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Jay Jay Productions

Read it, Imagine it, Hire Jay Jay!

I've worked with Jay as a wedding planner and bridal gown designer on several events. Always ends with my clients happy, and Jay on completion with another journey into the start of a marriage. His dedication, talent, passion and devotion to photography is the reason I approached him above any and all photographers that I have worked with, to join me in my most fascinating journey - my wedding ceremony in Armenia.

My husband and I both share the same love and passion for our country Armenia as Jay does. We booked Jay to fly out to Yerevan with us, to capture unbelievable memories that to this moment have our friends, families, and colleagues in the bridal industry talking. As cliche as it sounds, on my wedding day, I felt like the most beautiful bride ever. I'm not one to share what I have or to brag about myself, but my photos are so completely out of this world that I cannot do anything but share with everyone. In my couture gown and veil, at the ancient church of Saint Hripsime, I walked down the aisle to the man of my dreams, my best friend, my companion, and Jay was there to capture these breathtaking moments. We toured Armenia to some of the most historical places, where every step you take shouts a story. Jay can show you these photos and tell you these stories. From Ejmiadzin to Zvartnots, Khor Virap to Garni Geghard, not to mention covering all grounds in Yerevan, we had such a fun time with Jay, and his assistant Steve. We shared our love and laughter, from romantic moments to just good old fashion fun, eating fruits from a local field, the fun just wouldn't end. I wake up every day upset to be away from my country, dreaming of when I can go back. My wedding day felt like a dream, as if it were too good to be true. But then Jay shared my photos, and it all came back to me. My photo's bring tears to my eyes, and I can only imagine for the years to come. It's one thing to have a good photographer, but it's truly another when your photographer has a passion for what he does, where and who he does it with. I knew I made the right choice in asking Jay to come on this journey with my husband and I. I can only say so much, but to ask you to imagine this:

A photo of a bride, showered in lace, wings spread out into the blue sky, clouds of white diverting from the ruin of what once was God's home, I am pure, I am God's child, bring me home into my roots, what once was will once be again, I am a bride of Armenia and God......if you can imagine this you have passion and skill. It took passion and skill to capture this moment....this moment was captured and could only be captured by the one and only Jay Jay.

Choose wisely. Anyone can take a photo. Not everyone can capture a moment of purity, beauty, a story that speaks endless words.
Oct 22nd, 2013

Ruzanna's Flower Shop

Absolutely Stunning

Ruzanna has a special eye and heart for what she does. From ready made arrangements to high scale event orders, she always uses the freshest and most vibrant available. I highly suggest her for your events.
Aug 30th, 2011