Reviews written by Vardanush

Petals LA


Petals LA made the vision we had for our wedding day become reality. Saco and Artin brought to life what we had always dreamed of for our wedding day.

During the initial consultation they sat with us and carefully listened to our ideas. They were very passionate and eager to share ideas and create a beautiful wedding for us. Our sample arrangements were gorgeous but they managed to go above and beyond for our wedding day. My wedding bouquet was stunning, the church was classy and chic and the floral arrangements at the reception took my breath away. I was very impressed and speechless. Petals LA created the classy modern wedding I had always wanted. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful wedding day.

We had a trust with Saco and Artin that I had never built working with anyone before. Their passion and motivation made me feel at ease on the most important day of my life. This quality is very rare to find nowadays, and for this reason I will always go to Petals LA for my special occasions. I highly recommend Petals LA to any bride and groom. Thank you Petals LA for creating my dream wedding!
Jan 29th, 2012