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Vic Studios specializes in event photography and cinematography.  Vic Studios’ expertise is a result of formal education and training combined with years of practical experience documenting weddings and special events resulting in timeless imagery captured through fine art and photojournalism. 

Vic Studios is dedicated to photographs and films that document your individual and personal style on your wedding.  Vic Studios prides itself on capturing all of the wonderful moments of your event without being intrusive, approaching each assignment with a fresh perspective, and producing high quality images and films.

Vic Studios has a second office location in Glendale at the following address:
1930 W Glenoaks Blvd #6
Glendale, CA 91201


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Best In town

After looking for photographer for 2 years finally choose Vic Studios. They did the best job for me, the crew are amazing and super professional. We meet with Arineh at the first time , she was amazing person. On the wedding day Andy and Norik were our photographers. they are super professional with amazing behaviors. my husband and I really love our pictures. Thank you guys
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Best Photographer

My husband and I got married a month ago & we are soooooo happy we went with Vic Studios for photo and video service. We had a horrible experience for our engagement with other photographers (NOT Vic Studios) & when a good friend recommended us Vic Studios, I was nervous only because I was scared of pricing. Once I saw their work, let me tell you that I am grateful to have had their entire team on our big day! Not only were they much more affordable than our previous photographer, but their quality and customer service was even more than what we imagined we’d be getting. Norik, Vic & all of their team is amazing. I already saw some of my photos & they turned out amazing! We can’t wait to meet with them to start our album & see our video! From the beginning dealing with Arineh, and anything in between the team is so professional, everyone knows what they are supposed to do, and they were super organized! I’ve already referred two couples & I will continue to refer them to all to Vic Studios! Thank you for everything!!
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Best photographers in the world! Thank you so much

The photographers at Vic Studios were amazing! No only did they do an awesome job at take my wedding pictures and video but they also included an extra photographer for free and I thank you guys for that. Overall the experience was great. They were very professional and straight forward! They were also very affordable as well!! I can’t stop talking about them with my friends and family and referring people to them! Again thank you so much Vic Studios for making my special day better!!
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Best photographer

Only one word describe them. They are amazing people and super professional. My husband and I were so lucky to find them. At the first time we meet Arineh Vic studios manager. She was so sweet and professional. Explain us everything and help us to choose the best package. She was so helpful during planning our wedding as well, help us with timeframe. The day of the wedding had the chance to work with VIc, Norik and Andy. They are amazing people. Super friendly and easy to work with them. We can't stop talking about our pictures, amazing images. All my family members and friends fell in love with their images. Thank you so so much Vic Studios Team for everything, you are amazing.
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They are the Best, thank you for everything

My husband and I got married a year ago. Hire Vic Studios for photo and video service. Had the best experience. I am not the person who write reviews but they deserve to write. We had very bad experience for our engagement with other photographers (NOT Vic Studios). We learned that we cant spend very low and have the expectation of good product. Vic Studios team is amazing, my pictures turned out amazing and very beautiful video. The team is so professional, everyone knows what they are supposed to do, they were super organized. No steers at all. I got referred to them by one of my friends and now I refer them to all. Vic Studios thank you for everything.
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Best Photographer

Best photographer ever!!! I recommended him to all my friends and family. Everyone is super nice and helpful and Vic is the sweetest. He made my stressful day go by with laughs and jokes. Thank you guys for an amazing service and definitely coming back for any events.
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They are the Greatest ...!!

We loved working with Vic and his crew. It is one of the best decisions that we made in planning our wedding. The photos of our wedding beat our expectations, which were set very high after seeing the awesome work in their portfolio. Their work really captured the fun had by everyone at our events, as well as the uniqueness of everyones personalities. Beyond that, every single one of them were an absolute JOY to work with from the very start. They were friendly, helpful, professional, punctual, and fun every step of the way. Thank you Vic for being awesome and capturing such fabulous and artistic images of the best day of our lives! And special thanks to Arineh who helped us out to make the best decision in our album and our beautiful canvas ...!! Thank you All ...
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Amazing experience...

