Reviews written by SOS

Talin Film Photo & Video

Wedding video at it's best

Edo was our videographer for our wedding and I must say that he did a phenomenal job. I'm watching our video as I write this review and I cannot begin to say how pleased I am. He captured every moment and I really feel like I'm reliving our special day. Since he used a HD camera, our entire wedding was on a blu-ray DVD. You could see the sweat glistening off of everyone's head on the dance floor :) Absolutely loving it
Feb 13th, 2011

Red Point Studio

Attentive photographer and very talented

I had seen Narek's work for many years and I knew that I wanted him to be our photographer for our wedding. I'm very pleased to say that he has fulfilled all of our expectations. He is very talented and the pictures are breathtakingly beautiful. We are going to have rather difficult time picking a final set for our digital album because they are all so picturesque. Couple of things that I noticed at my wedding was how hard he worked in trying to capture every moment. There were times that I said, "wow, I wish Narek could catch this moment", then I would turn around and find him exactly were he needed to be snapping away. He didn't miss a beat and he was as alert earlier on in the day as he was at the end. We highly recommend him and would definitely hire him again. Thank you very much for all your work, Narek!
Feb 7th, 2011