Reviews written by Anonymous22

Harout Pamboukjian

He's a has been

He used to be good... We couldn't find him most of the time. It's frustrating to treat a wedding singer like a child. We hired him for my brother's wedding, and literally had to have someone waiting by the stage to make sure he doesn't run off again. He seems to forget song lyrics, I noticed he just kept repeating the chorus in a song I was familiar with. I can imagine what he was doing with the songs I wasn't familiar with. Don't get me wrong, the guy's one of the best Armenian singers of all time. But Janice Dickenson used to be one of the best models in the world... doesn't mean I'd hire her for my runway now.
Sep 13th, 2011


We thank you for not being rabiz

We were so happy to have Arno at our wedding. He's not rabiz like other wedding singers, and he's not boring like some overly "zhoghovurtakan" singers that some people have. He was festive, and kept everyone dancing the whole night. He sang really good songs. We think he sounds like a young Harout. He's reasonably priced, well spoken, and is a very humble person which is so refreshing when planning a wedding. I'd highly recommend him. We had him performing with Seroj and Axteci Ruben for the best Armenian music around.
Sep 13th, 2011

Addicted 2B Jeweled

The Most Beautiful Part of My Wedding

Knar didn't just make me a beautiful tiara, she saved my wedding. Here's the story. I tried saving some money and going by some other lady. Long story short, this lady bailed on me 2 weeks before my wedding. She flew to Armenia for an "emergency" and had her son call and tell me that she can no longer make my tiara.
I had read about Knar on, and had heard about her from my sister as well. I gave her a call and explained the situation to her. She was immediately sympathetic and wanted to see what she can do to make it happen. She met with me like a day later and wrote down all my thoughts and ideas for the vintage glamorous tiara I wanted. She created the most beautiful tiara I have ever seen, not just in my family, not just in Armenian weddings, but in the world. I'm serious. I've literally had over 100 people ask me about the piece she made.
You can't put a price on good taste. Knar has amazing taste. She only uses the finest crystals. She doesn't waste time with cheap fillers. She doesn't make any false promises. She went above and beyond... oh and let me not forget to mention that she was 8 MONTHS PREGNANT when she spent all that time ordering, rush shipping, and creating the most beautiful tiara in the world.
She's worth every penny. I can't recommend her highly enough. It was the most beautiful element of my wedding. I shined and it was all thanks to her.
Sep 13th, 2011

Rafi's Pastry & Cakes

Best Out There

He's probably the best in the world. Or in my world, which is limited to a tangible radius circulating Glendale.
He made me three hat cakes (look so real!!) for a hat themed bridal shower. They were 3 big detailed cakes, for $250. My wedding cake is going to be the cake from Sex & The City 2. Another cake vendor quoted me $6,000 for it. Rafi's doing it for $900.
I went cake tasting and just couldn't decide everything is so delicious! Unique, but not weird unique you know? He's got brownie cakes, red velvet, mocha, vanilla with fresh strawberries, chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting MAN HE''S GOT A LOT OF STUFF!!!
He's also going to make a cruise ship cake for my nephew's christening, and a spongebob cake for his teething party..
Anyway, if you need to order a cake, custom or not, he's the best around. He'll make the most beautiful and delicious cake for the best price around. I don't even like cake, and this is a big deal.
Aug 1st, 2011