Reviews written by Diannaser

Jay Jay Productions

Talented photographer Hands Down!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, my wedding pictures say a billion. I cannot begin to explain how blessed I am to have had such a wonderful photographer with his crew; film and photograph the moments my husband and I missed and capture the most silent but yet most beautiful pictures on June 30, 2012. I received my pictures last night and all it took was one phone call. Jay's wife is as amazing as he is. She is a sweetheart, modest and just lovely inside and out. I am utterly just stunned to how beautiful my wedding pictures came out. I am so confused to which one should go into the album because it's just so hard to pick only a 100 out of so many gorgeous pictures. Choosing to have two photographers was the best idea ever. It brings me to tears that the day of my wedding is over but these pictures they expressed the joy we had that and it will last a lifetime. I am out of words when it comes to Jay Jay Photography. I mean honestly, God blessed him with this breathtaking talent. It's not just about how amazing his work is, it's not a job for Jay, it's the fact that he loves what he does. That is exactly what my husband and I felt when Jay was taking our pictures. We felt calm and did the craziest things because we knew and trusted Jay and his astounding ideas. With his enthusiastic comments and hilarious jokes we felt like we were with family friends. I needed to express what I feel for Jay's photography because he is one of a kind. Jay Jay Photography is the best photographer I have EVER had and I will never have someone else photograph my events besides Jay and his crew. Jay Jay Photography is the best HANDS DOWN. I have had so many friends complain of their photographs and how their wedding was ruined because the photographer was just awful and not kind. Jay, literally made us laugh so hard and made it so easy to be just simply elegant. It is my opinion but no one will ever meet the standards of Jay Jay Photography. My wedding pictures say the words of our hearts through the lens of Jay's. Powerful pictures to the point where whoever looks at our pictures are in love right away. My heart feels like exploding every time I look at these pictures, they are just so beautiful I want all of them. I wanted to write this to those who are in confusion of whom to pick as their photographer. Jay is the one. You will not be disappointed 100%. I am so thankful to Jay, his wife, and his crew for making my wedding pictures unforgettable breathtaking and leaving me and everyone else who sees them, speechless. I am so delighted to have chosen such a brilliant photographer. Thank you to Jay for capturing the most important day of our lives. These will be the pictures we will show our children because these magnificent pictures last a lifetime and Jay captured it all. I believe if Jay left us breathless and captured the most beautiful pictures then he will surely leave you feeling this way also. This is not the end, it is only the beginning and my husband and I wish him all the best in his career. We love our wedding pictures, cannot get enough looking at them. Words are not enough to express what joy Jay brought to us with these beautiful pictures that are going to last a lifetime. I cannot wait to see the video! Thank you to Jay and his amazing crew!!!
Sep 27th, 2012