Reviews written by vpogosian

Blooming Flower

Beautiful Masterpieces

I wish Blooming Flower in North Hollywood was around when I was planning my wedding. She creates one of a kind pieces that you would not even imagine. You get more than what you pay for! Truly amazing.
Dec 15th, 2009
Their cakes are one of the best out there. I especially love their marble cake. I regret that I did not use them for my wedding. Every time I went to purchase a cake, I always received a wonderful service.
Dec 15th, 2009

Artush Photography

Best Service

Artush is one of the best photographers ever! He has a great eye for capturing precious moments. After seeing his work for my engagement, I knew I had to use him for my wedding. Within a week he presented me with my pictures which is unheard of (especially wedding pictures). I loved every single one of them. My wedding album was amazing and I did not have to change anything. He has the best judgment on choosing the perfect pictures for you to relive your special day! I recommend him to anyone who wants to get the best service!
Dec 15th, 2009