The words cannot describe the professionalism that Vic and his Team has... Very talented, very creative, he chooses the most simple places and turns them into unbelievable images. I'm so glad and honored that I had Vic as my wedding photographer....I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional photoshoot.... THANK YOU VIC VERY MUCH..... YOU ARE DEFINITELY THE BEST... (if there is more than 5 stars I'd choose it for sure!) -James and Marina
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Wedding photography and videography

Vic Studios has a great team of talented photographers and videographers who are patient, understanding, and passionate about their job! Especially Norik and Vrej are absolutely amazing! They both worked very hard on our wedding day to capture the real and true essence of the moment and of the details that make the day special. They patiently and carefully listened to what we wanted and guided us into taking beautiful shots. We have only seen our raw and original photos so far since our wedding was just a month ago but I can say there are so many amazing photos among them which make it hard to choose from! We are eagerly looking forward to watching our video and to see our wedding album, which I’m sure are going to be as awesome as the photos! Nice people and very easy to work with! We highly recommend them to everyone!
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Wedding photographer

Vic and his team are the best! We booked them for our wedding and our pictures came out AMAZING!!! Everyone in the team was great to work with. They were all friendly and easy going which made our day go smoothly. They were with us literally all day, from the bride & grooms house festivities until our party ended at 3am. His team took candid shots of us and our guests without interfering in our celebration; which was excellent since neither my husband or I can stand when the photographers take over the party to get their shot. Let's face it, we've all been to at least one party where the photographers are EVERYWHERE and in everyone's face. Overall, Vic and his team are super nice,friendly and most importantly professional. They know how to do their job, and quite frankly they are damn good at it. Our wedding album and DVD tuned out to be so beautiful. We would definitely recommend him to other couples for their special events. Thank you Vic Jan!!
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Great Team

Choosing the right photographer is one of the most important decisions when it comes to planning your wedding. We chose to work with Vic and his team and we are very happy we did. From the first day we gave Arine our deposit to the day of our wedding, everything went by smoothly. The team is so professional, friendly, and understanding of how stressful wedding planning can be. They do their best to make it easy. Arine is a pleasure to work with, she is so accommodating and sweet. We loved working with her. On the day of our wedding, I worked with 2 photographers. They were AMAZING. They cracked up the wedding party non-stop the entire day. Our pictures came out so fun. They also made me feel very special when I was having my pictures taken. Lastly, my pictures were edited in LESS THAN 2 MONTHS. I was shocked when I got the call that I can come by and see my photos. Most of my friends who have worked with other vendors had to wait over a year for their photos. I was given an 18 month timeline to see the final product for my videographer (which is fine, but just to give some perspective). Vic and his team are wonderful and I'd highly recommend working with them on your special day. Thank you guys! Xo
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The Family Studio

Vic Studios is incredible! From start to finish, every member of his team was exemplary. They were at the ready to take photos for our engagement session. Later, they ran circles around us capturing every moment of our wedding. They were orchestrated always looking for a perfect angle to catch some amazing impromptu shots along with guided photos. Photo albums and videos were also provided. Vibrant color photos and well bound beautiful albums. We called Vic Studios again to take photos at my baby shower! His work speaks volumes and he has transformed into our family studio! So we highly recommend that all of you give him that chance to make your moment even more special!
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All the best moments were captured. Thank you Vic!

I had my wedding October 22nd 2016. We met with a few photographers and decided to go with Vic. We chose Vic because he glows with a passion for what he does. That's the kind of person you want to be working with on a special day like a Wedding. His crew arrived early to set up. Every single one of his team members were very friendly, professional and helpful. I was very nervous about the whole thing but thanks to their experienced guiding hand we felt like we been modeling for years. These guys will teach you how to strike a pose so don't sweat it if you're new to a photo shoot. They made us comfortable, got us to open up and take wonderful pictures. During the wedding while we were all dancing I noticed Vic and his team did not miss a beat. If there was a magical candid moment to capture, believe me they caught it. They know how to engage with the guests and everyone involved to get the best pictures. I couldn't be happier with the level of service.
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Vic and his team are the Best!

