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Just Sit Back Events is here for your every need. We provide help and guidance for your most stressful events. Need help planning a 2 year old superhero themed birthday and don't know where to start? Contact us and we will guide the way. We like for you to "Just Sit Back" relax and enjoy the party you are planning rather than stress away all the fun! We specialize in themes and Candy Buffet tables which are very popular now a days. Please check out our Facebook page for more details!


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Great at organization, decor, and easy to work wit

Just Sit Back was an excellent touch to my wedding. They were very organized and detail oriented. They sure live up to their name...I was able to relax and enjoy my wedding, while they took care of all the details. My husband and I were very pleased with their service and I highly recommend them for any event. Moreover, their candy table decor was just beautiful. Our guest loved it so much and it was so unique. Thanks for everything...you rock!
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My 21st Birthday Bash!!

Just Sit Back events came through on my 21st birthday with big intentions. I had no idea what to do or where or what my theme was going to be. Maral basically handed everything to me on a silver platter. All I had to do was "sit back" and everything was dealt with in a short amount of time. I was beyond amazed with her work and so were all my guests. 21st birthdays are meant to be epic and memorable. I can easily say I will remember my 21st for years to come thanks to the amazing photographer JSB offered. I cannot wait for another big year of birthday fun with Just Sit Back events. Thank you long time!! :)
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So Organized and Enthusiastic!

JSB events took care of EVERY detail for my engagement party. Her prices were fair and her dedication was beyond what I expected. She was on top of remembering everyone's name and dealt well with all the special needs. Even my soon to be mother in law was impressed! I needed ideas for the theme, she provided me with so many, from very traditional to super creative. We went with something in between and it was a success. Maral was there from start to finish and truly made that day special. Thank you!
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Best 1st Birthday Party ever!

Being a working mom, I am always limited in my spare time so when it came time to plan my son's 1st birthday party, I needed all the help I could get. I got SO MUCH MORE when I hired Just Sit Back Events. Maral not only coordinated everything on the day of the party, she also came up with the theme and all the entertainment and detail ideas as well! Everything was so perfect and all my guests were super impressed. Can't wait to plan my next event and 'just sit back' to enjoy it! THANKS JSB for all your hard work!!
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Baby shower candy buffet

I hired Just sit back events for my baby shower June 1, 2013 to create a candy buffet. They did an amazing job!! They were on time and had the colors and the candy I had asked for. The candies were fresh and my guest really enjoyed them. I would highly recommend Just sit back events! They are professionals :)
Thanks again for making my baby shower memorable!
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