Ambassador Mansions and Gardens

160 S Orange Grove Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105
(310) 292-5393 //Email//Map//
If you dream of both indoor and outdoor wedding photos then Ambassador Mansions and Gardens is the choice for you. A photographer favorite, Ambassador Campus offers a stunning variety of backdrops for your wedding photos from intimate fountains to sweeping lawns.


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Could have been better,,,

I had the contract signed for an approximate time since we had exactly two hours to take pictures. The management was aware of this since I was unsure when we would be arriving. We arrived about 45 minuted later than the approximate time and the worker told us that we had about an hour to take pictures and get out of here. There was no wedding or event taking place that we might interfere if we stayed later. Since I didn't have the time nor patience to argue, we left after quickly taking some pictures. I am still upset that after paying $500, I only had about 1 hour of time to take pictures!!
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