The most important component of a wedding is the photographer, simply because your once in a lifetime memories are captured by them. Vic and his team go above and beyond that by enhancing your memories with their unique and creative abilities to capture the moments of your special day that you didn't even notice. Vic walks you through the process from morning til the end of your reception, even filling in the void of a wedding planner. His professionalism and ability to work with the couple and their family is extraordinary. I wouldn't trust anyone else with any of my important life events.
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For Photography, Look No Further...

One of the biggest decisions my wife and I had to make for our wedding was who to hire our photographer. Word of mouth and online reviews lead us to Vic Studios and after meeting with various photographers, we chose Vic Studios and never looked back. We loved the way Vic and Arineh treated us and really appreciated their hospitality and quick responses. They made sure all of the details were ironed out well before our wedding day so that things run as smoothly as possible. They gave us so much advice and input regarding photography locations and really went out of their way to make sure we were well-informed and chose something we would love. The day of the wedding was fantastic. Of course, we had a million things running through our minds but Vic Studios ensured that photography would not be part of our concerns. The photographers were AMAZING! They were professional, kind, light-hearted and VERY knowledgeable. Besides capturing all of the traditional photos, they were able to take some great shots by simply letting us be ourselves as they did their work in the background. Their creative nature shined brightly as we were taking photos at the locations we chose. To put it simply, my wife and I feel very fortunate and blessed to have had Vic Studios capture our special day. We will absolutely be using them for future events and recommend them to anybody who wants to utilize photography services for their event!
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Best Photographer Ever

I don't know where to begin....From the moment my husband and I met Vic we knew we had found our photographer. He was professional and had such a humble and warm personality we knew he would do an amazing job. The day of my wedding was stressful, of course, but his team calmed me down and I knew one thing was certain our pictures would turn out amazing...and they did! Everyone loved him. My friend even used her for her wedding after mine. He did my bridal shower, engagement and fast forward 2 years my daughter's birthday! Words cant express how thankful I am for him and his team. They captured all our perfect moments. I recently have been working with Arineh to finalize our wedding album....she has been soo patient with me and sooo helpful!! I can't wait to have another memorable occasion so I can have Vic and his team be my photographers again. Thank you for everything Vic! You're an awesome photographer and such a great person!
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Wedding photography

I hired them for my wedding and recommended them to every bride and groom to be! The photography and videography quality of Vic Studios is outstanding and will ensure you that your special moments and events will be captured the best way possible. Beautiful photos, fun at the photoshoots and customized post production is only some of the great services, customer service is excellent and they are a great team to work with. Love it!
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Simply beyond!

Nothing but great experience working with Vic and his crew. From the day I met Vic till the wedding day and on it has been such a pleasure he not only delivered what he promises but more! As picky and attention to detail as I am when it comes to things, I must say I met my match. I had done my share of research believe me... From the known photographers in Glendale to Hollywood and on...and my first impression with Vic was all I needed to know that I had made the right choice. He not only has a vision and keen eye to things he makes sure he incorporates what you like... And that to me was soo important. In the past working with photographers it was truly annoying when they felt like they would run the show... Vic made sure all my needs were met and what was so amazing on my big day not only was he acting like a photographer he was truly my friend making sure I enjoyed my wedding day to the Max. Oh and the pictures!! The pictures speak for themselves... Not only is it beyond what is expected it catches every moment. He keeps working with you after the wedding to make sure you are completely happy. I had a very unique wedding and the team worked right into my special day... I not only got the best photos and video I really made a great friend!
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Vic is awesome!

I can't say enough good stuff about Vic Studios! My husband and I booked him as our wedding, engagement and my bridal shower photographer. We wanted someone that was easy to work with and who we could get along with for long hours. Vic was the guy! He made us feel comfortable, he was patient, and his work is amazing! He had a creative eye and knew exactly how to capture a moment. His team was equally awesome! All great people...professional talented. His office manager, Arineh, is wonderful...responsive and so sweet! We had the greatest experience working with Vic and would highly recommend him.
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Simply the Best!

