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With a modern and pleasing selection of international music, DJ Sevag will take your wedding to a whole new level. Your guests will be thrilled to dance to today's hits along with the traditional hits of yester-year, all mixed seamlessly throughout the night. It will be the wedding everyone remembers, and it will be yours.
Book DJ Sevag and tell your hall you won't be needing any chairs. (Don't really tell them you don't need chairs)
We urge you to visit to understand the level of professionalism, precision and organization that you can expect from one of LA's top international djs.


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Awesome DJ!

DJ Sevag was at the wedding I attended this past weekend on 2/22/20 at the Armenian Catholic church hall, he was absolutely amazing! He knew exactly which songs to play to get the crowd going. The bridal party had decided to make a surprise dance for the bride and groom, so being part of the bridal party I emailed DJ Sevag prior to the wedding to send him the mix. He was very easy to get a hold of and he responded soon after. He knew exactly when to switch songs and genres of songs throughout the night. He was also easy to approach when people wanted to suggest certain songs. He also played all songs that were suggested throughout the night. Without a doubt one of the best DJs I've seen. I would definitely recommend him to others and would definitely use his services for the next event!
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Best DJ

My now husband and I booked DJ Sevag to be our DJ for our wedding in September of 2019 at Arbat Banquet Hall. The music was great and our guests never left the dance floor. He was able to get an understanding of what type of music people wanted and played them. We are so glad we picked DJ Sevag. Thank you for making our wedding awesome.
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If I could give 6 stars, I would!

When we were looking for a DJ for our wedding last month in Glendale, CA, DJ Sevag's name kept coming up via friends, other wedding vendors, and coincidentally when we had the opportunity to watch his work at several other weddings in 2019. He did not disappoint!! From the first time we called and spoke with him, he was professional, friendly, direct, and immediately felt like someone we could trust. We met with him once prior to the wedding to discuss details of the reception timeline and special music requests. After the meeting we felt confident and at ease that the reception would run smoothly. At the reception, the music was completely on point with what we discussed, he kept the energy up all night, even during the most minor lulls on the dance floor, and he always looked like he was having a great time too! DJ Sevag checked in with us multiple times throughout the night regarding the timeline, any new requests, and if we were happy with how things were going so far. He was a huge part of why we had such an amazing time at our own wedding, and why the guests continue to tell us it was one of the best weddings they've ever attended. We couldn't have asked for anything more! We'd recommend DJ Sevag to any of our friends!
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The One That Makes You Dance Non-Stop

Our wedding was on September 13th (aka Friday the 13th), held at the Intercontinental Century City at Beverly Hills. DJ Sevag's performance was so great that he played at our ceremony and reception. He ensured the sound wasn't too overwhelming so that the guests could enjoy and mingle. The transitioning of songs from couples dance to father-daughter dance was so smooth that reduced the stress of the wedding. Prior to the wedding, he met with us in person and via phone to make sure everything is going to our liking. We highly recommend DJ Sevag for your upcoming events!!!
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Don't look further...Sevag is the only choice for

My husband and I got married September 8th, 2019 at Kaladjian Hall (formerly known as Ritz Celebration). I was apprehensive at first because we were having a small wedding of 120 people and thought the dance floor would look bare most of the night but Sevag had everyone on the dance floor partying until the very end! The dance floor was always packed and he played all the songs we had requested along with many great hits that are a must at any event!! The DJ makes or breaks your event and Sevag made our wedding night a total success!! Everyone kept telling us how much fun they were having and told us it was one of the most fun weddings they've been to in a long time! Sevag was my first and only choice and I'm so grateful he was available for our special night!
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He is the best

Dj Sevak was amazing. He did the best job at our wedding. We cant ask for anything better. He is amazing guy and know the music very well. Sevak jan thank you for everything you did at our wedding.
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Top of the line experience

You don't need to look for anyone else. Just go ahead and book with DJ Sevag now. Our wedding was last week and we partied the entire time! If you want someone that will take care of the logistics of the event so you can enjoy the night DJ Sevag is the person for you. We met with him once before booking and then again a few days before the wedding and both times he was so incredibly organized and helpful. He went through the events of the night and tweaked it so it met our needs. He also gave us advice when we asked for it and his experience. We didn't give him much to go on with music but he nailed it. He catered to the crowed and just kept them going. We basically had 2 breaks during the wedding, one right after the entrance and before the first dance and the second during a couple speeches. The rest of the time was a non-stop party and exactly what we were looking for. Just to reiterate what all the other reviews say, make sure to go with DJ Sevag. You will not regret it.
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Our guests danced until 4am!

