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DO NOT HIRE. Beware.

Deceitful, disappointing and terrible to work with. Like many other reviews here, the two women that own and run this business are not to be trusted with your wedding or special events. After we signed a contract they continued to ask for more money. Similar to other reviews, she asked fo $4,000 more, with no itemized reason how she arrived to that number. Most of our conversations revolved around her asking for more money rather than the florals or design. First it was $500, then $2000 and then $4000 a month away from our wedding! Terribly unprofessional. They were not only difficult to work with but were deceitful. They promised one thing and when our wedding came, they under delivered. She and her team and myself agreed to specific floral arrangements for our overall wedding look and and confirmed their appearance and on the wedding day- they were not what we agreed on whatsoever. They were sparse, limited in fullness and small. The worst part was the floral arrangement on the entrance door to our wedding venue, it was supposed to have white flowers and greenery and when the wedding day came, it was all branches and sparse greenery. Talk about an embarrassment of craftsmanship and design. SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT. You can tell she does not care about her customers. I would never recommend this business to anyone. After we had booked her, others began to warn us about her and her poor professional skills and ability to deliver. Consider yourself warned.
Feb 6th, 2022