Reviews written by LVLILLY

If there was a 100+ on this rating tab, Artak would exceed it! He is phenomenal. My husband and I have been married for over a year and until now people come to our house and ask to see our album. We can't get enough of the breathtaking moments that this professional photographer has captured, and our many many thanks go out to him every time we open our wedding album.
Not only is Artak so professional, but he's also a perfectionist and a true artist. His understanding and excited approach fills your heart with warmness and comfort.
We're VERY pleased with Artak's work and wouldn't change anything for the world. He worked NON-STOP from 9am until 4am, just in time for the pamidorov dzevadzegh.
Artak jan, if you read this, Karen u yes kezanits shat shnorakalenk and we've referred you to as many people as we possibly could.
Save some time in the near future for a family picture with our baby girl. = )
Jun 17th, 2009