DJ Sevag went above and beyond our expectations to set the tone, mood and PARTY for our dream wedding! My husband and I got married this past June (2019) and we had a formal reception at Taglyan, Hollywood. It’s been over a month and our guests still haven’t stopped praising us about our wedding night. We know this is majorly due to our fantastic DJ who rocked the dance floor until 4am! Prior to the wedding, we met with him twice. First as an interview, which is when we automatically knew he was the one! He showed us how detail oriented and catering he was to our needs. During the second meeting he went into detail with the hourly plan for the night and we gave him a list of our must have songs. He eased so much of our stress away with his hospitality, knowledge, and confidence. My husband and I are VERY picky when it comes to music and we needed a DJ who could play not only a list of our favorite songs (70s, 80s, 90s, Hip Hop & dance) but also a wide range of Middle Eastern music to cater our guests and both sides of the family. Let me just say, he delivered it all so perfectly and we couldn’t be more grateful!!! My husband’s side of the family is Iraqi-Armenian and he played some wonderful dance-y Baghdadi tracks that had the whole dance floor shaking. My side of the family is half Lebanese-Armenian, half full blown American & literally everyone was having a blast together. It was beautiful. We highly, highly recommend DJ Sevag!! One tip: Book him as soon as you set your date, or you will miss out!
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Can't go wrong with this DJ

My wedding was in New Orleans (Loews hotel on Poydras), and since our Armenian population is not that high, we of course did not have a local DJ. I flew DJ Sevag in for his services, and am grateful that I did. Even though we were working together over long distance, he always kept in touch, and set up meetings to discuss what the plans of the day will be. He also communicated well with our wedding organizer. His mix of Arabic, Armenian, and English kept the dance floor hopping at all times. My family that flew in from Egypt felt like the wedding was in Egypt. Sevag takes a lot of pride in his work. He is extremely professional, the price for his service is very fair, and on top of everything, he is simply a nice guy. He is a major reason for why our wedding was a fantastic success. Thank you Sevag! Sincerely, Jack & Lauren
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You Found The One!!! Again.. ;)

Let me start at the beginning, how we found DJ Sevag as simple as that we heard him perform at one of our friends’ wedding and we loved him. Soon after that wedding we got his contact info met with him and started planning our wedding with him. A couple of things that made us confident that we made a good decision by choosing him was his performance at our friends’ wedding, of course, his flexibility and his professionalism as well as his experience in the industry. Scheduling meetings with him was very easy, short and sweet. No wasting time, we could tell he knew what he was doing. We told him what kind of music we wanted and he started throwing out ideas and songs right away. 80’s 90’s Spanish music etc. At our last meeting and second overall, about two weeks before our wedding, he had a complete timeline of how things were going to go if it fit our ideas. For us it was really nice because we had no idea how everything was supposed to go, like when is the cake cutting, when is the father daughter and mother son dance, grand entrance, who should we introduce and so on. DJ Sevag did a great job at communicating with us throughout the party. He made sure multiple times that everything is measuring up and that both us and our guests like his performance. Last but not least, he also worked very well with other vendors. Photographer and mariachi just to mention a few. From the beginning to the end, DJ Sevag went to infinity and beyond and if I had to describe him with a few words I’ll say amazing, simply amazing. We definitely and highly recommend DJ Sevag. Ps. Don’t wait to book him. You won’t want to miss out!
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Only the BEST in the Industry!

