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We are a travel agency specializing in honeymoons and family vacation packages with the best rates. If you purchase a honeymoon special, we will include a free limo transportation service from your home to LAX airport.


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Look No Further!

I absolutely love Tina's services. I recently booked a family vacation to Riviera Maya this year through Tina and everything surpassed my expectations. Even with a group over 20, our whole trip was smooth and we didn't encounter any unexpected surprises. I was so satisfied with my trip, I even booked my honeymoon with Tina's travel!! Her pricing and service is unbeatable!! If you are planning a trip and are looking for a great experience, look no further! I would recommend her business to EVERYONE! Thanks so much for everything Tina, you've been great!
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Thanks Tina for all the work you done for me. Tina got me the best price and the best hotel on my honeymoon.I would recommenced everyone to get their honeymoon or any other travel needs.
Posted By: | Oct 10th, 2009 | View all my reviews
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