Sheyda Mia Melkonian, Psy.D. (Pre-Marital Counseling)

15720 Ventura Blvd Suite 503
Encino, CA 91436
(818) 523-9394//Email//Map//
Pre-Marital Therapy... The greatest wedding gift you can give to yourself is to develop an "emotionally intelligent marriage"! In the excitement of planning a new life together, couples get caught up in wedding plans, the honeymoon, where they will live, and they forget (or avoid) looking at the opportunities and challenges they are likely to encounter as a married couple. This process of exploration during premarital therapy gives couples a sense of awareness about one another, the compatibility of their personalities, and allows them to feel content with knowing that they can address the difficulties that may arise in the future while being able to experience the joy of growing and evolving together.


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