If you want THE BEST DJ in the industry stop your search now because you found him. Sevag is the best DJ I have ever worked with or experienced in my entire life. My fiance and I are MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR picky with music. If you can get us to say WOW that was amazing then you are simply the best. We have been going to a lot of weddings and events these past two years and every event we say the music could have been better. When it came down to finding our DJ for our wedding we took everything very very seriously. After talking to Sevag we KNEW he was the perfect man for the job. He understood exactly what we were looking for and he was so professional yet very personable and friendly. We had never heard him play, but we felt confident he would be the best. When my bridal shower came along I decided to stick with Sevag and almost have like a trial run for the wedding at that event. I will say with confidence that Sevag is the reason my guests and I had so much fun on my shower. EVERYONE and I truly mean EVERYONE was talking about my event and the DJ for weeks afterward. Sevag BLEW ME AWAY. Honestly, I'm not just saying this because it was my own event! He truly is amazing. He knows how to read the crowd and see what type of music they want and what they don't really enjoy. All 115 of my guests were on the dance floor. There wasn't a single person who didn't dance! Choose Sevag with confidence. I promise you WILL NOT find a better DJ in this industry. It is impossible!
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Best DJ ever!!!

Our wedding is coming up in a couple of months and we’re so excited that we’ll be having Sevag there to get the party going! He was the DJ at my brother's wedding and a couple of friends' weddings too. He knows what the crowd wants and knows how to get everyone up and on the dance floor! My fiancé and I knew right away that we wanted Sevag as our DJ as well. We’re so excited and we can’t wait to work with Sevag!
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Everyone was on the dance floor!

Sevag was amazing! His years of experience were incredibly valuable when it came to planning the evening timeline and the types of music we wanted to play. When time came for the big day, Sevag was a true professional. He kept the entire wedding party and all the guests on the dance floor all night long. We originally were scheduled to stop the wedding at midnight and the party went on until well after 1 a.m. He has impeccable taste in music and knows what kinds of songs different types of Armenian backgrounds and different age groups love! Thank you Sevag for making the wedding such a memorable night! You have our highest recommendations!!!
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Your next event NEEDS DJ Sevag!

I recently got married on 1/19/19 at Vertigo Event Venue, and booking Sevag for my wedding was hands down the easiest and best decision we made throughout the whole wedding process. I had been to events in the past where I remember seeing Sevag as the DJ, and I remember looking back at those events thinking we had a great time, so when it came to choosing a DJ for my own wedding, it was a no brainer. Professional, personable, reasonable, and flat out amazing! From the moment we met Sevag, we knew he was the one to complete our special day. He is very detail oriented and makes sure he spends enough time with you prior to your event to make sure everything runs smoothly and how YOU envisioned it. From the grand entrance, to the first dance, speeches, to the last dance, Sevag has it all down and keeps your guests dancing ALL NIGHT LONG! He did an outstanding job blending the two different types of Armenian families together (I am Lebanese-Armenian and my husband is Persian-Armenian). Everyone had an amazing time at my wedding and couldn’t stop dancing! Even the venue manager mentioned to us that he had not seen a crowd party like this in a very long time. Thank you Sevag!!!
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DJ Sevag Makes It Look Easy!

I created this Harsanik account for the sole purpose of posting a review for DJ Sevag! He’s patient and professional, going through each step of your event in prewedding meetings. He has a template to keep things organized, laying out the most important songs (First Dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, etc.) and the schedule for the night to make sure it flows seamlessly. On our first meeting, Sevag told us: “Don’t worry if you don’t have a wedding planner. I’ll help you pace the wedding. I’ll make sure we don’t start your first song until you’ve had something to eat and can enjoy your first dance as husband and wife.” He checked on us constantly, making sure we were ready for the speeches, the cake cutting, and the gift exchange. That’s not a typical level of kindness and professionalism you’ll receive from every wedding vendor (as I’m sure you’re all aware of by now). For Sevag, that’s just how he operates :) Trust me, in the final few weeks before the wedding you’ll have a lot to stress about. Hire DJ Sevag, and your entertainment wont be one of them. We had an INCREDIBLE wedding day - Sevag kept everyone dancing the entire night. Years of experience means he knows how to read the crowd perfectly, transitioning between genres effortlessly. We owe him all the thanks in the world for making our night even more special! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Best DJ!

