Reviews written by IvetaO

Jay Jay Productions

Amazing Work, Professional Staff, Breathtaking Pho

Being the picky perfectionist that I am, the photography for my wedding had to be top-of-the-line. With that in mind, Jay Jay Productions was the first and ONLY photography studio we visited. Aside from all the phenomenal recommendations from his past clients, Jay's work speaks for itself. The photos in his studio are incredible; each and every image captures a unique vantage point. No two photos are the same.

I had no doubt in my mind that Jay would do an amazing job photographing our wedding. He met and surpassed ALL of our expectations. His team was so pleasant to work with - professional, kind, respectful and knowledgeable. They made us, our entire wedding party, family and friends feel comfortable and in our zone on such a big and nerve-wracking day. We still receive compliments on how professional yet respectful his team was to our guests.

Most importantly, the photos Jay Jay Productions produced are out of this world. These images continue to astound us each and every time we look at them; we will never get sick of them. The uniqueness, individuality and talent put into each and every photo renders them timeless and simply incredible.

There are so many amateur photographers these days, trying too hard to mess with lighting, angles, and so forth that they make couples' photos look like a joke on the most important day of their lives. Let me tell you something, you get what you pay for. The last thing you want is an amateur photoshopping your wedding pictures into a second-rate version of somebody else's. It takes real skill, expertise and EXPERIENCE to get quality, original photographs, and look no further than Jay Jay Studios to get just that.

Thank you Jay and his wonderful team for providing us with such amazing service, professionalism and, most importantly, the most beautiful images of our special day we could have asked for. I will not hesitate to recommend Jay Jay Productions to anybody looking to capture their special memories in a timeless, sophisticated and original way.

Oct 8th, 2012