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Jay Jay Productions

Absolute Best!

Jay and all of his crew is absolutely AMAZING! Honestly, I cant even imagine choosing anyone else. My wedding was almost a year ago and I still smile every time I remember my wedding day and the days coming up to it. From the first day we went to Jay's office to book for the Wedding Jay and Ani where the absolute best, they are so kind and helpful. My husband and I had trouble finding a park place so we kept on emailing and calling Jay and Ani for suggestions of what we should do and they were so helpful every single time. During the Wedding Day the whole team was so wonderful! They made us feel at ease while capturing the essence of our special day. Jay and his team made us laugh the entire time and made the wedding day that much more special. My husband and I still talk about and the funny things that Jay, Edgar, Mayis, and the rest of the crew did to make us laugh. Jay did everything to take the most beautiful pictures. He caught the most precious moments that I couldn't be more thankful of him. I definitely recommend Jay to anyone that is looking for the absolute best, most creative, and kindest team!

Sev & Arsy
Sep 8, 2012
Aug 15th, 2013