We hired DJ Sevag for our wedding in San Francisco and he was AMAZING! First, he is so organized. Second, he really caters to his clients. Third, he makes your wedding one to remember! He made sure he was pronouncing the names of the bridal party correctly, called us and went over specific details for the day, met with us before we entered the reception and played the best music! Our guests all keep telling us how amazing he was! We had a Dhol/Zurna band come as well and he worked so well with them and even put on an instrumental beat to go along with what they were playing. I don't think our wedding would have been as much fun if DJ Sevag wasn't our Dj. We are so happy with who we chose and we will definitely be recommending him to future brides & grooms!
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Entertainment to the max!!

DJ Sevag exceeded my expectations. You can see all the numerous excellent reviews he has, but let it be known that they are all true. Having him perform at your wedding will leave every bride and groom with a feeling of UTMOST satisfaction and pure happiness! He brings forth such a professional demeanor with how he conducts business and also how he carries the night through, but more importantly he is as FUN as ever. With regards to his services, in essence, he was like a day-of coordinator for us with how he set up our timeline for us. Nothing was left to question with how he progressed the evening and communicated with us the entire evening. The music was out of this world too!! I can't say enough just how many compliments I received from my guests as to how wonderful DJ Sevag was. We had a good mix of non-Armenians at our wedding too and he played the perfect mix and balance of catering to everyone there. The selection of songs was left up to him and he was on point! We also loved the way he transitioned from one song to the next so smoothly. We chose to have a singer for 1 hour, but I think the crowd enjoyed DJ Sevag more. It's really important to choose a DJ that jives with your style and you feel like he understands what you'd want. We got that impression with DJ Sevag right off the bat in our first meeting with him and knew we didn't have to look any further. Sevag, you are simply just amazing at what you do and we loved everything about your character too! Thank you for not disappointing!!
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Would Definitely Recommend Again

DJ Sevag surpassed all my expectations. In the three years that I have been coordinating weddings, I have had very little experiences with DJs who kept all of the guests engaged and who truly understood the importance of the day when it came to the bride and groom. I am thrilled to say that DJ Sevag went above and beyond in not only this but in making sure that all vendors were in the loop regarding any changes in the timeline that took place during the evening. He alerted all the speakers and gave them a heads up regarding their upcoming toasts. He took the time of the sunset into consideration and collaborated with the photographers to ensure the bride and groom were able to squeeze in their sunset photos. Above all, he was both vigilant and flexible with the timeline. If changes needed to be made throughout the evening, he informed me, the coordinator, first and had me approve it. DJ Sevag arrived early to begin setting up and formally introduced himself to me. From the very beginning, I knew I could trust him to keep the night moving with the timeline I provided for him. DJ Sevag is friendly, helpful, and engaging to say the very least. Would I recommend him again? Absolutely. Not just for Armenian brides but for all brides.
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Best DJ Ever!

AMAZING- AMAZING- AMAZING! Do not look anywhere else! DJ Sevag is your guy to get the night started! First and foremost, we want to thank Sevag for making our special night even more memorable and amazing. Sevag was very kind, professional, helpful, and respectful. From the first meeting all the way to our wedding night, he made sure all of our needs were met. The night of the wedding, he absolutely went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly and to make sure we had the best night ever. His energy was always super positive, fun, and never missed a beat! =) Even though the wedding went by so fast, we had the best time ever dancing the night away!
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Highly Recommended!

