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DJ Artin

Most amazing wedding DJ!

My advice to all brides to be, the music at your wedding is what makes your wedding! Hope my story helps. My now husband and I met DJ Artin last year at a friend's wedding and were instantly impressed! Since we were in the midst of planning our wedding, we were paying tremendous attention to all aspects and details at every wedding we attended. One major factor for us was the music, since we both love to dance and wanted to basically have a huge party celebrating us! Spoke to several well known DJ's prior to meeting Artin and we really felt like we were being told how things would be instead of asking us how we would like things! One DJ even gave us a schedule along with his contract, that was not acceptable for us! So from the second we heard Artin announce the bridal party and pronounce everyone's name correctly, we knew he was a pro at this. When we finally met with him to discuss our wedding, he completely took us by surprise when he first asked us what kind of a celebration we envisioned and what we actually wanted as opposed to how he does things. He took the time to got to know us both individually and as a couple and really allowed us to explain our wants! I mentioned to him we were struggling to pick our first dance song and didn't really know what song to choose since we had many favorites, he told us to email him a list of the songs and he'll help us out, I thought to myself, I'm not going to let someone else pick my song but agreed to give him the list anyways (one of the best decisions I've ever made). About few weeks later, we get a call from him telling us he has our first song and wants to meet with us, so my fiancé at the time and I met with him and had a very generous surprise. He had made us our own song, mixing our favorite songs together telling the story of how we met and fell in love! I was literally in tears! When the big day finally came, he definitely over delivered, he played nonstop for 6 hours with the exception of maybe a 20 minute break for us to make our speech! At one point I looked over to the tables and noticed there were only several elderly relatives sitting down, everybody else was on the dance floor! We had an amazing wedding, it really was one huge party, which was exactly what we wanted! Thank you, thank you, thank you DJ Artin, for making our big day one of the most incredible celebrations we've ever had! Highly recommended!!!
Oct 11th, 2018