggest them, as they've done some work for the charity I serve on the board of directors of and they've always done a fantastic job at our events in the Glendale area. When I was in town, my wife, Sarah (the bride), and I went to their studios and were blown away by the artistic wedding sample albums they had out and Sarah really loved the black and white shots - so classic and timeless.
I put down the deposit to hold them and Sarah was just ecstatic that Royal Gor was available for her wedding date and when she emailed my wife and I the pictures - her wedding was back in September, the photos are simply stunning. I am so glad I was able to help Sarah find a great photographer and what I appreciated most about Royal Gor is how unobtrusive they were throughout the prewedding brunch, wedding, and reception. You never felt like you were endlessly posing for the camera, and as a result, their photos look effortless, elegant, and natural.
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Great Photo Team

You know how some weddings it feels like the photographers run the show - not here. The pictures and video they took of my wedding last spring were classic, elegant, and a bit of a combination of traditional American glamour and a bit of traditional Armenian - a perfect combination of my husband's family and mine. Being able to combine family traditions is why we came to Royal Gor - too many photographers don't understand the delicate balance between traditional-ethnic and traditional-American, because those are so different we needed a photographer that could get what we were after and after seeing a few sample videos and albums that Royal Gor had on display, I knew they would do it right - and the pictures and video are just amazing, my favorite was a small black and white section I had them do - so timeless and elegant.
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Amazing Photographer and Videographer!

Royal Gor was so great to work with on our wedding day. Gor and his crew are so professional and I love his style and creativity. I didn't want the traditional Armenian Wedding Photo and Video that everyone has and I'm so glad I picked Royal Gor. I highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks Gor!!
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Amazing photographer

Loved every second of my photoshoot with him. He's SOOO nice and makes the experience very comfortable and fun. I highly recommend him!
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Above and Beyond...

I recently hired Royal Gor to shoot my 30th birthday and I can't say enough about the amazing job that they did. They were not only on time, but early and did a great job making my guests and myself feel comfortable in front of the camera. The photos turned out phenomenal and they were ready in no time. I highly recommend Royal Gor photography. You won't regret it!
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Best photographer!!!!!

Gor did such a great job shooting our pre-wedding photos! I was speechless when I saw our pictures they are all so amazing!!!! I can not wait till our wedding to see rest of his talent. With such fun personalty he made us feel very comfortable and we had an awesome day with full of laughs = )

Thank you again Gor! See you in May!
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Satisfaction Guarentee!

They are an amazing group to work with, you can tell that they try to grasp every moment onto video! I can't wait until our video comes out because we have seen their past work and just can envision what to expect on ours! They are a blast to have at your special day because they also have a good time sharing it with you and they also make you feel comfortable in front of cameras which is a big plus for people who feel awkward! Khoren and Gor thank you so much for being apart of our day! Hope to see you in future events!=]
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Great Video & Photo!!! Wonderful people to wor

Gor and his dad are wonderful people to work with! They provide high quality service and work! I can not wait to have them film my wedding.
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Beautiful Work!

Gor Video & Photography does beautiful work, his pictures are really amazing....the colors, and ideas that he puts together truly do make a beautiful story. :) Great JOB! Keep up the good work!
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The Best!

Gor took my engagement photos and all the pics came out so beautiful!!!! Gor has a very creative style and lots of ideas, so make sure you listen to everything he says....and he makes you feel comfortable with the camera. I highly recommend RoyalGor! Gor, Khoren (his dad), and their team will also photograph and videgraph mine and my fiance's wedding as well in 2011. I will be posting another review then as well. ;O)
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