My wife and I had our wedding at Royal Palace on May 20th of this year. The best decision we made regarding our wedding was going with DJ Sevag. He impressed me from the moment I saw him weeks before the wedding. He was organized, professional, and really did go above and beyond. He told us exactly what to expect: - What order we should do things and why. - About what time the wedding will actually start and estimated time it will end. - He was prepared with a short questionnaire for us to help with song selection. - Had a list of song ideas to help us since we struggled with it. The day of the wedding, DJ Sevag was able to impress me again before the wedding even started. He checked up on us numerous times while we were waiting for our guests with updates and estimates of how much longer we would wait. He made sure the waiters brought us food and drinks to eat while we waited knowing once the party started, we wouldn't eat much. Once the wedding started, the dance floor was completely packed with dancers the entire time. His music selection was so good, it made it very difficult for me and I would imagine many others, to want to take a break from dancing. I not only received multiple compliments about DJ Sevag but I’ve already recommended him to a friend. There is a reason why DJ Sevag has so many people saying such amazing things about him and he really is every bit as good as everyone says he is and more. Thank you DJ Sevag for making our day that much more magical.
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MWBC 05/05/18

My husband and I are so happy with our choice to have Sevag DJ at our wedding. From our first encounter, Sevag was professional, organized, and kind. He went above and beyond both before the wedding day and during the ceremony and reception to ensure everything was to our liking. Before the wedding, he took the time to go through exactly what we wanted, and he gave us the space to make decisions without rushing. During the wedding, he was professional, fun, and kept us on schedule, while being receptive and comfortable with last minute changes. His performance during the reception was amazing! We received great feedback from our guests and our dance floor was never empty! All in all, we had a great line of communication with Sevag and his professionalism puts him above the rest. I would highly recommend and would definitely work with him again. Thank you again!
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Sevag went above and beyond as the DJ of our wedding. He is extremely professional and an absolute joy to work with. The moment my wife and I met him, we felt very confident in choosing the right individual to handle one of the main cogs of our wedding...the music. He has great insight in not only choosing the right songs at the right moments, but also with assisting in the overall flow of the evening. His music and interaction with the audience kept our guests engaged and the dance floor full the entire night. You CANNOT go wrong with DJ Sevag!
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Absolutely, hands down, the best DJ

My husband and I are thrilled that we hired Sevag to DJ our wedding. Judging by our guest list, my husband and I thought we would have a more quiet wedding with less dancing. Boy were we wrong! Sevag had everyone on the dance floor the entire night! We received countless comments from our guests after our big day about how great the music was, and how they hadn't danced so much at any wedding previously. Of all the decisions we made about our wedding, Sevag was our best choice. He is incredibly professional, calm, and reads the crowd amazingly well. Many, many thanks to you, Sevag!
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Middle Ranch Wedding -November 10, 2017

To begin with, DJ Sevag is by far amazing and incredible to work with! From the initial meeting with DJ Sevag to the day of our wedding, he was very attentive, helpful, genuine, and available anytime for our questions and needs. I can't even express how great DJ Sevag is! Planning a wedding is a stressful and busy time and he took away the stress that came with most delegation work and timing of our event. DJ Sevag is truly a professional and talented!! He was able to accommodate both our ceremony and reception and really keep the crowd engaged while having fun!! It is extremely evident DJ Sevag loves music and knows how to keep the crowd going for hours....Thank you so much Sevag, we were blessed to have you as our DJ!!!!
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October 28, 2017, Wedding, Oceano Hotel and Spa

DJ Sevag flew out from LA to our Armenian/Greek wedding in Half Moon Bay, CA. We could not have asked for a better DJ. Sevag was professional. He arrived on time, he set up his equipment and was ready before everyone got there. He worked with us on music selection as it was very important for my Greek husband. He listened to our ideas and how we imagined our wedding to be. He was available for us via email and phone. He played music that made everyone dance. It was not just a wedding, but a great PARTY! Everyone left satisfied. Highly recommend Sevag to anyone, but if you are marrying outside of the Armenian culture, then you want someone who has the experience and the expertise in playing international music. Nothing to say but great things about Sevag. You will not be disappointed with him if he is playing at your event!! Thank you Sevag. We made the right choice in having you be a part of our team. Shat, shat, MERCI!!!!!
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