Reviews written by happy and in love

Design By Ashley

She will make it the best looking wedding ever!

I just got married in California and I live in Arizona. It was very hard for me to get everything exactly how i wanted it since I live so far. But Ashley is something else. I told her what i was looking for and she made it 10 times better. My last words were, "Ashley I might say I want something a certain way but at this point I put my trust in you and leave it in your hands, please just make my wedding look nice" Let me tell you it was not nice it was out of this world. She used so many flowers and the colors came together so well. Let me just say I have been married 3 weeks and have given her number to 4 people and everyone keeps telling me how wonderful it all looked. MY pink dreams came true because of her :)
Aug 29th, 2009

Heartbeat DJ

Dance the night away!

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful . . . . Everyone was up all on their feet all night. Great mix of music, put a smile on everyone's face :) Thank you Vasken!!
Aug 29th, 2009