Armenian Traditions - Part 2: Wedding Day Traditions

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The Bride's Shoes:

Once the bride is dressed in her wedding gown, the closest male member of her family enters her dressing room to help the bride wear her wedding shoes. This member of her family can be a brother, cousin, or even a close family friend.

It is also part of Armenian tradition for a member of the bride's wedding party to hold one of the bride’s shoes for ransom until they are paid by the groom or member of his wedding party. This can be fun for about 5 minutes, just as long as the bride’s family members don’t drag it out for a long time and send the bride into a panic!

In addition, every single female present during the bride’s dressing process writes their name on the bottom of the bride’s shoes for good luck. As each single female gets married, the bride crosses off the girl’s name from her shoes.

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The Bride's Veil:

Before the veil is placed on the bride’s head, the bride circles the veil over the head of each single female present during her dressing to bring them good luck in finding their Mr. Right.

The person who places the veil on the bride’s head should be a woman who has been happily married for many years. This blessing is meant to bring the bride good fortune.

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The Bride's Dressing Room:

The bride’s closest friends and family members usually gather a day before the wedding at the bride's home to help decorate the bride’s dressing room as well as other areas of the house. It is important for the bride’s dressing room to look decorated since there will be a lot of pictures taken in that room with the bride, bridal party, and the bride’s immediate family.

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Evil Eye:

The “evil-eye” charm, which is called the “Atchka Ooloonk” in Armenian is a blue charm featuring an eye. It is meant to protect one from the envious "evil-eye" which can bring bad fortune. The modern-day bride wears the blue charm as her something blue.


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