Reviews written by ShantT

JB Clothiers

Perfect fit!

Love my JB Clothiers suit and shirt! Best fit ever! I own several suits, and I've had to alter all of them in the past. JB's custom suit is the only suit I own that fits. Jerry was phenomenal to work with. He knows his craft and he takes the time to get to know you. The whole experience was both educational and fun, and I'm thrilled to finally have a suit and shirt that fit me perfectly!
Sep 14th, 2017


Everybody dance now!

Music is very important to my wife and I, so we wanted to make sure we had great entertainment for our wedding.

Fortunately, we didn't have to wait long before finding the perfect person to perform at our wedding - Sako.

We first met Sako when he performed at the 2009 Premier Bridal Event and we liked what we saw! He had a great voice, gave a powerful performance, and made us want to dance. So we were excited to learn that Sako was available to perform at our wedding.

During the wedding, Sako kept the dance floor packed. In fact, looking back at our wedding videos, the tables were practically empty since everybody was up dancing during Sako's performance.

We had a lot of guests who weren't Armenian, and we were pleased to see them out on the dance floor busting moves along with everyone else.
Sako, thank you for giving us such a great performance and making our wedding such an exciting and memorable event!
Nov 15th, 2010

BGS Productions

Watching the video is like reliving the wedding

Brian covered our wedding last August, and he more than exceeded our expectations.

While choosing a videographer, I was very particular in what I wanted. I wanted a documentary-style video that would allow me to re-experience my wedding as if I was there all over again. I didn't want an overly edited MTV-style music video. I wanted to hear the original audio, I wanted to hear the music that was actually playing at the wedding, I wanted to hear what people were actually saying. I wanted something timeless that I could look back upon 30 years later and re-live the special moments of the wedding.

And when we met Brian for the first time, I was delighted to know that this was exactly his style! And plus, Brian is a great guy and very enthusiastic about his work, so choosing Brian as our videographer was an easy decision for me.

The day of the wedding, Brian was always around, capturing all of the action, yet he was very unobtrusive and didn't get in the way. Brian also added a special artistic touch by capturing some scenes in a very special and creative way. For example, he took a nice shot of my beautiful bride as seen through one of the lenses of my glasses as I was looking at her. I didn't realize what he was doing when he said "Hey, just stand right there, look straight ahead, oh this is going to look so cool later!". And it did look pretty cool later!

And Brian was pretty quick to give us our final videos. We had barely begun to unpack our bags from the honeymoon when Brian sent us a short little "preview" for our wedding video. It was amazing, and very emotional. The final video followed shortly thereafter.

For the final video, Brian had incorporated songs that we had requested, and synchronized the music with the scenes. The final product told a beautiful story that captured all the entire wedding. Watching the video felt like traveling in time back to our wedding day.

Thank you Brian, for allowing us to remember our wedding forever!
Nov 15th, 2010