Naturally, when you're getting ready for the most important party of your life, you can be a little nervous and stressed out. Since the first time we met with Vic, all the way to our big day, Vic and his staff made things so easy for me, my husband and our wedding party. There is something about him that makes you feel like everything is going to be just fine. Now, on to the pictures... Vic captured the most breathtaking shots. It absolutely blew our minds away. He went above and beyond all our expectations. Because of you and your staff, my husband and I have memories that will last a lifetime! Can't wait for you to work your magic and capture the precious memories for our little bundle of boy on the way! If you want the best, save yourself the headache and choose Vic!
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Quality service

Vic and his experienced team have exceeded our expectations on our wedding day. Me and my husband first were stunned by Vic's professional presentation when we visited his office in Pasadena and reviewed his sample works including the photo albums and videos (for all occasions). Quality is a top priority in Vic and his team mind which was also very important for us. A couple of months ago we had the pleasure to select Vic Studios to capture our big day precious moments and all I can simply say is wow - his team worked very hard to capture every detail before even I was home from the salon in the morning. Of course they also guided me with the poses but still felt I was being the natural me - I enjoyed every minute dancing with my family/ friends while Vic/and his team were able to capture these moves. It was a long day starting from my/husband's house later went to park after we headed to the church and finally the banquet hall - it was never an empty minute without the cameras and video catching us. Absolutely loved the pictures and wedding video since I stare at them now and remember how easy the whole process worked and that we made the right choice :)
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Best in the business most caring and passionate pe

Vic Studio's is the most caring and understanding person in the industry I've been to a few weddings where he has done a beautiful job. October 5, 2014 was my wedding and there was no one else I would choose besides him because I've seen his job the passion and the time Vic put into his job and the results are beautiful albums and videos.
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Unbelievable Talent and Expertise.

Vic studios truly captured the most moments of our special day! Vic and his associates are dedicated to creating unforgettable and everlasting memories for all of their clients. What I love most about Vic is his dedication to his work and his expertise. He doesn't just take photos he puts his heart and soul in to each moment. I can honestly say that Vic is absolutely the best! He has captured breathtaking photos, not to mention how amazing our wedding video is. I can't thank Vic Studios enough. Manuk and Edita 10.04.13
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Most passionate photographer

I've never written a review before but knowing what couples go through when planning a wedding I thought it would only be fair to write about my experience looking for a photographer. So if any of you are reading this, just stop looking and go with Vic and his crew at Vic Studios. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! ! The first time I met Vic was when I started planning for our wedding. I went to go see him with my mom. The minute we walked in, we felt very welcomed. We talked a little just so we get to know each other and it was very pleasant. Vic then started showing us some of his albums and videos and we were so amazed by the quality and creativity of his work. As you get to know Vic, you will realize how passionate he is and that really reflects in his work. Then we started talking about packages and prices and he was very reasonable considering other vendors charging an arm and a leg. Vic and his crew are very respectful, professional and very easy to work with. We met with Vic about 3-4 times before the wedding and each time he was nothing but friendly and we would talk as if we have known each other for years. His demeanor and expertise makes you feel at ease which is extremely important. We're so glad we got a chance to meet him and work with him. We will definitely hire him for our future events. We HIGHLY recommend him! !
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The most caring and professional photographer

Trust and Respect are the two things that remind me of Vic Studio. The Vic Studio crew has an amazing talent for capturing "moments" which is exactly what I wanted for my engagement party. They truly care about their work which is really valuable for me. I could not be more happier with them. Vic is an amazing person that takes time and explains all the packages and the things that you need to know. Their price is reasonable and compared to their work is really nothing. I cannot count how many people said they were impressed with their way of interacting with people, their skill and most of all their work. You would never regret choosing them
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